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Top 10 BPO Companies in Mysore

Posted by Janvi Anand
Top 10 BPO Companies in Mysore

The transformation of Mysore from a cultural tourism site to a booming BPO sector can be explained by a number of factors. Located in South India, Mysore offers a sound infrastructure and communication network that provides a favorable business climate for BPO companies to operate effectively. Furthermore, it has a qualified human resource mainly due to its proximity to learning institutions and training facilities. These talents do not only guarantee efficient delivery of services but also create dynamism and flexibility in the BPO industry.

In addition, the liberal policies of the Mysore government have encouraged investment and development in the BPO sector both nationally and internationally. Thus, this has led to the emergence of many BPO companies within the city across different sectors, creating employment opportunities, investing in infrastructure, and generating revenues for the economy. In this fast-changing environment, key players such as the top 10 BPO companies in Mysore are central to setting the standards, embracing new concepts, and fostering progress for the city and becoming the outsourcing hub.

1. Go4customer:

The successful positioning of Go4customer in BPO companies in Mysore apart from the service portfolio is the organization’s dedication to delivering quality service to its clients and ensuring operational consistency. The company’s outsourcing solutions embrace a broader perspective, which goes beyond mere traditional spheres of activity and encompasses various issues and requirements, companies might encounter in their operations.

Constituting the core of customer interaction and management, Go4customer offers customer care solutions that include inbound and outbound call center services. From answering inquiries, solving tickets, or closing deals, the call center solutions of Go4customer are marked by a professional and caring approach and effectiveness on every call.

Apart from the customer service, Go4customer is outstanding in terms of technical support often associated with a help desk; it rapidly and efficiently identifies and resolves sophisticated IT problems. Furthermore, the company has strategic back-end capabilities that would complement clients’ outsourcing needs and allow them to outsource the back-end related functions for maximum efficiency.

The major strength which really differentiates Go4customer from its competitors is its commitment level and zeal for quality & creativity. Thanks to its focus on emerging technologies and trending in the sphere, Go4customer adapts to the changes, updates the offered services, and fulfills the needs and expectations of its customers. Thus, the company has rightfully gained the reputation of a reliable provider of the best BPO services in Mysore and beyond employing the best of industry practices.

2. Infosys BPO:

Infosys BPO is a part of Infosys Limited and represents the highest level of technology and industry expertise within Mysore’s BPO market. Infused with a rich legacy of innovation and a tradition of excellence, Infosys BPO is adept at marrying technology with domain knowledge to present world-class solutions to its clients.

Infosys BPO offers a broad range of services in many areas, including finance and accounting, procurement, human resources, and customer service. Infosys BPO leverages advanced analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence to help the clients improve organizational efficiency, increase profitability and identify opportunities for creating value.

Infosys BPO is not only distinguished by its service but by its focus on innovation and the future. Infosys BPO’s solutions include emerging technologies and embrace digital transformation, helping the company adapt their solutions to the constantly changing business environment for their clients.

Furthermore, through its international presence, Infosys BPO can perfectly align itself to clients in various regions, which adds more value to its proposition. Whether it be with regards to streamlining the lending processes, transforming logistics solutions of hinterland, or providing unparalleled customer service, Infosys BPO emerges as the torchbearer and the innovator of Mysore’s vibrant and fast-growing BPO sector.

3. Wipro BPO:

Wipro BPO is a function of Wipro Limited and is a prominent BPO company operating aggressively in Mysore that epitomizes creativity and operational efficiency. As a leading BPO company in Mysore, Wipro is focused on crafting effective business solutions and providing a blend of services to its clients cutting across sectors.

The services offered by Wipro BPO are driven primarily by customer care, finance and accounting, human resources and specialized solutions and services specifically targeted to the sectors. With The help of the latest technologies, Wipro BPO offers an exceptional range of services by combining domain knowledge and global experience of managing challenging business environments.

One of Wipro BPOs’ key competitive advantages is learning and implementing new approaches in the framework of its service delivery model, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and data analysis. It helps the company to manage the operations and achieve better decision-making for efficient growth of its clients.

Additionally, Wipro BPO’S customer approach guarantees that every solution is designed to solve challenges and or achieving goals of the customer, thus resulting in long term business associations. While organizations seek to leapfrog ahead in today’s world, Wipro BPO is an ally that helps organizations to transform and level up in their achievement of organizational objectives.

4. IBM Global Process Services:

Among all players currently operational in the sphere of outsourcing in Mysore, one can highlight IBM Global Process Services, which is a part of the distinguished IBM Corporation, the leader in altering the existing approaches to outsourcing. As a company that has taken the spirit of innovation and world-class to heart, IBM Global Process Services provides a wide range of services to meet all of its clientele needs.

IBM Global Process Services’ key solutions include IBM’s enhanced solutions in the areas of finance and account, supply chain management, as well as customer relations. Utilizing advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities, the company empowers businesses to achieve meaningful value from their data to improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making.

What makes IBM Global Process Services stand out from other outsourcing partners is that it is always on the lookout for the next big thing and is always ready to adapt to the changing environment. As a result, through the technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, IBM Global Process Services assist businesses in leveraging the digital transformation opportunities effectively and adapt to the change.

In addition, IBM Global Process Services is a renowned firm boasting of its ability to deliver effective BPO solutions that will transform any organization’s operations and customer relations. With outsourcing as a strategic enabler being sought more often by businesses, IBM Global Process Services presents itself as the ideal partner to guide these enterprises to success in the era of digitalization.

5. Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is part of the international giant, Accenture, and is one of Mysore’s most promising and cutting-edge BPO companies. By adopting an organizational strategy of utilizing advanced technology to revitalize business solutions, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides BPO solutions that meet contemporary business requisites.

Core to the services provided at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a single source of solutions touching on finance and accounting, procurement, and analytics, as well as customer experience management. Through the use of digital solutions and technologies, such as AI, automation, and big data, the company helps organizations transform their operations, improve their business processes and engage with customers.

However, the key differentiator of Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is that it is focused and committed to helping its clients achieve value and optimal solutions. By deploying its exceptional skills in industry specialization, information technology, and understanding of the customer’s needs, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as one of the major players In the Mysore BPO market.

Where companies are confronted with challenges of the digital era – Accenture Solution Pvt. Ltd. offers them a roadmap to success and open up new avenues of revenue and invention. As a company that is deeply focused on creating greater value by delivering greater results, Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd is today’s benchmark for outsourcing in Mysore and beyond.

6. Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS):

The case of Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) proves the fact that it is on its way to emerge as one of the best BPO companies in various sectors. HGS’ clients cover almost all sectors starting from telecommunication, healthcare, retail right up to technology sector, which evidently explain why the company is dynamic in addressing the needs of various industries.

In this perspective, HGS has crafted an integrated service spectrum that directly caters to the complex needs of its market clients. While helping clients effectively whatever difficulties they come across such as supplying high-quality customer service, managing complex technical helpdesk processes, triggering sales and marketing campaigns, and delivering efficient back office support, HGS is a one-stop-shop for optimizing client satisfaction and improving business performance.

Therefore, it can be specifically stated that placing the customer at the center of its activities is the defining feature of HGS. When it comes to business strategy and company culture, HGS consistently emphasizes the value of happy customers and their loyalty as well as the importance of closely following their preferences and expectations.

In addition, HGS is truly committed to operational excellence starting from the ways it selects, trains and develops its employees and ending with the state of the art processes and tools employed by the company. This commitment has made HGS a favorite among businesses which source their outsourcing services from firms with proven efficiency and professionalism. With the evolving industries and their transition to adopting digital solutions, there stands HGS ready to deliver remarkable value in a range of industries.

7. Concentrix:

Through the provision of first-rate customer experience outsourcing solutions, Concentrix has established itself as a key player in the Mysore BPO industry through the implementation of unique solutions and dedication. Many of the services that this company offers are grouped under customer solutions; this encompasses the support, help desk, sales, and retention services.

In our view, one of the primary ways in which Concentrix distinguishes itself is through its solution-centered approach that aims to increase business performance and customer loyalty. Using such innovative and state-of-art technologies, data, and the best practices, Concentrix enables companies to deliver excellent customer experiences and gain real business outcomes. Be it handling customer complaints, convincing customers to purchase more products or services, or retaining loyal customers, Concentrix gives the best results with accuracy and timeliness.

Also, the company’s commitment to providing high quality service makes it the best BPO company in Mysore among the various companies like Concentrix. The focus on customers as a key stakeholder is integrated into the company’s strategies in employee acquisition and development as well as business planning and improvement. Through customer-oriented focus and corporate success, Concentrix remains a reliable outsourcing solution for businesses transitioning in Mysore and other locations.

8. Quess Corp Limited:

Quess has established itself as the key agent critical to the successful delivery of services within Mysore’s rapidly growing BPO sector. At the core of their offerings, Quess Corp Limited provides a full spectrum of BPO solutions that meets the complexity of today’s corporate world as a large business services provider.

Quess Corp Limited sources every business process which includes finance and accounts, human resources, procurement, and customer service management to enable the business to meet tactical goals successfully.

One thing that stands out when it comes to Quess Corp Limited is the fact that it seeks to deliver innovative and quality services. The company has a culture of innovation whereby it adopts new technologies, industry standards, and trends as they exist in the market. In this way, Quess Corp Limited along with helping its clients improve their competitive advantages also provides them with tools and methodologies based on advanced technologies.

Furthermore, by aligning itself with the client’s interests, Quess Corp Limited guarantees that every solution is designed to address the individual needs and concerns of the customers. Due to its ability to build long term strategic partnerships and offering client centric solutions in Mysore, Quess Corp Limited has carved a niche for itself as a business solutions provider mainly in the outsourcing domain. As the industry’s dynamic and competitive landscape remains unpredictable, Quess Corp Limited strives to become the catalyst for change and value creation to help businesses usher in success.

9. DXC Technology:

Dxc technology company, an international IT facilities firm, stands a lighthouse of technical excellence amidst the active BPO sector in Mysore. As a company that boasts of a long history in fostering innovation and proficiency in digital operations, DXC Technology provides a wide array of BPO services that address the various requirements of progressive businesses of today.

As the foundation of its services, DXC Technology provides strategies that aim to enhance operational efficiency and flexibility through analytics and digital technologies. Organizations such as DXC Technology address financial and managerial needs, procurement, supply chain and customer experience management thus helping its clients to attain value proposition.

DXC Technology’s mission and goal is focused on creating competitive advantage through technology. By using the progressive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, DXCTechnology assists organizations to transform the struggle of handling the current digital environment into an advantage.

In addition, DXC Technology approaches its work from the customer perspective, thus ensuring that every offering fully addresses the goals of the client. Thus, providing clients with an opportunity to experience a service tailored to their needs, DXC Technology has become the preferred partner of companies that are starting their digitalization journey in Mysore and beyond. As organizations try to transform to catch up with the demands of the digital age, DXC Technology is determined to ensure that it leads change and brings out business solutions that will help organizations transform and fulfill their potential.

10. Mphasis:

Mphasis, being one of the pioneers in the Mysore BPO business has carved for itself a reputation of a symbol of innovation and superior business standards. Since the time it started providing innovative IT solutions, Mphasis has grown into a company that specializes in end-to-end BPO services that are paramount to businesses in the industries.

As a common thread through Mphasis’s services, there is a core concept to follow the client’s lead in the pursuit of improving organizational efficiency and achieving tangible results. From offering proactively professional service support to undertaking fundamental operations including sales and accounts, procurement, and content and information management,Mphasis enables organizations to maximize their business tendency,bringing increased efficiency and discovering new opportunities for success.

Where Mphasis stands out is by the way it’s positioned: it is not only an industry player but an expert one with extraordinary technological capabilities. As a result of employing skilled and experienced professionals as well as embracing changes that are presented by the current digital society, Mphasis has remained on the cutting edge in developing strategies that seek to address emerging issues and experiences.

Also, the consumers’ oriented organizational strategy guarantees that each service offered by Mphasis is tailored towards the specific goals and aspirations of different consumers. Through such setups, Mphasis has positioned itself as a strategic partner of choice for these businesses that seek to gain a competitive edge over the other players within the growing BPO terrain in Mysore.


In conclusion, the top 10 BPO companies in Mysore exemplify excellence in service delivery, technological innovation, and client satisfaction. From pioneering digital transformation to driving operational excellence, these companies are at the forefront of shaping the future of outsourcing in Mysore. As the city continues to evolve as a preferred destination for outsourcing, these BPO firms are poised to play a pivotal role in driving growth, innovation, and transformation in the global BPO landscape.

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