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Top 10 Indian Healthcare BPO Companies

Posted by Janvi Anand
Top 10 Indian Healthcare BPO Companies

The Indian healthcare BPO sector has been growing at an impressive rate of 15% per annum over the past decade and is a potential destination for multinational corporations to outsource their healthcare operations to reduce costs. With changes in the healthcare sector persistently occurring, the relevance of outsourcing healthcare services is increasingly evident. This blog will provide a comprehensive comparison of the leading healthcare BPO companies in India with the help of specific criteria and a discussion of the main characteristics of each company.

Outsourcing healthcare services to India enjoys a lot of benefits such as cost reduction, availability of trained professionals and efficient deliverance of services. Helped by select specialized BPO service providers, overseas concerns can concentrate on their core business activities while still making sure that the crucial healthcare procedures are handled by the experts who understand the subtleties of the industry. The blog discusses the wide range of services provided by the most successful firms including medical coding and billing, claims processing and customer support.

In the case of ranking the top 10 Indian healthcare BPO companies, we have considered the following criteria like industry experience, technological capabilities, quality of service, and client satisfaction. Through this analysis, we expect to give the readers an idea of what distinguishes these companies by sorting out the main attributes that make them stand out in the fiercely competitive market of healthcare BPO industry. Thus,whether you are a healthcare payer, provider,or the pharmaceutical company, this blog will be a goldmine of the information that can help you choose the exact BPO partners to suit your business purposes.

Criteria for Evaluation

There are a number of different decision-making elements that assists in the analysis and listing platforms of credible HBC after which the effectiveness and reliability of the companies is established. These Institutional Multiples follow private equity industry reputation, technical expertise, technologies infrastructure, compliance standards, client testimonials, and scalability.

  • Industry Reputation: The image in healthcare BPO within the industry of a BPO company serves as a substantial sign of the efficiency of the company and of the value they place in Trust. Companies with a resounding reputation on the market are thus considered more reliable and underscore success in projects if clients are satisfied with the services delivered.

  • Expertise: It is important that high levels of expertise and experience are present in healthcare BPO operations. A healthcare company's efficiency in the areas of complex medical billing, coding, claims processing, and revenue cycle management is one of its most important aspects for us to consider.

  • Technology Infrastructure: The BPO healthcare company technology and infrastructure are critical for providing seamless operations and high-quality service delivery. Modern technologies and platforms that are able to interface well with the clients' patient information systems are crucial for the transfer of information and operational effectiveness.

  • Compliance Standards: Adherence to healthcare regulation especially HIPAA is usually enforced in the healthcare BPO industry. A comprehensive data security framework with encryption capabilities, access controls, and data protection culture is imperative for companies to protect the patients’ information and strict compliance.

  • Client Testimonials: Glowing reviews by clients and references has much to offer about BPO companies being reliable, efficient and happy clients. Positive testimonials yield an implication of a good background of fruitful partnerships and the quality of service delivery.

  • Scalability: The fact that a healthcare BPO provider can agilely scale its services so they align with the ongoing changes of a healthcare practice is a critical point. The companies should search for partners that are able to adapt themselves to growth and policy changes as needed that the industry may throw at them to ensure smooth transition and continued support.

Taking into account these parameters systematically, healthcare providers can adequately appraise and rate healthcare BPO organizations to find the most appropriate partners for their specific goals and requirements.

1. Go4customer

Go4customer is a premier Indian Healthcare BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry with its comprehensive, scalable, and innovative outsourcing solutions. Leveraging years of expertise and a deep understanding of the healthcare sector, Go4customer provides tailored services that cater to the unique needs of healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Services:

  • Medical Billing and Coding: Ensuring accuracy and compliance, our team of certified professionals handles all aspects of medical billing and coding, streamlining revenue cycles and minimizing claim denials.

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling: Our efficient scheduling services optimize patient appointments, reducing no-show rates and enhancing patient satisfaction.

  • Claims Processing: We manage the entire claims process from submission to follow-up, ensuring timely reimbursements and reducing administrative burdens for healthcare providers.

  • Patient Care Services: Offering 24/7 support, our patient care services include answering queries, managing patient records, and providing telehealth assistance to ensure continuous and comprehensive care.

  • Revenue Cycle Management: We provide end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions, from patient registration to final payment, improving financial performance and operational efficiency.

  • Telemedicine Support: Our telemedicine support services facilitate virtual consultations, patient monitoring, and follow-up care, promoting accessibility and convenience.

  • Data Entry and Management: Accurate and secure data entry and management services that ensure patient records are up-to-date, accessible, and compliant with regulatory standards.


At Go4customer, our mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services through superior BPO solutions, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes and organizational success.

2.  Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)

The Indian healthcare BPO market is led by Hindujas Global Solutions (HGS), a globally renowned provider of business process management and enhancing customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle. Over the course of its existence more than 40 years now, and with a solid presence in 7 different countries, HGS has proved to be a reliable company for healthcare providers across the globe.

Services Offered

HGS provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare BPO services, including:

Key Strengths and Certifications

  • Certified by HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI-DSS, ensuring the highest standards of data security and compliance

  • Recipient of the IQPC Global Process Leadership Award for excellence in healthcare BPO

  • Recognized as a "Leader" in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Healthcare BPO Services Provider

  • Employs over 40,000 professionals across 70+ delivery centers worldwide

Notable Clients and Case Studies

HGS has successfully partnered with leading healthcare organizations, including:

  • A major US-based healthcare provider, helping them achieve a 20% increase in first-pass claims resolution and a 15% reduction in A/R days

  • A large pharmacy benefit management company, delivering a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction scores and a 30% reduction in call handle times

  • A prominent hospital network, implementing an AI-powered chatbot that resulted in a 40% reduction in call volume and a 50% increase in patient engagement

These case studies demonstrate HGS's ability to drive operational efficiency, enhance patient experience, and deliver measurable results for its healthcare clients.

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3. Wipro Healthcare and Life Sciences

Wipro Healthcare and Life Sciences, a division of the global IT services giant Wipro, offers a wide range of healthcare BPO services, including:

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Medical coding and billing

  • Claims processing and management

  • Patient engagement solutions

  • Analytics and business intelligence

The main strengths of Wipro include the technological platform built on the principles of automation based on artificial intelligence and the potential for in-depth business analysis. The company has been able to work for the biggest hospital networks of the US successfully – the company has managed to cut A/R days of the mentioned hospital network by 25% and improved first-pass claim resolution rates up to 20%.

4. Genpact Healthcare

Genpact Healthcare has a particular focus on serving the entire revenue cycle management of healthcare organizations with the emphasis on financial performance of such organizations. Their services include:

  • Medical billing and coding

  • Identification of denied claims and resolution processes.

  • Patient financial services

  • Revenue integrity and analytics

Genpact’s approach to operationalizing analytics separates them from their competitors. Among its achievements for clients, it has ensured a 30 percent decrease in rejected claims and 15 percent improvements in cash receipts through the adoption of AI-powered solutions.

5. HCL Healthcare

HCL Healthcare, a division of the IT services company HCL Technologies, offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare BPO services, including:

  • Clinical documentation improvement

  • Medical transcription and editing

  • Computer-assisted coding

  • Utilization management

  • Telehealth support services

HCL healthcare also has a competitive advantage in excellence in the provision of services and adherence to the healthcare laws. The company is able to form successful relations with one of the biggest PBM in the market – the company manages to increase the scores in customer satisfaction by 20% and decrease call handle times by 25% while working for this PBM.

6. Firstsource Healthcare

Firstsource Healthcare is a subsidiary of Firstsource Solutions that focuses on offering patient engagement solutions to enhance patient experience and outcomes. Their services include:

  • Patient contact center solutions

  • Patient education and outreach

  • Care management and coordination

  • Social determinants of health interventions.

Firstsource’s focus on providing patient-centric and emotionally-connected customer experiences has led to providers singing their praises. One of the largest health insurance companies in the United States highly appreciated Firstsource and its contribution to increasing the company’s efficiency: reducing the number of calls by 30% and the number of calls that require reconnection by 40%.

7. Cognizant Healthcare

Cognizant Healthcare is a business unit within the Cognizant Information Technology Services Company that provides healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Their services include:

  • Digital health solutions

  • Telemedicine and mHealth.

  • Robotic process automation

  • Blockchain-based solutions for healthcare

  • Cybersecurity and data protection

Cognizant is the best because it focuses on innovative technologies to enhance efficiency in operations and better health outcomes for patients. The company has successfully collaborated with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, which resulted in a 25% decrease in the costs of clinical trials and a 20% increase in the rate of patient enrolment.

8. Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions focus on the back office support services for the healthcare organizations in order to improve the efficiency and productivity and to reduce the cost associated with the healthcare processes. Their services include:

  • Medical coding and billing

  • Claims processing and management

  • Prior Authorization and Referral Management.

  • Provider credentialing and enrollment

Sutherland’s service quality has seen healthcare providers give them positive feedback. Sutherland received accolades from a major US-based hospital network for assisting it to realize a saving of up to 15% of its operating costs and a 20% clean claims rate.

9. Teleperformance Healthcare

Teleperformance Healthcare is a company that offers customer support services for healthcare organizations with a focus on enhancing patient experience and participation. Their services include:

  • Patient contact center solutions

  • Triage services and nurse advice lines.

  • Online scheduling and appointment notification systems.

  • Chronic care management programs

The strength of Teleperformance is that it can provide individualized and compassionate communication with patients through its multilingual contact centers. The company has managed to collaborate with a major health insurance company, which managed to reduce the number of abandoned calls by 25% and the level of customer satisfaction by 30%.

10. Infosys BPM Healthcare

The Infosys BPM Healthcare group is a part of the Infosys BPM company and specializes in healthcare business process outsourcing services with an emphasis on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize business processes. Their services include:

  • Intelligent automation solutions

  • Using natural language processing for clinical documentation.

  • Predictive analytics for population health management.

  • IOT-based solutions for supply chain management.

Another core competency of Infosys BPM Healthcare is its focus on developing disruptive technologies and integrating them into its solutions. It has also successfully collaborated with a prominent US healthcare service provider in recording a 30% increase in the automation of manual processes and a 25% decrease in claims adjudication errors rate.

Industry Trends and Challenges

The Indian healthcare BPO industry is facing various trends and challenges which are influencing the industry. As per a recent study by Assocham and EY, Indian firms that are operating in the healthcare BPO industry are witnessing increased competition from new outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines. The study further mentions that intense competition from the leading healthcare BPO companies in the US is a major threat to Indian vendors as it offers highly focused services.

A major development in the industry is the growing need for payer and provider outsourcing services in India. The payer segment market in India is approximately between $700 – $900 million where top BPO and IT vendors have significant presence in this segment. India is regarded as one of the main payer outsourcing services together with the US and the Philippines. On the other hand the provider market in India is still a very small segment with the market size being between $100-200 mn due to the fact that the provider segment is a highly fragmented segment with players operating on a relatively small scale.

Some of the common threats faced by healthcare BPO companies in India include data privacy and security issues, failure to meet international security standards, increased wages, inflation, and exchange rate volatility, and poor infrastructure, especially electricity and broadband connectivity. Further issues regarding familiarity with international medical coding rules and regulations regarding healthcare benefits in origin nations as well as insufficient proficiency in documentation and clinical record administration are common in the field.

In order to overcome these challenges top-ranked healthcare BPO firms in India emphasize on compliance with international security and privacy standards, proper investment in technology and infrastructure to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, and finally they emphasize on data privacy and confidentiality. These firms also focus on staff training and career progression to fill skill gaps and meet global medical coding standards. By leveraging their expertise, technology capabilities, and commitment to quality, the top-ranked healthcare BPO companies in India are able to overcome these challenges and maintain their competitive edge in the industry.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Indian Healthcare BPOs

Benefits of Outsourcing to Indian Healthcare BPOs

Outsourcing healthcare services to Indian BPO companies offers numerous benefits that can significantly improve operational efficiency, patient care, and financial performance for healthcare organizations globally. Here are some key advantages:


Indian healthcare BPO companies can provide services at a fraction of the cost compared to domestic providers. According to Flatworld Solutions, healthcare institutions can save between 30-60% of their costs by outsourcing to India. This is primarily due to the lower cost of living and competitive labor market in the country.

Access to Skilled Professionals

India has adequate human resources with skilled and trained manpower in the healthcare BPO industry. These resources are well trained in medical coding, billing, and compliance to facilitate accuracy. According to research by Assocham and EY, India has a competitive advantage over other outsourcing destinations due to its surplus of professionally trained medical personnel.

Time Zone Advantages

As India is much ahead in time frame as compared to the major health care market like USA & Europe, Indian BPO can also offer service on 24×7 basis & with much faster turnaround time. This enables the healthcare providers to efficiently manage their businesses and ensure that there is increased customer fulfillment.


The major strength of Indian healthcare BPO companies is their ability to expand or contract their operations with the help of surge capacity depending on the workload. The ability to add or remove features from the service with no upfront costs makes it easy for healthcare providers to respond to new business demands. One of the case studies by Flatworld Solutions noted that outsourcing enables the healthcare institution to offer its services from various practices in local and global locations.

Improved Compliance and Data Security

The Indian healthcare BPO firms also follow data governance and compliance principles including HIPAA and HITRUST. They implement comprehensive tools such as encryption, authorization, and user education to protect consumers’ health data. This will give healthcare providers peace of mind when outsourcing since they are guaranteed that their data is protected.

Thus healthcare organizations can reap maximum benefits by enhancing revenue cycles, improving the quality of patient care, and mainly concentrating on their core competencies while outsourcing non value –added complex and bureaucratic tasks to Indian BPO experts. Since the Indian healthcare BPO sector is expected to show exponential growth in the near future, the positive impacts of outsourcing are expected to be stronger in the near future.

Client Success Stories

Here are some real-life success stories of companies that have benefited from outsourcing healthcare services to Indian BPOs:

Major US-based Healthcare Provider

A large health care company in the US decided to contract the medical billing and coding work to an offshore BPO center in India. They were able to attain a 20% improvement on first pass claims resolutions and 15% reduction on the A/R days through using the BPO’s knowledge and technology.

Large Pharmacy Benefit Management Company

A pharmacy benefits management corporation contracted an India BPO to provide patient contact center services. The BPOs concentration on giving customized and productive service enabled the BPO firm to raise the customer fulfillment evaluations by 25% and lessen the call handle times by 30%.

Major US-based Health Insurance Company

An Indian BPO signed a contract with a major US-based health insurance company to conduct various patient engagement and outreach programs. The BPO’s attention to and focus on the human element of customer communications resulted in a 30% decrease in call volumes and a 40% increase in first call resolution percentages.

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

An Indian BPO won the contract for providing clinical trial support services to a leading pharmaceutical company. With the help of the BPO, they managed patient data and conducted analytics that helped them lower clinical trial costs by 25% and increase the number of recruited patients by 20%.

Major US-based Hospital Network

An Indian BPO won a contract for the revenue cycle management of a major US-based hospital network. The BPO also led to reduced operating costs by 15% and a 20% increase in clean claims.

Such success stories illustrate the positive impact that outsourcing to Indian BPOs can have on healthcare organizations. From increased productivity and cost-effectiveness to increased customer satisfaction and quality of care, outsourcing has been a real force multiplier for healthcare organizations seeking to streamline their operations and achieve their primary goal – serving patients.

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These Indian healthcare BPO companies discussed in this blog are the cream of the crop in the healthcare BPO industry and provide a comprehensive range of niche services that appeal to international healthcare organizations’ needs and demands. These companies have gone through rigorous assessments and met strict criteria including specialty recognition, experience, technology platform, regulatory requirements, referrals, and capacity to qualify as partners in improving healthcare management.

These healthcare BPO companies are shaping the future of healthcare BPO in India by implementing advanced technologies and global standards to accomplish efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery in the Indian context. These firms provide services that range from medical billing and coding to claims processing and revenue cycle management as well as patient engagement and other services that may be essential in improving the processes involved as well as cutting costs and enhancing the quality of care.

Outsourcing healthcare services to Indian BPO companies have significant advantages such as cost-effectiveness, access to experts, and time zones, ease of scalability, enhancement of compliance, and data security. Working with the right healthcare BPO partners may be one of the quickest ways for healthcare organizations to expand their growth and success opportunities in a highly dynamic and competitive healthcare environment.

To conclude, the selected top 10 Indian healthcare BPO companies have been presented in this blog, and they depict expertise, creativity, and client focus. These firms remain major allies and top outsourcers in the healthcare industry, whose innovations are pushing for better performance and change in the healthcare outsourcing sector across the world. From hospitals and health systems to payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, these companies have solutions tailored specifically to the needs and goals of your organization so that you can spend your time and energy doing what you do best – taking care of patients everywhere.

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