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A Quintessential Guide To Outsourcing Bpo Services

Posted by Sukriti Saini
BPO Services

Every business has to handle a lot many tasks and that is why it becomes necessary for them to look for a BPO services provider. There are various sorts of services that these third parties can offer like payroll, telemarketing, accounting, customer support, social media marketing, data handling, and much more. Basically, the functions are non – core business functions whether non-technical or technical.

So, back office and front office tasks both can be managed well by the BPO services providers.

If you are new to outsourcing, this blog is for you. Take a look to know the things you must know before outsourcing BPO tasks.

Division of BPOs on the basis of Location

The industry can be bifurcated into three types based on the location. Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Onshore- Such BPOs are within the same geographical boundaries as that of your company i.e. they are in the same country as yours. For e.g. - A company situated in India onshoring to an India call center service provider.
  • Offshore- In this, the vendor works for the same country as that of the company but is located in a different country. For e.g. – A US company offshoring its tasks to an Indian BPO. 
  • Nearshore- In this the BPO is located in the neighboring countries. For e.g. – for Indian company outsourcing to Nepal would be considered as nearshore outsourcing.

Why should you outsource BPO services?

There are various due to which the businesses whether big or small should outsource at least few of the most time-consuming non-core business functions. Take a look to know the reasons-

  • Lowers the costs-The more teams and departments you have in-house, the more the expenditure increases. The process of recruitment and training is not just time-consuming but cost demanding as well. When you outsource the non-core function you end up saving a lot of costs. The money saved can later be put to better use.

How to build a customer rapport via Business Outsourcing Companies?

  • Better focus on key functions-There are various core business functions that get hampered because of the non-core business activities being carried out in the same facility. However, when a BPO service provider is hired for non-core business functions, the core business functions get more time and space and the attention of employees. This makes the key business functions perform better as the focus improves. Bettering this helps your company in bettering the product or services you sell. This improves customer satisfaction.
  • Better performance of non-core functions-The non-core function like customer support service is really important for the growth of a company and this helps in ameliorating the performance of the non-core business functions. You should not be ignorant about the non-core business functions, they matter a lot for the growth of your business. For example, whenever a customer will face any problem, he will call the customer support and they are the ones who will help you in retaining that disgruntled customer.  So, the non-core business functions have a huge role in maintaining the customer base and in attracting more customers by increasing brand awareness. So, when they will perform better, your business is bound to perform even better.
  • Maximize the outreach-If you want to take your business to new heights of success choosing a call center that offers round the clock availability, has multilingual agents would really help. Outsourcing to such a vendor will help you in increasing the outreach globally. If you have customers around the globe, you can serve them better and if you don’t have but are looking to reach out, you can handle the calls and can use the services to reach the global customers.
  • To increase speed and efficiency- The outsourcing companies can help you improve the efficiency and speed of the tasks both non-core and core. The data can be handled non-manually and that is how the speed of the non-core tasks increases. The data is also more accurate. Many of the tasks are automated or handled with a pool of agents in order to have better results.

How Business Outsourcing Companies Benefit Your Business?

Services Outsourcing Companies Support?

Most of the industries can outsource the services to BPOs. The industries that are generally found outsourcing their tasks are healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, business, retail, telecom, banking, retail, e-commerce and etc. The growth of BPOs and rise in their demand has made them offer various kind of services. Take a look.

  • Information technology-enabled services (ITES) BPO
  • Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)
  • Customer interaction services
  • Back-office transactions
  • IT and software operations
  • Finance and accounting services
  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO)
  • Research process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Travel
  • Human resource services
  • Knowledge services

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