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Hypercare Customer Support Model - A Call Center Service for Bigshots

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Hypercare Customer Support Model - A Call Center Service for Bigshots

Hypercare may sound like a term from an old Star Wars movie, but in the realm of software development, it is a commonly used term that refers to the process of onboarding a new customer. Industries with a high risk of customer churn early on in the customer's journey, such as those providing CRMs, recognize the importance of Hypercare.

Before fully committing to a CRM, customers may try out several options to ensure they have the best fit for their needs. To prevent churn and increase customer retention, most CRM providers offer dedicated support after the purchase. Yes, post-sales call center service is more relevant and impactful for absolute customer satisfaction and retention.

In this article, we'll outline how to provide this type of support and guide you through implementing Hypercare in your call center outsourcing process:

  • Hypercare customer support refers to a type of customer support designed to be highly responsive and proactive in addressing customer needs.
  • It involves providing customers with immediate assistance and support to help them resolve any issues or problems they may be experiencing.
  • Hypercare support typically involves a dedicated team of support agents who are available around the clock to assist customers.
  • These agents are trained to diagnose and resolve customer issues quickly, and they work closely with other teams within the organization to ensure that customer problems are addressed promptly and effectively.
  • Hypercare support can be particularly useful in high-stress situations, such as during the launch of a new product or service when there is a high volume of customer inquiries and issues.
  • By providing proactive and responsive support, organizations can build stronger relationships with their customers and enhance their overall customer experience.

Hypercare ensures a complete customer support package that has no loose ends or irregularities. Organizations that solely depend on the customers for their business and usually face a lot of competition in the market, tend to go after the Hypercare customer support model to ascertain their customers won’t slip out of their hands in any case.

Therefore, they try to evade any possibility through which a customer might choose to opt out. This whole blog will discuss various aspects of the Hypercare support model and how an organization or call center outsourcing service can leverage some of its techniques to overcome challenges and achieve a complete customer satisfaction rate.

“Definition: Hypercare Customer Support Model is a customer support approach where companies provide proactive and immediate assistance to their customers to address their concerns and resolve issues. It is typically implemented during a new product launch or a major update to ensure that the customers can use the new product effectively and without any problems.

Hypercare support involves a dedicated team of support agents that are available around the clock to assist customers and ensure that their issues are resolved quickly and effectively. The goal of Hypercare Customer Support is to build stronger relationships with customers and improve their overall experience with the company's products or services.

Following a software launch, software providers enter a state of Hypercare by offering supplementary support to their users. This additional support assists both new and existing customers in comprehending how to use the new product, service, feature, or program.”

The Real Need for the Existence of the Hypercare Model

Software providers aim to ensure that their new and existing customers understand how to use their products and are satisfied with any changes made. Updating and improving software takes time, and seeking feedback from customers is crucial to prevent losing them along the way. To be successful, call centers must consider taking feedback from both new and existing customers.

New customers offer a blank slate, providing the opportunity to teach them how to use products and services properly. However, they often expect immediate results, and struggling to use a product or service may drive them to competitors with simpler solutions. Hypercare mitigates the risk of losing new customers due to difficulty using new software, preserving the effort, money, and time invested in acquiring them.

While these are significant advantages, there are several additional benefits to providing Hypercare with customer support. Keep reading to learn more.


It's a fact that many people dislike change, even when they recognize that a new product or program can be beneficial. As creatures of habit, we tend to resist doing things differently, and it often takes time to overcome the initial reluctance toward a new addition.

During this transitional period, people may actively look for reasons to reject the change. Hypercare acknowledges customers' concerns and helps to facilitate a smooth transition to using the new program, even if they are hesitant to move away from their established routines. This approach can demonstrate to customers that their needs and preferences are understood, which can aid in overcoming any resistance to change.

Here are some points highlighting the benefits of implementing a Hypercare period during a software launch.

  • Ensure seamless integration of the program into existing processes, minimizing potential disruptions during implementation
  • Properly train end users to facilitate the adoption of the new tool and make their job easier
  • Proactively refine the program to address any issues that were not identified during beta testing, avoiding negative feedback from customers
  • Identify areas for improvement to be addressed in future updates
  • Foster long-term relationships with customers by building trust through providing excellent support
  • Implementing Hypercare helps to create a positive experience for users during the transition to the new program
  • If you're considering implementing a Hypercare period during your next software launch, there are some tips that can help you get started.

The above-mentioned are the benefits for your end-users or customers, things you would be doing for them to gain their absolute confidence and trust. In SaaS-based business, the clients can be quite tough to satisfy. The target audience or customers are less in volume and high in revenue.

Therefore, losing a single prospective customer can be bad for business. By implementing the Hypercare Model you can ascertain a more secure relationship. However, creating a Hypercare Model won’t suffice unless you are fully capacitated to do whatever your client might request you for or any other technical contingency in terms of software.

Visualization of Hypercare Support Model in Action

A Hypercare customer support model typically involves providing extra support and attention to customers during the initial period following a software launch or major upgrade. Here's how it may look in action:

Increased Communication: The support team will communicate more frequently with customers during the Hypercare period. They may use various channels like email, chat, phone, or even in-app messaging to proactively engage with customers and resolve any issues they may face.

Dedicated Support: Hypercare support teams are typically more extensive, and they are dedicated to providing support to customers during the critical period after the launch or upgrade. They can address any concerns or questions and help customers get up to speed with the new system or features.

Training and Resources: The support team may offer additional training sessions or provide resources like FAQs, how-to guides, and instructional videos to help customers learn how to use the new program effectively.

Feedback Collection: Hypercare involves collecting feedback from customers to identify areas where improvements can be made. This feedback can be gathered through surveys, interviews, and other methods to help software providers identify any issues or bugs that were not discovered during the testing phase.

Rapid Issue Resolution: The support team will prioritize any issues that arise during the Hypercare period, ensuring that they are resolved quickly and efficiently. The aim is to minimize any disruption to customers and ensure they have a positive experience with the new software.

Overall, the Hypercare customer support model is designed to ensure a smooth transition for customers to the new software, minimize disruption, and provide a positive customer experience.

Dedicate a Team to Field Communications

Preparing for a product rollout in a technical support department can be compared to preparing for a blizzard in New England. Even though you can prepare by stocking up on resources and ensuring your team has enough food, the rollout will still happen, and your business will experience a significant surge in support calls.

That's why it's crucial to assemble a dedicated team to handle the new program during its launch. These team members must have expertise in call center service and program implementation, as well as a thorough understanding of the product so that they can quickly identify and escalate any issues to programmers for immediate resolution.

Foster Change Awareness Among Customers

Even if your previous product received a lot of negative feedback or faced various issues, some customers may still have fond memories of it and find it difficult to adapt to the new software. These customers were not involved in the sales process or decision-making, so all they see is a disruption to their workflow.

To help these customers, it's important to communicate with them prior to the launch and explain why the change is necessary and how it will benefit them in the long run. If they understand the reasons behind the change and the advantages it brings, they will be more likely to accept the new program and be patient while they adapt to it.

Create Digestible Training Content

In business, challenges with implementing new systems or processes can often be attributed to insufficient training. Although some customers may resist seeking answers independently, research indicates that most are willing to learn on their own. According to a study, 67% of customers prefer self-service support options to speaking with a representative.

To ensure effective training, it's crucial that the materials are easily accessible and user-friendly. If the training is dull or lengthy, customers may lose interest and begin exploring the system independently. While this may seem positive, in reality, it can create more friction in the customer experience as they struggle to find the information they need.

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While it would be ideal if every product launched flawlessly, that's not always the case. Even with thorough design, planning, building, and testing, customers will likely face a learning curve when using your product. Therefore, it's crucial to provide support during this adjustment period to help customers seamlessly integrate your product on regular basis.

Developing a Hypercare Strategy early on can help you provide the highest level of support and extend your relationship with your customer base. While Hypercare Support may lengthen the launch process, it's well worth it to ensure a successful product rollout. To expand your customer support offering, consider providing multilingual call center service.

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