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Why should you Outsource Call Centers to India?

Posted by Shashvat
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Are you looking for an external aid to handle tasks for your business? Is it time to shift your focus back to the core competencies? The way competition is increasing in the market, it is really hard to avoid delegating your business operations to a third party vendor. Outsourcing is becoming more like a tactical move than an option for business owners.

Several BPO services have evolved with the time and advancement in technology. There are companies looking for a prominent partner that can fulfill their outsourcing requirements without any hassle. As a result, a lot of companies offering call center services have emerged. Especially, in India, which is surely the favorite outsourcing destination for organizations around the globe. As per a report, around 80% of IT outsourcing is done from India. So, there is a vast pool of call center India possesses.

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Renowned companies that are indulged in providing BPO services are quite prevalent in India, which is known for its outsourcing-friendly environment.

By the term ’outsourcing-friendly’ I meant the government is open to BPO industry and is quite light with least or no restrictions. Let’s walk through the reasons that show why India is the most popular outsourcing destination and why should you do it:

       i.            Around-the-clock

Majority of IT companies are located in the United States of America. You must be wondering the reason why this fact is told. Well, it’s because the time zone difference between the U.S and India is around 12 hours. This gives an advantage to companies operating in the U.S. as they can handle the services during their regular business hours and can outsource the rest to call centers providers in India. The spectacular time difference enables the businesses in America and Europe to serve their customers 24*7 which is something that offers them a competitive edge. From last many, years India ranks among the top five nations offering BPO services.

     ii.            Skilled staff

With a population of 132 billion and being the fastest growing economy in the world, India is nothing but a gold mine for companies that are looking to handover their operations. On an average, each year, India sees around 2 million English speaking graduates and 75000 IT graduates. This is non-comparable to any nation in terms of quantity and quality both. Along with this, the popularity of French, Spanish and German language is increasing in India too. This offers quite a large number of human resource available for businesses.

  iii.            Experience speaks

From last 2 decades, India is unanimously the most popular nation where businesses choose to outsource their operations. During this time, owing to the hassle-free environment and the competency in service deliverance, India has crafted a firm image that overlaps any other country claiming to offer the BPO service. Also, India has a pool of millions of professionals which is expert in providing the solution for complex analytical services such as engineering, research, and product development.

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   iv.            Low money investment

India is known for its abundant workforce which possesses immense industry experience and skills to offer the call center services. So, the labor cost here is extremely less than any other place on the globe. This provides the businesses with an advantage to invest less money.

     v.            Stability and attractive IT policies

Indian Government is a stable IT-pro entity which encourages every business around the world to outsource their operations. This means there would be no issue at all for companies to find a vendor or to sign a contract with call center India. Also, IT sector in India is considered as one of the top five industries and so the government is continuously looking to acquire maximum profitability from it.

   vi.            Digital revolution

It is no surprise that India is in the midst of a digital revolution. We are writing a blog on the BPO sector in India shows the kind of digital boom this amazing nation is going through. Apart from this, the government is making every effort to bridge the entire nation with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. The digital revolution is assumed to aid various tier 2 & 3 cities to offer the outsourcing services.

Final Takeaway

India is accommodating a lot of businesses’ outsourcing requirements with its skilled workforce and easy regulations. Another aspect that makes this country an ideal location to outsource is that it is free of natural calamity threat or any political instability. The safe and prosperous environment India offers makes it a perfect destination for outsourcing. So, what are you waiting for? If you think there are other benefits or if you do not agree with any point mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks.

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