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How Do Chatbots Help In Delivering Exceptional Customer Service?

Posted by Rahul Garg

In this customer-oriented era, it is prominent for companies to do their best whether it is related to manufacturing reliable products or handling support requests. This is so because your business can prosper as long as the needs of customers are being handled properly.

Generally, SMEs give more preference to manufacturing attention-grabbing products in order to secure a smooth customer acquisition process. But the blunder they commit every so often is getting careless while handling customer service queries, thereby, problems like negative WOM (word-of-mouth), customer defection, etc. take place. Such issues are bound to happen because if you don’t solve customers’ queries appropriately, there is no point in expecting them to stay loyal to your brand. In simple words, business growth depends on how well the customer service department is being operated.

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With time, the significance of Chatbots has increased because they lend a hand in delivering impeccable customer service. How? We will get to that part later, first, let’s learn what actually they are.

What is a Chatbot?   

Chatbot, a computer program, uses artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation. It conducts a conversation by using textual or auditory methods. Here are some stats that will shed light on the prominence of Chatbots:

  • 57% of customers prefer to have a word with a chatbot owing to its immediacy.
  • 55% of customers prefer to interact with that brand which has chatbots to solve issues.
  • 27% of customers have said that chatbots offer great help while making a purchase decision.
  • 95% of customers believe that chatbots play a vital role during support interactions.        
  • 40% of customers don’t mind being assisted by chatbots. 

How do Chatbots uplift Customer Experience?


Chatbots never sleep

In this day and age, customers want brands to be available round-the-clock so that solutions to product-related issues can be availed at any time. Basically, customers don’t want time limitations when it comes to availing support service. Ignoring this factor simply means letting competitors get the upper hand.

However, providing quality solutions all day and night isn’t easy as you must have support agents working in 2 to 3 shifts. This will surely increase the overall cost of operating the customer service department, which consequently, affects the business’s bottom line significantly. This is where chatbots come into the picture as they easily offer customers immaculate solutions around-the-clock. Plus, chatbots ensure faster conclusions, which as a positive aftereffect, enhances CX levels and builds brand loyalty.

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According to the reports of Chatbots Magazine, businesses that use chatbots to handle support service requests save customer service operational costs by up to 30%. After being acquainted with this fact, it should be crystal clear that chatbots ensure the deliverance of phenomenal customer service experience without demanding a big chunk of money.

Chatbots slash waiting time

From the customers’ perspective, nothing is more annoying than waiting for satisfactory resolutions. Whenever customers initiate a support interaction, they want brands to offer a swift response and obliterate knotty issues in no time. In order to secure good brand recognition, living up to such expectations is paramount.

Usually, the average wait time snowballs during the busiest times of the day, which indirectly causes annoyance for customers. In the worst scenarios, irate customers drop the idea of availing solutions and leave the waiting queue. Indeed, this isn’t good for any business because there is a high possibility that customers switch to another brand after not getting help on time. That’s why it is imperative to slash the average wait time as much as possible.

Here, bringing chatbots into use could be a sagacious decision. Owing to set algorithms, chatbots give relevant answers in a concise manner while handling customers’ queries. Consequently, customer interactions get concluded quickly, which automatically brings the average wait time down.

Another impressive fact about chatbots is that they don’t make silly human errors, which again, results in the delivery of better customer service experience.

Chatbots are multilingual

Whenever customers initiate a support interaction, they often prefer to communicate in their native language as this makes them more comfortable while describing product-related issues. However, businesses often have English-speaking staff to handle customer service queries. Because of this, customers have to use their second language to communicate, which indirectly leads to unnecessary difficulty. As a negative consequence, this affects CX levels in a bad manner.

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Appointing multilingual customer service representatives doesn’t seem like a commendable move here as it could be very costly. At this juncture, the prominence of chatbots multiplies as they can communicate in the customers’ preferred language without demanding a huge investment of money. With the help of chatbot developers, it is very easy to add multiple languages to customer-facing chatbots.

When multilingual chatbots are there to assist, customer effort is likely to reduce, which, in turn, leads to better CX levels and a buttressed brand image.

All in all, chatbots could be the X-factor when it comes to catering to the needs of global customers.

Wrapping up:

In this customer-centric world, chatbots are instrumental as they lend a hand in providing seamless customer service experiences. Besides assisting customers in an effective manner, chatbots reduce agent turnover rate to a large extent by dwindling the average number of queries. And a strong relationship with loyal and deft support agents simply means smooth customer service operations. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the importance of chatbots isn’t going to reduce any time soon.

We hope that you haven’t faced any problem while going through the aforementioned pointers. However, if you feel that some other pointers could have been part of this write-up, please feel free to tell us in the comment section.

Thanks for considering our write-up worthy to read!!

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