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5 Things to Consider before Acquiring Pre-Employment Screening Services

Posted by Shiva Gaur
Employment Screening

Every company is in search of the right candidate to grow its business financially as well as competitively. There are several candidates who want to get enrolled in a company that satisfies their needs and career growth. However, finding the right candidate for your company is not only difficult but also time-consuming. That’s the reason, most companies who want to save their valuable time and do not want to indulge their extremely useful resources into hiring tasks, acquire employment screening services. These services not only focus on hiring the candidates but also makes sure that the company gets an employee who holds a reputable and trustworthy position in the past be it work experience, personal information or educational qualifications.

There are several call center services that provide pre-employment screening of the candidates who are willing to join the company and get selected. Though the screening abilities depends from employer to employer, you must know certain fundamentals of pre-employment services. In this post, we list five things to consider before availing such services. Take a look.

1. Treat Every Candidate Equally

The most important thing that every company needs to know before availing of the pre-employment services is that they should treat every candidate equally and must not include favoritism. Also do not discriminate against the candidates on the basis of color, religion, race, disability, sex, and national origin. It is not only illegal but also disables you to hire the eligible, quality and the right candidates for your company. Make sure that the screening process you avail is consistent and systematic for the people applying for the same.  Also, ensure that you make decisions on the basis of facts and evidence rather than the discrimination.

2. Inform The Applicant About the Screening

Whichever call center services you avail for the screening of the candidates, make sure that they inform the applicant before doing such checks. Disclosure of the background check is important to give to the applicants so that they are pre-informed about the process and they are ready to give you the authorization for the same. According to the law, the written and signed consent is required for a background check of the candidate. Therefore, make sure the employment services you avail initiate this step before conducting the screening of the candidates.

3. Provide a Copy Of BGC Report To The Candidate

All the pre-employment screening services must provide a copy of background check reports to the potential candidate in order to tell them the cause of rejection if in case they do not qualify the BGC. Tell them that their verification report contains adverse information that affects your hiring process and the decision. Also before doing a BGC, it’s important to educate them about the process and give them a copy of the letter advising the adverse action that could be taken against them if they do not find authentic information as mentioned in their CV.

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4. Federal Criminal Verification

There are various international call centers and the verification service providers who also conduct a background check particular whether the candidate they are going to appoint does not have any sort of federal criminal record. It is a crucial step in the entire hiring process as it informs you about the candidate’s involvement in any embezzlement, kidnapping, fraud, bank robbery, and so on. Conducting a federal search is the best way to find out the involvement of a candidate in any federal crime.

5. All BGC Reports Must Be Discarded

After when you have checked all the BGC reports thoroughly, you need to discard it. It is because it contains the entire information of the candidate which shouldn’t be spread anywhere not even mistakenly. The information mentioned in the reports must be destroyed securely so that it cannot be misused, read by someone else and reconstructed. These reports must either be destroyed, shredded or pulverized.

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Wrapping Up

In order to get a reputable pre-screening service, you need to know about the call centers who provide these facilities. In addition, you need to make sure that you avail of the services that include all the things mentioned in this post so that your pre-screening test proves to be successful and you get the right candidate for the same. To find out the best pre-screening services, all you need to do is research on the Internet and avail the best out of several.

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