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So You Have Chosen A Competent Outsourcing Partner. What Next?

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

After paying special attention to even the minutest nitty-gritty, you have finally made up your mind to collaborate with the outsourcing company which, as you speculate, can meet your business requirements and specifications with utmost competence. It is so true that you have considered each crucial aspect of outsourcing before actually going forward with the decision-making process to enter into professional collaboration with the outsourcing company of your choice. However, if you think that henceforth you have all the right to take the back seat, then you are mistaken!

Answer these questions (to yourself!)

  • Do you firmly believe that once you have found a competent outsourcing company, you can actually hand over the metaphorical keys of your business to the outsourcing firm?
  • Don’t you think it would be really imprudent on your part to let an outsourcing company handle and manage as crucial function as customer engagement of your business, without your inputs?
  • Are you ready to handover the most valuable asset — your stakeholders, your customers — to an outside outsourcing company you have recently collaborated with?

Now, start framing more such questions, and answer them with prudence and honesty. Obviously, by now, you must have comprehended how necessary is it to work in collaboration with BPO outsourcing companies.

What experts have to say in this regard?

Experts and successful entrepreneurs always lay emphasis on the significance of continuous and strategic conversations between businesses and outsourcing partners. In fact, various experts have elaborated upon the difference that continuous and strategic conversations with outsourcing partners can bring in, and they have supported their arguments with valid examples. Similarly, we have also witnessed how minor negligence in this regard has exposed businesses (even reputed ones) to impactful reputational and financial damages. Therefore, enterprises must pay heed to the experts’ advice, and they must start engaging their strategic customer service outsourcing partners through valuable, enriching conversations.

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How to strategize the conversations with outsourcing partners?

Businesses primarily delegate some crucial tasks to outsourcing companies because they are the ones which hold in-depth expertise, high level proficiency, and complete understanding regarding how a particular outsourced task (be it customer service, telemarketing, consumer survey, or whatsoever) should be handled, managed, and monitored in order to reap proficient outcomes. However, you must know that there are some crucial inputs they might need from your strategists so as to draft and execute success-driven strategies. Herein, it becomes quite important for all the key decision makers to maintain consistent conversations with the competent BPO outsourcing companies. This will not only pave way for formulation of result-oriented strategies, but would also guarantee seamless implementation and execution of all the strategies. Consequently, it would help you leverage all compelling, strategic benefits associated with outsourcing.

To ensure strategic conversations with outsourcing partners, you must know that these crucial areas demand your attention:

Agent profiling, training, and scheduling strategy:  This is the most crucial aspect that you need to discuss with your customer service outsourcing partner on a regular basis. As customer service agents employed into outsourced functions would be face of your brand, you need to choose and train them with utmost care. Discuss that with your outsourcing partner, and come up with innovative solutions.

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Call forecasting and scope of flexibility:  It is so true that being a responsible business firm, you can easily forecast call volume, and you should inform your customer support solution provider about the same. However, you need to discuss the scope of flexibility as well with the solution provider so as to maintain business continuity.

Technical requirements and coherent planning:  If you want your BPO partner to develop complete understanding of your business specific requirements and technical specifications, then you need to communicate your technical requirements. This can help BPO outsourcing companies develop coherent plan that matches your technical requirements and budgetary outlines quite efficiently.

Timely reporting to evaluate the performance:  Last but not the least, you need to discuss reporting system with your outsourcing partner in order to keep a close eye on performance and all the latest progresses. Importantly, it will help you re-strategize your business policies as per dynamic, latest changes and business influencers.

Conclusion:  If you want to establish valuable, enduring professional collaboration with an efficient customer service outsourcing solution provider, then you need to maintain strategic conversations with them.

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