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Six Unconventional Tips to Exceed Customer Delight on Each Touch point

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
customer care service

In customer service, every second counts! Be it the duration of time that your customer service executives interact with customers or the duration for which customers’ calls are put on hold, you have to ensure that all the functions associated with customer supports are streamlined in the most immaculate manner so as to delight your customers on each contact point. Although most businesses are adeptly achieving this strategic goal, yet some have to struggle a lot despite taking various crucial, conventional as well as innovative actions in this regard. Therefore, we have provided six unconventional tips in this blog so as to help you exceed customer delight on each touchpoint.

Avoid distractions for God sake:  This is the most important thing that your customer service executives have to ensure.  It is so true that most contact centers have employee-centric work culture, and they do not ban the usage of smartphones on work floors; however, they must know that it can hamper the efficiency as well as the productivity of their workforce.  Owing to friendly work environment, some agents do not focus entirely on customer service, and they check their notifications pretty regularly while performing some crucial customer service functions.  Contact centers have to put a tab on this trend if they want to deliver top-tier outsourced customer service.

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Focus on one thing at a time:  Contact centers executives are laden with a host of responsibilities that they have to perform with utmost care.  Some inbound customer service agents are supposed to take care of inbound sales as well, and this compels them to focus on sales and promotion while communicating with customers who are already annoyed with business offerings they are using.  You must not forget that if your customer care executives fail to deliver relevant solutions, then they would not be able to generate hot leads.  Therefore, you must ask your skilled executives top focus on one thing at a time.  

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Pay special attention to channel preference:  Channel preference is yet another crucial aspect that contact centers have to be really careful about.  Delivering appropriate solutions to customers would be of no use, if you fail to deliver that solution through the preferred channels.  Therefore, contact centers should realize its significance as soon as possible, and thy must ensure multichannel outsourced customer service in order to meet or exceed customer delight on multiple touchpoints.  This will further pave way for enriching, enthralling, and excellent customer service experience.  Hence, you can actually delight your customers by paying attention to their channel preference.

Follow up to check their understanding:  Most contact centers worldwide do not have the policy of following up with customers, and needless to mention that it can cost them lots of business.  On the other hand, some of them are quite careful in this regard, and they try to follow up with maximum number of customers in order to verify whether their issues, concerns, or qualms were efficiently handles by various skilled agents on numerous touchpoints.  There is no denying to the fact that it helps them immensely in not only delivering values to all the customers, but also in winning their long-term patronage.

Use efficiency boosting tools:  It is so unfortunate that most contact centers have this notion that customer service is all about personalized communication.  It is so true that without delivering personalized assistance and support you would not be able to meet customer delight; however, you must not forget that efficiency-boosting tools can help you in this regard immensely.  Once you are equipped with efficient tools and competent technologies, you are certainly prepared to handle and monitor outsourced customer service efficiently.  This would consequently help you delight your customers conveniently.

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Be accountable:  You should never forget that if you customer service executives do not ensure a high level of accountability to customers, then your business integrity is at stake.  In customer service, accountability is the most crucial aspect that can help you retain existing customers and rope in new ones in an efficient manner.  Therefore, you must teach your customer service experts to be accountable and reliable whenever they communicate with your valuable customers.  This would help you in not only winning their patronage and trust, but also in delighting them on each touchpoint.

In a few words

Contact centers should follow these tips to ensure customer-friendly outsourced customer service that can help them exceed customer delight on each touchpoint.

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