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Role of Digital Transformation for Improving Call Center Services

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Role of Digital Transformation for Improving Call Center Services

Traditional call centers are simply less efficient today. We must comprehend why digitization is crucial for the future of call centers as more businesses undergo the digital revolution, as well as how to get started.

It's mind-blowing to think about how far technology has come in only the last 15 years. It's been so long since we moved so quickly that it's hard to recall how things "used to be." We may now appreciate the contemporary society we live in thanks to technological advancements that once seemed almost laughable, such as bulky desktop computer towers and enormous mobile phones.

The Value of Digital Transformation in Call Center & Call Center Services

From the most basic examples of transferring information from space to the most basic daily activities like using a cell phone, the digitization of our lives is pervasive. Getting all of your digital channels and inputs to talk in one uniform digital language, however, is still the most crucial component of digitization that hasn't been fully utilized. A digital call center will have an enormous positive impact on the lives of your clients. This is because we may access information systems with unmatched capabilities when we combine the capacity for communication with AI and deep learning.

Analog VS Digital

While we are focused on discussing the idea of technology and its advances, let us have a quick understanding of the concept of Analog Phones. While this technology has been around for decades now, they are comically also known as Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS.

Plain Old Telephone Service is referred to the technology that has the process of taking the audio signals while translating them to the signals into electronic pulses.

In contrast, a digital device's technology converts a person's voice into binary code, which is a series of "0"s and "1"s. The original signal or string of words, like in the instance of a phone conversation, is then reassembled from the code by the receiving equipment. The first step toward a single digital language is this translation into binary. Every sound, image, or typed phrase receives a digital "name" or fingerprint.

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7 New Call Center Technologies to Take into Account

1. Employ omnichannel orchestration and smart routing

Through the use of contemporary call routing technology, clients receive greater service that encourages brand loyalty. They offer features that make KPI monitoring easier, such as sophisticated reporting and metrics tracking.

Additionally, contact center managers will have better access to data about the types of calls a specific agent receives, the amount of time it takes to answer each call, and the call routing. These features go even further by offering real-time speech analytics, which greatly improves consumer insights.

Customers also get personalized, pertinent, and timely responses. The whole brand image and customer loyalty are enhanced by this customer-centric strategy.

2. Automate Procedures to Boost Productivity

By adopting low-cost options like knowledge banks (or FAQs) and chatbots, try to reduce the volume of client inquiries coming in via phone calls. For the self-service knowledge bank, use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies to gather frequently asked questions. Utilize automated technologies for backend procedures to increase production by speeding up the resolution of straightforward issues.

By cutting down on handling times, handling customer issues in a single contact, and decreasing call transfers, a major UK media company was able to save $3 million in operational expenditures. Additionally, think about combining your data centers to get the most out of your automation solutions.

3. Make an investment in AI to modernize call centers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is vital to today's call centers. Executive productivity increased by 54% as a result of AI integration. While it might be beneficial to many business sectors, call centers may find it to be the most crucial tool. These locations serve as a direct conduit between your clients and your brand.

Currently, the majority of buyers can purchase your goods without ever speaking to you. They only get in touch with your representatives when they have a problem. Therefore, calling your call center may be your client's first interaction with you. They're happy to swap brands if the experience isn't good and the new brand provides superior service.

4. Proactively address customer complaints

Between 40 and 80 percent of calls are in response to a recent business-related event. Customers may answer the phone if they are having a problem or are looking for information from the company. The agent then makes every effort to finish the problem as quickly as possible. The days when agents questioned why a customer may call them that day are long gone. They can anticipate the majority of client calls using analytics, which allows them to plan a successful resolution in advance. Contact centers can forecast problems by examining inquiries, grievances, or call requests in light of consumer personalities. By anticipating problems and proactively contacting customers to find solutions, contact centers may go one step further.

5. Adapt Contact Centers Using Cloud Technology

Systems are evolving faster now, making it challenging to effectively keep track of them. Therefore, moving to the cloud seems like an economical and upgrade-friendly alternative for companies that want to stay on top of technology. Customers who use cloud systems have the best experiences because they don't have to wait for new features to go through the complete development cycle. Additionally, compared to their competitors, cloud call centers have 35% less downtime and save 27% on costs. Additionally, a lot of computational resources are required for machine learning and AI skills, which your clients might not have. For the scalability, reliability, and flexibility that organizations require, cloud solutions are ideal.

6. Customer Experience Personalized as per the Requirement

Customers want individualized attention and services from businesses. Therefore, in order to cater to each person uniquely, brands need to understand their personal preferences, likes, and dislikes. According to research by Accenture, 75% of consumers will make a purchase from a company that knows their identity, keeps track of their past purchases, and makes product recommendations based on those preferences.

In fact, they're open to allowing businesses to utilize their data in exchange for better services. Because they think it would enhance their overall experience, 58 percent of customers are comfortable with firms using their historical data. Consider adopting customer relationship management (CRM) software to efficiently utilize this data. Based on previous contacts, this system repository analyses, and researches client data.

7. Reevaluate contact centers as strategic assets

In the past, contact centers were a result of organizations' need to streamline operations and reduce expenses. Businesses reevaluate the function of the call center by considering the viewpoint of the consumer to enhance the whole experience. Through this transformation, improving customer service will take precedence over operational efficiency. Many contact center managers will tell you that call centers continue to operate as cost centers even if this perspective shift is an old idea.

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Modern call centers serve as brand ambassadors in addition to serving as strategic resources. In order to properly serve their customers, firms must invest in their contact centers. Offering continuous customer service after business hours or on holidays is a crucial need for firms all around the world. As a professional provider of call center support outsourcing services, we understood the Role of digital transformation in improving call center services.

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