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Trusted Stratagems to Convert Disgruntled Customers into Brand Advocates

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

Once you have started trying your luck in business, you would realize that meeting customer expectation always, that too on all communication channels, is indeed a challenging task.  Even if you have taken every crucial and relevant action in order to delight your customers, then also you need to comprehend that there would be multiple occasions wherein your customers would not be so pleased with your efforts.  That’s why a section of industry veterans even started believing once that customer expectations can never be met and that businesses should better avoid investing plenty of resources and energy with this motif.  However, considering the severity of customers’ expectation level on your business, you need to disagree with their thoughts.

Believe it or not, your customers are the most significant, most valuable stakeholders of your brand, and therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure them personalized assistance and top-tier support, even if they are not-so-pleased with your business offerings.  Additionally, you should also rope in leading outsourcing companies that can handle this pivotal function of your business firm in an adroit manner.  You must know that even the disgruntled customers can be easily handled and furthermore converted into valuable assets if you have paid due attention to adeptly-drafted support framework.  Not only do you need to ensure proactive assistance to these disgruntled customers, but you would also have to assure that their concerns are eliminated in the most dexterous possible manner.  Although there are various ways in which disgruntled customers can have converted into brand advocates, this blog would primarily shed light on four trusted stratagems.

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Never compromise with your brand integrity:  This is the super-most important thing that brands need be extra careful and adamant about.  Believe it or not, even if your customers have plenty of valid complaints, then also you need to ensure that this is something you have never planned for, not in the weirdest of dreams.  Therefore, you need to convey the message that your top-tier customer care services are always there for the help of your customers, which they can seek whenever they are encountering any unforeseen complications.  Apart from this, you need to deliver whatsoever you commit for as this will help you win a disgruntled customer adroitly.

Talk in the politest possible manner:  Under no circumstance should you ever possess this misconception that customers would not mind it even if you have not maintained highly polite conversations.  Believe it when you read this that customers nowadays have started demanding so much, and you need to know that they demand polite conversations as well.  Herein, brands have to understand that they need to ensure polite conversations between customers and experts of outsourcing companies, who are the business representatives as well.  This is certainly a proven stratagem that can help you win the trust of your disgruntled customers once again.

Pay attention to first call resolution: Gone are the days when customers would not mind it even if their concerns and issues are not resolved by the concerned authorities and business representatives dexterously.  Nowadays, customers have started minding even when the concerned business representatives do not receive a call on the very first occasion.  Herein, if you cannot deliver appropriate solutions to customers on the very first call, email, or text message, then you are definitely losing plenty of customers.  On the flipside, by ensuring excellent resolutions on the first call, you can easily convert even incensed customers into fabulous brand advocates.

Ensure proactive, multichannel support provisions:  It is so obvious that disgruntled or annoyed customers would not give you much time to think about before moving on with another brand of their choice.  Therefore, you, being a forward-looking business firm, shall have to ensure that you are approachable to those brands under every circumstance.  Herein, offering multichannel customer care services can help your brand extensively.  Additionally, you also have to comprehend that proactive support provisions are always major forces that your business firms can reckon with.  If you can help your incensed customers proactively through the channel of their choice, you are in the perfect position to convert them into brand advocates.

In short, these are the most trusted stratagems that can help you convert the majority of your incensed customers into the valuable brand advocates.

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