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Top 4 Tips to enhance your Business’s Customer Experience Tactics

Posted by Shashvat

"I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen."

Ernest Hemingway

There has been a lot of hue & cry about how organizations are considering customer experience as their major point of focus. A lot of blogs and articles have been published and almost all of the top companies claim to have been providing a top-notch customer experience.

Outsourcing is another great way considered to provide an exceptional level of customer experience. Various customer service centers are training their agents to communicate persuasively with the patrons. All this is happening and still, less than 10% of the customers say that they are getting a stupendous level of experience from their businesses. Why?

When almost all of the companies are claiming to be customer-centric and are involved in publishing impressive stuff about the significance of customer experience, what is lacking?

Knowingly or unknowingly, there are some lags that are pushing the rest of the 90% customers away from an unparalleled service experience. Of course, the limitations are from the business side.

Optimize Customer Experience for Business Growth

Through this blog, I am making an attempt to offer some useful tips that would help your company to formulate an impactful and improvised customer experience strategy for your business:

1. Imitation is not innovation

The best organizations that are involved in offering amazing customer experience are able to do so because they undertook an innovative approach. Now, taking an innovative approach and following somebody’s way of doing things are two different things.

One of the most compelling reasons why a majority of the businesses aren’t able to win the heart of the customers is because these companies are just copying what successful organizations do and are not actually devising any innovative strategies on their own.

Taking inspiration from successful organizations is good but imitating the entire strategy is not an assurance that the same tactic will work for you too. This is why a lot of businesses think that they are at the top of customer experience innovation but in reality, are just copying.

The main bottleneck is that a majority of the customer service centers are just content with an ‘average’ customer experience they are offering. Now imagine, if you are happy with just an average level of service experience, is it possible that the customers would be equally ecstatic about it? They won’t be and that’s why customers change the business.

2. Drop the ‘superior-effort experiences”

It is quite right that customers are not going to get satiated by the ‘OK’ level of service experience. But, another intriguing aspect is that the most of the customers just want their issues to be resolved without any hassle.

What quite a few companies do not understand is that just trimming customer effort is more significant than offering the patrons a “WOW” moment by stupendous service.

Contact Centers Leverage and Demystify Customer Experience

Experts have found that a genuine patron loyalty is attained when the customers’ efforts are trimmed to a minimum during the time when resolutions are offered. Offering painless customer resolutions provide businesses greater benefit than just focusing on giving extraordinary service moments to the patrons.

Providing impeccable customer experience is not wrong, but I would recommend the company owners to first focus on just offering effortless resolutions to the issues.

3. Technology is not magic

We are talking about customer experience and yet a majority of the call centers or customer service centers are highly reliant on the technology.

Let’s make one thing clear; Technology is not magic. It is a booster of course, but it is not an assurance to provide an unmatched customer experience. A remarkable service experience can only be offered by the ‘people’ factor in strict consideration.

Otherwise, you can install the latest tools and robust technologies in business thinking “This is going to change everything and my customers are going to love me” and experience a totally disastrous result.

Outbound Call Center Enhancing Customer Experience

It is important to consider what sort of audience you are serving and how technology is going to get fit in the entire customer support process. Always consider what does your customer requires and then look for appropriate technology that could help you attain the desired level of service experience.

4. Multi-angle view to the problem

Innovation means thinking out-of-the-box. Most of the 21st-century companies claim they have innovated their approach towards the customers and yet lack one big thing. The approach to the problem!

When customers come up with an issue, what you do? You start thinking about the solutions right away. But, have you ever thought to look at the same problem from more than one angles. Seeking multiple perspectives of an issue offers you a clearer picture of what customers really want and how can you tap the opportunity.

Businesses are continuously involved in making hi-end technologies, BPO services providers are keeping their contact centers abreast with the up-to-the-minute tools and yet are failing miserably to satiate their customers. This is because before coming up with such advanced solutions, they do not even once look up to the customer’s issue.

Final word

Obviously, there are other factors also, but working on the above-mentioned tips can really make your customer service center run at the speed of light. And by this I mean, your customers would be Actually happy with your business.

You tell me, what’s the reason why 80% of the companies are failing to make an impressionable impact on the customers? What are the organizations lacking? Let’s discuss. 

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