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Learning Phone Etiquettes for Leading a Better Call Center Services

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Learning Phone Etiquettes for Leading a Better Call Center Services

A telephone answering service has always been in every organization from the beginning. Strong communication skill is sacrosanct in every company. Whether you are speaking to a low-level, mid-level, or higher-level entity or person, you must ensure a good impression on everyone with whom you conversate. Your way of speech, tonality, choice of words, pitch, and body language reflect a lot about your personality so, you need to be presentable.

If you go and ask a call center agent, they would tell you how important it is to have good speaking skills because maintaining call etiquette is paramount in the line of job. Obviously, it is their bread and butter so they are obliged to speak very conscientiously at every point. They can’t be rude, loud, arrogant, angry, or sarcastic while speaking with the customer. Complying with these parameters is necessary for sustaining good call quality.

  • Why should call etiquette be limited to call center agents? Each one of us should follow these rules while speaking with everyone. Having the ability to talk politely, decently, and skillfully is not everyone’s cup of tea but everyone can develop this skill set easily. It is only a matter of how diligent you are.
  • Companies providing phone answering services are the experts in this arena. They have been dealing with different statuses of people, from customers to clients, brokers to buyers, dealers, stakeholders, etc. They know how to lead productive conversations with all types of people.
  • If you are running a call center service or an answering service, the first thing you can do is teach everyone on your team the best speaking etiquette and good comprehension skills so they can understand the customers’ concerns better and provide suitable resolutions for them. It is the most intrinsic part of every company.
  • Some people may think, what’s so difficult about leading a conversation? Aren’t we doing this since the beginning? Why should someone need exclusive training in phone etiquette? It is not as simple as it may sound.
  • Ask any phone answering service, they will tell you how critical and intricate it becomes as you began communicating with intellectual people with higher IQs, sitting at top positions in society. It is difficult to convince ordinary people and it is far more difficult to win the hearts of people who already have more knowledge and experience than you. You need to be very careful with every move.

We can’t always be completely aware of our own speaking methods that’s why phone answering services draw some parameters. If we all start following these parameters during the conversation, we can automatically develop excellent communication skills even if we are slightly average in those matters. Being alert and polite comes first whenever speaking with someone. You should be a good speaker but a good listener more importantly.

If you do not have enough patience in a conversation, you won’t be able to lead a good interaction. You are anyway going to end up spoiling the conversation because the other person will immediately become resentful after one or two instances of interruptions from your end. At the same time, you can’t always pretend to be listening carefully. Because every reciprocation or response will be based on the previous comment.

Let without any further ado let us dig into the top-notch ways that can help us to maintain a quality conversation with everyone. These techniques will not help in maintaining a good talk but practicing these techniques can make you a professional speaker too. Experts from top phone answering services suggest that if you are good at communication, you are good at anything. Good communication skill is a sure sign of intelligence too.

Universal Ways for Maintaining Phone Etiquette

For years people have known and understood the importance of phone etiquette. It is just that nobody is really able to meet the criteria for basic phone etiquette. Ever wondered why? It is because we all are susceptible to getting easily triggered by the slightest misconduct and we reciprocate with equally intensified reactions. So, the first and foremost one can do is control their emotions. We would be talking about every aspect one by one.

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At Least Acknowledge if Couldn’t Respond

Don’t compromise on the promise of being responsive. People usually cannot fulfill the promise that they will be available to take calls under all circumstances. It is understandable that we can’t be always available at all times.

During those times, you should share a voicemail and share a next appointment or moment for an opportunity for conducting another meeting on call. If you are available, try your best to answer it within 3 rings. Don’t keep your callers waiting on endless strings of rings.

Introductions First

As you as soon you pick up the call, introduce yourself and your organization immediately. It is should be done sacrosanctly and momentarily after picking up the call. It lets the customer confirm whether they have called the right number. Also, it gives them confidence in the conversation. It is all about making the conversation as less frictional as possible.

Moreover, introducing yourself right away puts on a good professional outlook toward customers. These things are pretty inconspicuous but they have a good impact combined. Try a script that starts with saying ‘Hi’, ‘XYX Enterprises (Pseudonym)’, and ‘How can I help you?’ First, allow the caller to introduce themselves that continue yourself.

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Clear Voice During Call

It goes by default during every call. On the other end of the call, the caller has no means to judge you, other than your voice. So, speak very clearly and politely. Communication skills are one of the key measures for judging a person’s intelligence and voice is the only way to judge a person’s quality.

The caller won’t be able to see your body language or smile through the phone on call and demonstrate your goodwill and hospitality through the tone of your voice. Sometimes call quality may become disrupted due to a bad signal or network. During those times instead of trying to continue with inadequate network quality, you should try another session.

Avoid Using Speakerphone

We all have the necessity to use a speakerphone but this function should be used responsibly. Do not use this option during every call. Well for you, it would be easier to multitask as your hands would be free but think about the caller.

By enabling the speakerphone option you are enabling unnecessary sounds to disrupt the call. You are putting a negative impact on the quality of the call. It is important to be heard but what’s the point if you are the one who is creating hindrances to your own voice?

So, with that being said, you should use this option only if it is absolutely necessary, for instance, you can use this opinion during a troubleshooting event or conference meeting when there are multiple speakers and listeners involved.

Take Notes

Many people find it less important and it is a pretty usual mindset. If you truly want to spare the inconvenience to the caller, you should make sure you have not missed anything during the conversation. As the importance and intricacies of the conversation become extensive, it becomes difficult to track and remember every point.

You may have a pretty sharp memory, but we are humans, after all, so we are prone to missing one out of other things. It would be best if you keep a small notepad for noting down critical points. It helps you to reciprocate well with every key point in your mind. You would be able to put a good input during the conversation.

Also, at some point, you will need to document the conversation to keep track of things. These notes will help you to remember what exactly was spoken during the conversation.

Use Proper Language

Everyone speaks in their unique way. There are many things involving a person’s ability to conversate. Language plays an important role in the overall quality of a call. It is acceptable to use slang and idioms during a conversation but only up to a certain extent.

The more you use slang during a call, the more it will get less professional and you do not want that if you try to care for the quality. Be professional and polite at all times. Be diplomatic and polite during the entire call.

Everyone comes from a certain background and neighborhood, and the stench of a person’s aura reflects during every call so, avoid it as much as possible. The moment you pick a call, you must immediately embrace the personality of a completely professional.

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On the whole, be honest, polite, and empathetic during every call. Some agents make the mistake of knowing information and detail that they are not aware of. It is an absolute bummer. Never pretend to know things when you don’t, and don’t make promises that you can’t keep and are beyond the level of your jurisdiction. In a professional arena, every single word you speak counts so be conscientious about everything you speak.

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