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Top Chatbots Improving Customer Service in India

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Hi, how can I help you?... Send a message, How’s the traffic to the nearest road, Make me laugh and Set a Reminder are few prompt, that you are going to encounter once you connect with Google Assistant.


The AI-based technology has made life easier, where the one doesn’t need to hunt five and dime. All you need to do is to create rich commands… and the information is on the screen!

India being the population of 137.45 crores holds the great record for numbers of public service offices along with numbers of different registration centers.

Now imagine, what if such colossal number deck up the door of information window, the chaos and mismatch management will be narrow down of your imagination.

As per the reports of Statista, ‘India is expected to cross the number of internet users by 564.5 million by the end of the year 2020 and 666.4 million by the end of the year 2023’.

When the population of an internet user is such huge, the methods of driving the essential and decision of daily life will be as amazing, to the rescue of which India is holding the big board of welcome for the technology– Chatbot.

│How Chatbot Leverage Public and Private Sector of Indian Economy?

The chatbot is an AI-based mechanism used to create the conversation, without any sort of human intervention.

The chatbot works by collecting the input from the user and further analyzes them through the algorithms of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) by allocating them with a particular entity, each distinct from one another, in order to create the final response.

The chatbot’s capability to connect with the real-person along with the offering of recommended solutions helps in scaling the actual need of the customer.

Today, the chatbot doesn’t restrict itself to the just entertainment factor with Google Home, Alexa, and other customized entertainment bots.

According to Invespcro, ‘With the passage of time, it is recorded that 67% of the population worldwide used a chatbot for gaining the customer support’.

Thus, tracking the statistics for chatbot’s interest, India is taking the required steps to bring the technology on the plate of the common man, trying to relive the way of living in an advanced manner in the working sectors i.e; Public and Private Sector.

The responsible authorities all over the nation are effectively taking intrusive steps to merge the core competencies of the sector with advanced chatbot technology maximizing the scope of the Indian Economy along with its impact on the lives of the personnel.

In order to hit the interaction with the customer right on the point, the organizations are boosting the implementation of chatbot services through voice-based searches, available in the official language of the nation, as well i.e; the Hindi.

│The Crucial List of Domain-Specific Chatbots in Public & Private Sectors:

Till the time, it is well-versed known that chatbot plays a vital role in offering customer support services by working on the scripts and past encountered experiences.

The list of domains that can incorporate the technology in its business shell continues its trail in the long go. Some of them are- Public and Private Governance, Healthcare, Industry and Commerce, Environment and Disaster Management.

Chatbots are meant for easing the delivery of services, that could fall under any of the categories.

If we talk specifically about the responsibilities falling under the umbrella of public and private sectors, the thing began to take the shape of the vessel that could be laminar or steady in nature.

To eliminate the blues of services, Indian public and private sector had already moved to digital platform either through the digital applications on smart peripheral devices or by integrating the chatbot services in their website for offering effortless customer support.

The basic ideology behind governance is to cater to the need of the common man, which could differ on various scales such as booking a seat in a train to having the basic information about the available seat, the announcement of outrage, curfew, health-related warning and many more…

· Disha:

India’s initiative in the field, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) launched AI-based assistant Disha, a year back in 2018.

The chatbot presented by IRCTC, powered by ‘CoRover’– a Bengaluru based start-up designed the smart mechanism in the way to answer the generic questions.

Disha aims to serve the requirement of the passenger travelling in Indian railway and tending to enquire about certain queries such as available seats, seat confirmation probability and many others.

·Municipal Corporation Chatbots:

Witnessing the enormous growth in digital panorama, the state government has also forwarded their hands to lean to the approach of instant query solving procedure.

Chatbot, often AI-based assistant work on delivering the quick solution to pupils on the ground level, eliminating the need of five and dime.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) is one of the first municipal corporations to test the Pandora of possibilities in the field.

The RMC chatbot, powered by Floatbot, is a well-designed medium prepared to offer online services pertaining to the providing of certificates coming in niche government segments.

RMC is agile when it comes to serving the queries of the customer.

According to the reports of Chatbot Magazine, Till the date, RMC has successfully replied to 887 queries asked by the citizen coming under the municipal corporation.

Also, the RMC offers customer support to its customer in the regional language i.e; – Gujarati.

Following the footnotes of RMC, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has recently launched the chatbot– PMC Chatbot is native to serve the issues and basic information to the person on the other side of the screen.

Chatbot Magazine reported that PMC has significantly replied to almost 1402 users pertaining to the grievances accorded in a particular department.


Anya is one of the smart initiatives in the domain of the healthcare sector. The AI-based mechanism was launched with the purpose to bridge the gap between medical autocracies and patients on the ground.

The Anya is the smart alternative to gain light on medically-related pieces of information within no time, that is partnered with reputed doctors in order to serve the patients with their health-related queries.

Anya was launched by Lupin at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Research Society for the study of diabetes, crafted well in a manner to accommodate the health management in rural and semi-rural areas.

Anya is sufficient enough to answer the health-related queries such as tips for a healthy lifestyle, shares the ideal diet plan as per the patient’s health conditions, available treatment for the same.


Wysa, the AI-based chatbot startup based in Bengaluru has gathered a lot of recognition in the very short span of time by helping the mass dealing with mental health and stress.

The startup has successfully designed AI-based mechanism that helps in expressing out the emotions to virtual coach that significantly offer solutions to the suffering person by listening the whole ins and outs of the story thoughtfully.

The chatbot aims to provide therapies like meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational tips and speech to subtle the complexities of mental health.

The experts of healthcare and mass on ground claims the Wysa as Emotionally Intelligent Bot.

Wysa is awarded various tags in the recent years due to its intrusive customer service such as Google Play’s Editor Choice and Global Feature in the year 2019 and Best App for Stress Relief by ORCHA in the year 2019.

·Hawa Badlo:

Hawa Badlo is a Facebook Bot that helps in demonstrating the Air Quality Index for a region.

The bot alerts the mass with level of pollution, demographically. The chatbot significantly offer solutions to avoid the deadly circumstances.

According to Pocket Press Release, GAIL, India’s leading Natural Gas Company also helped the founders of Hawa Badlo campaign in integrating the movement against the drastic level of the Air Pollution in the territory’.

One can easily get the hand on the current AQI by typing HAWA BADLO in Messenger Bot.

What India Can Gain More from Chatbots in Near Future?

Chatbots– catering the queries through Natural Language Processing and algorithms of Machine Learning, a well-versed fact!

The smart initiatives of Chatbot all over the world have already leapt the stagnant flow of customer service. Following the trail, Indian Start-ups are laying their set-ups, so as to accommodate the need of the laymen.

Currently, the application of chatbot can be significantly seen across various domain ranging from the public and private sectors in the nation to the healthcare, industry and points of environmental change.

Continuing the practice to automate the technology and serve the exemplary crowd via chatbot can surely help out the nation in predicting the situation of causalities, disease outbreaks, earthquake and many more…

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