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Customer Service Outsourcing – The Cost Efficient and Effective Way to Get Work Done

Posted by Priyanka Thakur

There comes a time in the career of every business owner where they face this dilemma whether to manage all business processes in-house or outsource some non-core, yet important functions to a third party vendor. More often than not, this question arises when a business is in its expansion phase. It is the time when business owners are busy formulating business strategies and focusing on core competencies. If during such busy time, they have the addition burden of managing phone calls then they will be left with little or no time focus on business expansion plans. The idea of hiring new people and training them to manage the increased inflow of calls regarding queries, requests, and business proposals among others is also futile. During expansion and growth, a business usually have limited budget to stick, so hiring new employees is not an appropriate decision in such scenario. Given the fact that no business can afford to miss customer or business phone calls, collaborating with third party vendors to avail telephone answering services is an excellent cost efficient solution to serve customers better.

For a business, irrespective of its size, its reputation in the market and brand image is the most treasured possession that it can have. For sustainable growth, it is a prerequisite that businesses pay heed to its customer services as there are numerous reports and surveys making round on internet that suggest after having bad customer experience, a customer will not only break his ties with the company and turn to its competitors, but will also tell his friends and acquaintance about his bad experience which can have a drastic impact on the business image. Not only this, irate customers leverage the social media platforms to vent out their frustration. Given the fact that any new customer would do a Google search or ask his acquaintance before buying a good or service offer by a business, bad customer experience and negative review on social media platforms can cost a business dearly. Instead of allowing this to happen, businesses can opt for customer service outsourcing and hire professionals to deliver impeccable customer service and build a strong and reputable brand image in the market. More often than not, these outsourced service providers employ qualified and experienced employees, who are further trained to offer impeccable customer support service. Customer experience and satisfaction levels are directly proportional to the quality of customer support and how promptly a call is answered.

When it comes to offering customer care and support service, an increasing number of businesses are availing BPO services like telephone answering service, which ensure that a call get answered every single time the phone rings. To meet the increasing demand of businesses, there has been a surge in the number of service provider that offer answering service and other customer care and support services to streamline and efficiently manage the non-core business functions. 

Below are some of the ways customer service outsourcing can help business improve work efficiently and improve its bottom line by ensuring better customer experience:

1.      Let you connect with your callers

While a business is in its expansion phase, it cannot expand its budget to hire an employee or two to specially take care of incoming calls. However, a business can always opt for customer service outsourcing and avail phone answering services to ensure its callers that it is always there for them.

2.      Integrated services let you manage entire business function

An increasing number of service providers are offering integrated telephone answering services that not only answer phone calls, do appointment setting, but also offer wide range of inbound customer care and support service. An integrated offering ensures that businesses can have an entire team of dedicated experts to manage and control their entire customer care and support function over multiple communication channels and that too at a slightly increased cost.

3.      24/7 availability

Customer service outsourcing ensures that a business remains open 24/7, at least for its callers. No business can control customer behavior or predict when he will be calling in. So, it has to prepare itself for customer calls 24/7. Nothing frustrates a customer as much as when his phone gets unanswered or reaches voice- mail. Availing 24/7 telephone answering service or integrated customer support service not only ensure that a customer call gets answered in the most proficient manner whenever he calls, but also gives a professional look to a business.

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