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Do’s and Don’ts: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

It’s the matter of yesterday when my nephew of age 5 was grumbling just because he is being restricted to spend more time on the mobile phone.

The moment came to me as a shock because he was naming the fancy terms, propounded under the umbrella of the internet.

The advent of technology has made an easy go for smart hand-held devices to adults, teens, and kids, as well.

According to the recent blog of Google, Parents are buying smart mobile phones to their kids at an agile rate, in which the average age of kids falls around 9.5 years.

The pound of age is crucial, so does the innocence of childhood!

9.5year olds are having access to smartphones. (Source: Google)

If you are one of them who want to let their kids have hands-on all sorts of smart means, but want to have held on the ins and outs of your child’s activity.

This Safer Internet Day, know here how you can give safer internet experience to your kid…

Let’s dive in! 

Parents Concern for Safer Internet Experience:

You must have heard of famous staunch, the Internet is boon as well as a bane, it all depends on how you are shaping your life with it

Internet safety tips for everyone differs in a distinct way. It may vary on the ground of internet safety for parents themselves and their kids, as well.

Generally, the involvement of the internet in the lives of kids and teens is brought to set the exposure for them to have the access to the latest information of school course books, current affairs and connecting with friends and families.

According to NAIS, 88% of parents find the internet to the best of use when it is concerned to connect them with the piece of information, while 11% of parent doesn’t find a positive impact on the lives of their wards.

Amidst the benefits of the internet, the prime concern for the parent of a kid falls to protect them from falling to the pit of the dark side of the internet.

According to LSE, Possible consequences of online activities and ignorance of risks of the internet are high if safety measures for internet surfing not taken into consideration.

Bygone are the times when internet security i.e; the intrusion of a virus in the operating system is the only risk when we consider internet safety on social media, drives and computer systems.

Today, the parents are acknowledged with what’s going on in society and its adverse impact on the lives of their kids.

According to Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign, 4 out of 10 parents find themselves confident and comfortable to talk about online safety with their kids and family.

4/10 parents feel confident to talk about online safety with their kids. (Source: Google)

Also, the report suggests that Parents of 9.4 age believe in updating their kids with the concern of internet safety.

9.4 average age parent believes that kids should know about internet safety. (Source: Google)

Generally, internet safety is the call of every parent that adds the call of concern to them. Some of them are:

Parents concern for safer internet experience

  • Inappropriate content as per the age-group
  • Communication with strangers through social media
  • Cyberbullying by predators
  • Internet Security
  • Phishing through links and reward pop-ups








Parental Control–Safety Tips on the Internet for Kids:

Till the time all we know, the internet is no less than the Pandora box. The deep well encapsulates the set of both good and bad.

On an obvious note, the internet has a bunch of benefits if handled well.

But neglecting the safety measures concerned with your online presence may cost you big!

Therefore, it somehow becomes a mandatory task for the parents of today’s generation to have control on the ins and outs of their child’s screen.

Here is the list of few tips, that could help you out to save your kid from the predators present on digital belvedere.

#Tip 1– Keep a Close Eye on Online Activities: 

It may sound harsh, but it’s necessary!

In order to protect your child from the internet’s dark reality, you need to monitor their digital activities keenly.

Also, as a parent, it’s your duty to make your child understand the fact that what you put on the internet, stays there forever!

Therefore, keep a regular track on what website your ward is using and whom they are talking to or sharing information.

The monitoring of information further consists of checking the posts and details. Make sure, kids don’t use any personal information such as an address, age, etc. on any of the social media platforms.

If it does have any, delete right away!

Teach Your Child the Importance of Privacy, so as to gain safer internet experience.

#Tip 2– Explain the Importance of Stronger Password:

Teach your ward, the password is as important as the grades in the exam!


Also, explain the importance of password and how it helps to save your details from predators on the online platform.

It is further advisable to keep the password strong and change them on a regular basis.

The experts of the market believe that your password is of at least 8 characters, which should contain at least 1 number, 1 upper case character and 1 special character.

#Tip 3– Manage the Screen Time of Your Child:

Your child must be having a time-table for subjects to be taught in his school.

Similar to that, manage out the screen time spent by your child on the smartphones and smart devices.

Currently, there are ample of applications available on iOS and android play store, so as to manage the screen time for your internet use.

#Tip 4– Never Click Pop-Ups for Rewards:

Pop-ups, generally have the tendency to lure the person.

If it has the power to attract the adult, then obviously the child is the easiest target for skimmers.

Enlighten your ward’s mind to stay away from such lucrative reward notification, as they truly don’t hold any sort of authenticity.

Clicking on such pop-ups can land your child in a miserable situation, that can further make them the victim of explicit content, phishing scams, sexual harassment and many more…

#Tip 5– Motivate Your Kid to Discuss Problems:

In the age of digital promises, try to make an understanding relationship with your kid.

The understanding relationship helps in mending out the difference and hesitation of the generation gap.

Also, it motivates the kid to discuss out their issues with their parents rather than dealing with social anxiety, depression and social glitters.

Also, it’s the responsibility of teachers in schools to enlighten the safety tips on the internet for students and others, so as to motivate the kids to discuss out their problems with adults.

Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Safety for Kids:

Internet safety is one of the prime concerns when it comes to managing the lifestyle of the kid, these days.

Here’s the list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to following the strategy of internet safety for kids:

Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Safety for Kids



  • Freeze screen time for odd surfing hours.
  • Never click on pop-ups.
  • Be cautious about what are you downloading from suspected websites.
  • Talk to your kid about internet safety.
  • Use reputed and trustworthy internet security software.
  • Keep the track of your child’s online activities
  • Don’t log in to someone else account without his permission.
  • Never allow your kid to meet the online friend in-person.
  • Don’t allow your kid to make the online purchase without any adult supervision.
  • Never share your personal information such as password, address to any person or website.
  • Never leave your account login in someone else’s PCs and mobile.

Global Initiatives for Safer Internet Experience:

Internet safety is the legit concern, warming up the global and social platform to aware more of the person regarding it.

11th February is celebrated as Safer Internet Day, worldwide. The prime motive behind the event is to raise awareness for the constant rise in issues pertaining to the use of the internet.

 On 11th February 2020, Insafe and Google have successfully held the campaigns to attract more of the youth generation, which can make them understood dos and don’ts on the internet.

Names like Insafe, Childnet, Google, UNICEF, YouTube’s kid section and many more are some of the platforms hoarding the board of awareness for safer internet experience to kids, teen and adults.

In Conclusion:

All we can conclude is keeping the track of the internet’s ins and outs in the life of your kid shapes-up the experience of the internet.

A click can change the profoundness of knowledge and information to haunting ordeals of internet realities.

Therefore, it is mandatory to measure the dos and don’ts, when considering internet safety for kids. 

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