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How to build a customer rapport via Business Outsourcing Companies?

Posted by Shashvat

The inclusion of technology in every sector has made it easier to connect businesses and customers together. Along with this, with a blend of human and automated assistance, the overall customer engagement process is further eased. This simply does not mean that traditional voice mediums are going to extinct. In fact, around 60% of the mobile users admitted calling businesses during the purchasing phase. 

Additionally, 59% of the mobile users expect the businesses to answer promptly and around 57% prefer to hear a human voice than an automated message. Voice provides the advantage of natural human contact and this is why it is one dais that has the highest potential to engage customers.

Now, a lot of businesses are either maintaining an in-house team to provide impeccable assistance to their patrons or choosing to outsource the same. While in-house facility management is quite onerous and costly, outsourcing makes perfect sense for businesses. You can save a lot of money and still not compromise on the quality aspect.

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Along with this, business outsourcing companies are known to comprise such diligent professionals who have wide-ranging experience and deft knowledge in handling customer’s queries. So, no investment is required to hire and train the agents. Also, there is no need to install or buy out new technology. Your outsourcing partner will already have that. Businesses are involved in handing over a lot of tasks such as order taking, tech-support, customer services and answering service.

Now, this blog is going to give you a walk through the process of business outsourcing companies use to devise a solid customer relationship. Let’s start:

Start with a warm greeting

When a customer is welcomed by a natural greeting it imprints an unforgettable experience for your patrons. Call centers you hire ensure to provide stringent voice training to their agents. These experts first introduce themselves and they make sure to call the customers by their name directly. This gives a comfort level to the customers and the probability of them staying with your business increases rapidly.

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Hear well

BPO agents understand that customers actually want to be heard. As a fact, most of the customers have reported that if the agent is a good listener, even the most substantial issues do not matter. It is the customer experience that matters. The proficient call center agents ensure to hear and understand the pain points of the customers and try to offer a customized solution accordingly.

Brief the issue

As soon as the customer is finished explaining his/her problem, the call center agents summarize the whole issue. This verifies the fact that you have understood the issue with utmost precision and care. Hence, a call center expert welcomes the customers to describe their grievance in full detail. This builds confidence in the customers and increases the chance to render a much productive solution.

Empathy and helping nature

As said, the greatest perk that comes with voice platform is its ability for the normal human touch in the communication. Aspects such as positive language and enthusiasm always account for the success of call center agents. Customers can easily identify and appreciate when agents are exhibiting empathy in their conversation. If the issue is much complicated, the experts ensure to just apologize on the behalf of the business. A sincere and genuine effort by the BPO agents is truly appreciated and noted by the customers.

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Speeding the communication with caution

The business outsourcing companies know that customers do not like to be put on hold, wait and come back repeatedly on a single issue again and again. So, their agents pace the overall conversation quite carefully. These agents ensure to avoid using long phrases, wait for customers to answer and ask questions only if it is required. All these aspects make sure a meaningful dialogue is maintained and also encourage customers to express their opinions and feelings while the process is going on. Agents also ensure to inform the patrons as soon as the former put the latter on hold. A long pause in the conversation can surely make your customers feel agitated and confused.

Ending the customer call positively

As soon as the BPO agents are able to resolve the customer issue with diligence and efficiency, they ensure to ask if any other problem persists. If the customer is already satiated with the agent’s service level, the expert thank the patron for giving time.     

Final Takeaway

The customer rapport is highly uplifted and adored when organizations ensure to outsource their business functions to a third-party vendor. This is why numerous companies are jumping on to the outsourcing train so eagerly. For any query or doubt, reach us in the comment section below.

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