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Multichannel customer engagement: A force to reckon with!

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

The confluence of customers and brands across all communication channels has earmarked a new era for the business world.  Herein, only those organizations can taste the comprehensive success that are prepared to embrace multichannel customer interaction.  As the need for multichannel customer engagement was felt across the business fraternity, enterprises worldwide have started undertaking strategic (ensuring a perfect blend of pragmatism and innovation) initiatives that can help them ensure an enriching, cordial, and informative experience to customers across a myriad of communication channels.  What must not be overlooked here is the fact that customers nowadays have a huge inclination towards social media channels. Therefore, brands need to ensure communication with customers through all the social media platforms as well, apart from engaging them through the rest of the voice or non-voice channels.

An incongruous finding:  85% of brands nowadays support multi-channel customer interactions; however, only 33% of businesses provide social media contact channels.

Herein, if a business firm thinks that it lacks the efficiency to manage overall multichannel customer engagement, then it would be a prudent, well-calculated step to acquire multichannel customer care services.

How multichannel customer engagement can help businesses?
Once you are ready to communicate with your customers through multiple communication channels, you are perfectly positioned to deliver a great experience to all the customers.  This, in turn, will help your brand achieve a great customer service reputation, which can consequently pave the way for enhanced customer retention capability.  It is so true that millennials are quite inclined towards all the internet-based channels and they love to communicate with their friends, family, or professional colleagues through online chat provisions or social media platforms. In fact, recently customers have even started communicating with businesses through online communication channels.  Considering the huge popularity of these communication channels, it becomes all the more important for businesses to ensure multichannel customer engagement provisions. By ensuring the same, businesses can easily develop comprehensive insights into customer expectations as well.  All these can actually empower businesses to deliver top-tier customer care services and earn a great reputation concurrently.

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Compelling benefits of ensuring multichannel customer engagement
By embracing multichannel customer interaction, you can put a tab on the brand switch.  More importantly, multichannel customer interaction can help you deliver great customer service.  Apart from all these, multichannel customer interaction can help you earn good names on social media platforms as well.  As a matter of fact, multichannel customer engagement initiatives can help businesses extensively as it relates to:

  • Attaining highly reputational stature
  • Reinforcing bonds with customers (both existing and prospective)
  • Enhancing revenue generation capabilities
  • Responding adeptly to dynamic business influencers
  • Maintaining business continuity
  • Abetting organizational flexibility
  • Retaining entrepreneurial speed

Considering all these strategic benefits, it can be inferred that multichannel customer engagement is a crucial business aspect.  Therefore, experts want organizations to acquire efficient customer care services from the vendors that can ensure multichannel customer engagement.

How calculated is the counter opinion?
Following the conventional methods of handling customer engagement functions, some businesses opine that communicating with customers openly (hinting at social media platforms) would unnecessarily put the brand’s stake at risk.  These entrepreneurs believe that communication between brands and customers should be somewhat confidential, if not totally.  As per their opinion, brands might eventually suffer a lot if their quest of delighting customers through multichannel engagement fails to meet the ever-increasing expectations of millennials. Although nobody can question their business acumen and understanding, nonetheless it must be understood that a timely modification in standard (or conventional) business methods can actually make our initiatives futuristic.  If the current business situation compels you to deliver proactive customer care services through multiple channels, then you need to deliver the same. Contrarily, if you fail to ensure the same, then your business acumen is in question!

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Therefore, it must be comprehended that the time has arrived to revisit your business strategy, corporate policy, and customer engagement initiatives. By ensuring multichannel customer engagement, it actually becomes feasible for you, or any business firm, to scale great heights of success in the intensely competitive business world.

In essence:  After comprehending the ways in which multichannel customer engagement can propel a business firm’s march towards organizational prosperity, it can be inferred that multichannel customer engagement is a force to reckon with!

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