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Keep Distance with the Upshot of Hiring Fake Employees

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
Keep Distance of Hiring Fake Employees

Are you aware of a harsh truth that your business organization is more unsafe than what you would have actually thought it to be? It might come to you as a shock that over the course of last few years, the business world has witnessed numerous discrepancy and fraudulent cases.  This has opened the eyes of various multinational organizations and business firms which were previously reluctant in getting their data examined and verified. Organizations have of late realized the significance of getting their data/information verified, and as a result, they have started availing information verification services from renowned vendors.

Data verification services are predominantly availed by businesses to ensure that the data furnished by their employees are free from discrepancies as well as reliable. This not only helps businesses in streamlining their recruitment procedures, but also in getting edge over their competitors. Presently, there are numerous service providers which render employment verification services to help businesses in comprehensive examination or verification of data related to their employees. These service providers have pool of efficient, professionally trained and skilled staffs. These professionals also make use of various verification software and tools to make their data verification or examination processes result-oriented as well as cost-effective.

Using these latest cutting-edge technologies and efficient software, the professionally trained staffs of service providers conduct exhaustive and methodical examination of business data so that all the errors or discrepancies can be identified efficiently. Once they identify any error/discrepancy in data furnished to a company by its employees, the service providers share the information with the organization. The organization can further take relevant steps to either get rid of the errors in data or to keep distance with the ones who shared wrong information.

Various reports and surveys have revealed a shocking fact that a massive chunk of job aspirants share fake or modified information with their employers with wrongful intentions. They do so primarily to get better remuneration and/or higher designation. Even if a firm keeps the salary factor aside, then also it would not be a prudent step to hire fake candidates to perform critical business functions.

In some cases, candidates share fake experience certificates and even furnish forged educational qualification details. Once these job aspirants somehow manage to clear the recruitment hurdles, they would be of no use to organizations. Inexperienced or unqualified employees would be nothing more than added liabilities. Some candidates even hide their criminal records from their employers, which might land the companies into legal consequences.

All these can have drastic impacts on the overall reputation as well as performance of an organization. Therefore, to keep those complications at bay, organizations prefer to get their employees’ data verified and examined beforehand. To ensure the same, they seek assistance from reliable, trusted, and efficient services providers. By availing information verification services, a company can conveniently ensure that its workforce is competent, reliable and efficient.

These service providers make sure that their verification procedures are methodical and comprehensive. Their staffs ensure organizations that every minute detail of a job aspirant goes though comprehensive verification processes. These staffs verify all the details and information of a job seeker regarding his/her previous employment. While examining the employment details shared by a job aspirant, service providers pay special attention to the following details:

1. Previous job(s) details

2. Tenure with previous employer(s)

3. Titles/positions held

4. Job responsibilities/duties

5. Reason for termination/separation/resignation

6. Salary and appraisal details

Besides verifying the employment details of job aspirants, the employment verification service providers also ensure organizations that the personal details and social records of their candidates are verified and confirmed. This helps the companies in getting detailed information, including present and permanent address as well as marital status of job aspirants. 

The service providers also verify the educational details, such as verifying the authenticity of certifications, degrees, and/or scorecards, of candidates.During the verification procedures, the service providers also pay special attention to social and/or criminal records of candidates.  Seeking assistance from these service providers can be beneficial for organizations, irrespective of their business nature. This also helps companies in minimizing the cost related to data management, integration, and maintenance. All these help organizations in streamlining their recruitment or hiring procedures. 

More importantly, by outsourcing these functions to reliable vendors, companies would also be able to share accountabilities with third parties. This helps companies in minimizing the probabilities of getting involved in legal corollaries.

In essence, to keep safe distance with the upshot of hiring fake or inefficient employees, organizations must collaborate with trusted third parties which offer unbeatable employment verification services.

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