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High Time for Call Centers to Deliver Multi-Channel Customer Service Solutions

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
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The quality and efficiency of customer service can have an impactful influence on a company’s ability to retain, attract, or acquire customers. It is not a hidden fact that the prime role of inbound customer support service is to ensure perceptive communication with customers and help business reinforce their customer relationship management.  In today’s technology-driven era, wherein customers have plenty of options through which they can initiate communication with businesses or their representatives, it is quite necessary to ensure multi-channel inbound call center service solutions.

Therefore, SMEs, global giants, as well as blue-chip companies across the globe expect their call center partners to ensure an enriching experience to customers on every point of contact through every communication channel — telephone, fax, emails, online chats, and even social media platforms — that a customer or prospect might make use of.

A multi-channel communication system in an inbound call center can help the service provider offer highly efficient, customer-centric care and support services.  The convergence of multiple communication channels into one, centrally managed and administered platform can help inbound call centers achieve increased cost-efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved overall efficiency. More importantly, it will help you reduce the burden on voice-based support teams or call answering staff, and this will certainly ensure a better overall efficiency of customer service teams. By offering multi-channel, customer-centric call center inbound services for customers and prospects, you can certainly help clients build strong brand recognition and earn an enhanced reputation. 

The emergence of cutting-edge technologies and revolution in the field of communication sector has undeniably enabled businesses across domains to accomplish, manage and monitor numerous business-specific functions competently, more cost-efficiently. This has facilitated businesses as well as customers across the globe to initiate communication with each other as and when needs arise, through multiple communication channels.

One thing that businesses need to understand is you might ponder upon which would be the most appropriate communication medium through which you should connect with a particular customer or prospect, but you cannot expect the same level of professionalism from customers or consumers across the globe. Some customers from a specific socio-economic realm might prefer to connect with businesses through telephones, whereas urban crowd or millennials would most likely initiate a conversation through internet-based communication channels. In this light, nothing beats the significance of ensuring highly efficient, multichannel call center services. This will help you achieve enhanced customer delight, customer loyalty, and customer referrals in the most adept and professional manner.

Given below are the customer support services that you can efficiently accomplish by ensuring multi-channel communication solutions.

  • Query handling services
  • Information request services
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Order booking services
  • Email-based support services
  • Customer service management on social media platforms
  • Insurance claims processing services
  • Appointment scheduling services
  • Sales lead qualification and closure services
  • Social media feedback services
  • Instant messaging services
  • Product recall management services
  • Online customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer help desk services
  • Inbound sales services
  • Job dispatch services
  • Scheduling sales demos services
  • Rebate/claim processing services
  • Medical answering services
  • Subscription services
  • Even scheduling services
  • Live chat support services
  • Scientific management of customer data
  • Remote takeover services (for technical troubleshooting)

Strategic advantages of ensuring multichannel customer service solutions

Enriching customer engagement programs:  By facilitating a customer with various choices through which he/she can initiate communication with your brand, you certainly increase the chances of offering enriching experience on every point of contact.

Reduced operational and infrastructural costs:  It is for more cost-efficient to offer web-enabled call center inbound services or online support solutions to customers, whereas voice-based support services can compel you to make huge operational and infrastructural expenses.

Improved overall business efficiency and operational excellence:  By offering a multi-channel communication system to customers, you can reduce the burden on call handling teams, and this certainly helps you improve overall business efficiency and operational excellence.

Increased organizational flexibility and business agility:  Call center service providers can increase organizational flexibility and business agility by offering support services to customers through multiple communication channels.

Immaculate business continuity management system:  By facilitating your customers with various options to connect with your organization, you ensure an immaculate business continuity management system that can tackle any unforeseen business complication.

As an internet-based communication system and text messaging services ensure the dissemination of accurate and reliable business information, a large chunk of consumers is getting attracted to these communication channels to initiate conversations with organizations.  Therefore, it is quite necessary to ensure well-organized, efficient inbound call center service solutions through multiple communication channels.

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