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Things Call Center Agents Should Avoid Saying

Posted by Prachi Priya

Outsourcing call center services, there are various do’s and don’ts that companies may not be aware of. However, many organizations do have this question regarding the potential necessities to keep in mind with things to avoid! Well, talking about dos and don’ts, call center agents need to avoid saying some things to the customer although they may be practicing the same otherwise.

After hiring agents for call center services, companies’ train their employees on how to deal with customers. Agents also get to know about the hindrances that will come their way and the things, which they have to avoid saying in front of the customers.

Customers in every call center receive answers as per a pre-scripted format that the agents generally memorize. However, while talking with callers, agents need to avoid saying some things, so that there is no negative impression of the business service.

Here we have the phrases agents’ need to avoid, although they might be doing it practically:

Your query is not the one we deal in!

It is very disappointing to the customers when the agents’ say, they do not deal with their query. Therefore, recommendations say, agents should avoid saying any such thing.

Hearing such statements, the caller can hold negative feedback about the organization and may not turn towards the business service anymore.

A sense of reliability is always helpful and customers’ want an agent who can persuade them to keep taking the business service.

It can be factual that the agent may not be aware of the type of query from the customer, so, in such cases, it is better to transfer the call to an experienced agent or make the customer feel comfortable with an assurance that his/her issue is been checked.

I am on break, will talk later

The last caller and the first one, all need the same enthusiastic response and thus the agent saying I am busy or I am on break leaves a negative impact on the customer.

Although the agent may be on break or maybe leaving the office at that time, it is necessary to avoid making the customer know the same.

Avoiding it, agents can say, “I’ll just pass you to a colleague who can answer better”.

Such statements give the customer a sense of reliability, she/he feels that customer satisfaction, and response is essential for call center services

The caller should get a responsive answer although the agent might be going on lunch or on any break in real.

I am new, so do not have much idea

Yet again, a wrong statement. An agent should never let the customer feel whether she/he is new to the organization.

It is wrong to say that a problem is hard to answer, as the agent is new and has less idea.

Avoiding it, agents should instead say, “I'll connect you to an expert for a better answer, this may take a minute or two”.

Saying the same thing with interchanged words can be very helpful and thus, agents have to be very conscious over the words they use.

Even if the agent is new and has less experience, the caller should not be able to find it.

Do not shout our I will terminate the call

Sadly, but yes, agents have to deal with customer tantrums.

Customers require calm answers and the same is expected of agents. This highlights the fact that call center services need to hire agents with a calm attitude and a person who is polite and patient.

Aggressive agents will lose customers and will lose brand value too when the caller does not attain satisfaction. Therefore, an agent with a specific quality is essential.

Aggressive statements can make the customer angrier and thus agents can politely say, “We will get your problem solved, but kindly discuss the situation calmly”. 

I will connect you to the supervisor

Sometimes it happens that a customer seems to be inconvincible and in such cases, agents generally feel it safe to forward the customer to the supervisor. However, it’s a wrong approach.

Doing so is not correct as, your supervisor may think you just do not want to handle a panicking situation and to be safe you forwarded the call, the agent has to have the confidence to give a final answer, and doing this often degrades the agents’ value.

If the customer demands to speak to the manager, the agent should try to solve the problem without external help.

I do not know

Any statement that says the agent has no idea is negative. Even though practically you may not be aware of the question asked by the customer, but avoid saying anything that leaves a wrong impression.

Instead, agents can say, “Kindly coordinate and I will solve your query as soon as possible”. 

The agent saying she/he does not have an idea of the business service can kill the customers’ confidence and thus, agents should avoid saying the same. Communicate to the business partners on the contrary, and try to give the customer a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. 

Creating an “Oh NO” moment can be disastrous for the business and thus, agents need to avoid getting into such circumstances that comes as a failure for them and the organization.

I am putting you on hold, kindly wait

Telling the customers directly that you will put them on hold is not a correct way. Call center services need to give an assurance that customer issue is important and a solution will soon be available if you are not able to give an answer at that time.

Although you are putting the customer on hold, say instead, “I am looking into your issue, and will get back to you soon”.

This gives a feeling that the customer request is been heard and that a solution is expected soon. Keeping on hold is not the right term and may dishearten the customer giving negative feedback about the agent and the organization.

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