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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security for Enterprises: Purpose & Security Stance

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma
Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

In the digital world, the medium to connect with anyone around the globe has become much easier than expected.

With ease to the speed of connectivity, the threat to exposure of data leakage has grown up over time.

Today, almost each business organizations have switched its move to cloud based services, where almost every data is on some another level of the virtual platform.

Therefore, it becomes a topmost priority for the business owner to look after their sense of ethical hacking and cyber security for enterprises.

In this article, we will know about advanced security steps that can create full-proof belvedere for enterprises in order to future ordeals.

What is Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security?

Ethical Hacking is an approach in which organizations do hire a hacker to test the reliability of their network, servers, files and possibility of vulnerabilities in the digital structure of an organization.

The ethical hacking for enterprises is usually carried by certified professionals known for their efforts in the domain against the test-proofing of malpractices related to firewall disturbance and unethical hacking moves.

Whereas, Cyber Security related yet distinct from ethical hacking is the measure taken by the organization to guard the files and network from malicious sources and attempts.

On the base ground, we can say that ethical hacker legitimately conducts the trails on the proficiency of cyber security held for the organization, commonly known as the practice of ethical hacking and cyber security for enterprises.

Evolution of Ethical Hacking for Enterprise Security:

Ethical Hacking, also known as White Hat Hacking has witnessed the number of revolutionary steps over the years.

The term Ethical Hacking was coined by John Patrick in the year 1995, which roots the history from the mid-’60s to’70s making the hacking term legal for regulating the scale of security in enterprises.

Also, ethical hacking has witnessed sudden upsurge after the ease of personnel computer in an individual’s hands.

In order to avoid the unavoidable circumstances of threat to network and servers, the business committees of the organization are dealing exclusively with better plans to test the security posture with ethical hacking for enterprise security.

Types of Unethical and Ethical Hacking for Enterprises:

Ethical hacking is the practice conducted by hackers hired by the organization to create proof-read for essential security wall.

Whereas, unethical hacking involves unauthentic mediums to have hands on someone’s personal and professional items, which is further derogatory for society.

Based on the method of acquiring the data, legally or illegally, the hacking practice is sub-divided in three parts:

  1. White Hat
  2. Grey Hat
  3. Black Hat

White Hat:

White hat is the most trusted part comes under the category of ethical hacking for enterprises security.

The hackers involved in propagating such activities are commonly known as ‘White Hacker’.

White hat hacking is arranged by the organizations to conduct screening and relevancy of the security level and postures.

To which, the hackers are paid for in the form of convertible currency or salary.

All sort of hacking propaganda here, drawn under the vision of the organization in order to protect the security essentials in a legal format.

Grey Hat:

Grey hat holds the partial record for right and wrong doings via hacking operations.

The grey hacker may disclose the output of hacked results as per his will and circumstances.

Grey hat hacking is an independent mode of hacking they may note one’s own purpose of cracking the information.

Black Hat:

Black hat hacking is often referred to as an illegal form of hacking activity that comes under the category of cybercrime.

Black hat hackers often come under the category of scanned and doubted IT actors.

These hacking acts are usually conducted with foul intentions to disrupt the functionality of an organization or network.

Purpose of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security for Enterprise Security:

Till the moment, we have gathered enough light on legitimateness of profession- ‘Ethical Hacker’.

But, have you ever wondered, what purpose does it serve?

Know in details, more about in given point discussed below:

Purpose of Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security for Enterprise Security

Finding loopholes in the IT security system of an enterprise.

Testing the levels of password encryption and unpatched software required for swift functioning of business chores.

Demonstrating the hacking attempts of third-party malicious attempts and unethical hacking trails.

Bolsters in preparing the strategy to handle the unavoidable circumstances of cyber attacks and breach to cyber security.

Tight-proof the levels of password encryption technique.

How Ethical Hacking for Enterprises Can Up the Level of Data Security? 

The organizations dealing with the requirement of high security in their business niche often require the practice of ethical hacking to promise the delivery of subsequent results. 

Following are the mentioned steps through which ethical hacking can help in increasing the security level of files and data.

Blocks the Way for Black Hat Hackers:

As discussed above, black hat hackers are named under the third list of hacking category.

Black hat hackers are usually known for their unethical and suspicious malicious activities with the attempt to harness the data of an organization, illegally.

Opting for ethical hacking and cyber security services, the organization can increase the diameter of security posture.

The ethical hackers are trained well enough to track the moves of possible hacking activity.

Therefore, the activity of ethical hacking for enterprise security bolsters in measuring the walls of security around your safety system of digital set-up.

Tight the Security with Password Encryption:

Passwords are the most valuable asset when it comes to secure the unauthorized logins in a digital account, either it’s for mobile phones, PC’s login id, licensed software or critical digital devices.

Therefore, it is prominent to understand the value of a password, if planning to explore the virtues of the digital business world.

Ethical hacking for enterprises ensures that there is almost negligible chance of intrusion by hacking the password for the device.

Also, ethical hacking and cyber security practice guarantee the failure of hacker attempt to get track of your important passwords.

Builds Strong Boundary Against Cyber Crime:

The moment you hear the word ‘cyber crime’, what can you picturize?... Maybe, some flashes of data loss, data thefts and so on…

That’s why most of the organizations now look upto the ethical hacker to prevent their business from becoming the victim of cyber attack and cyber crime.

Ethical hacking opens up the way to boost the definition of security by tracing the firewalls of server in each best way possible against the misuse and suspicious attempts to unscrupulous activities related to the cyber world.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

No doubt, profession as a hacker sounds good. But have you ever wondered or thought of courses you might require to hold the degree of ethical hacking and cyber crime expert.

Given below is the list of steps and courses that allows you to become elite ethical hacker:

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):

It is a type of neutral certification course falling under the body of EC-council.

The course bolsters in making the individual capable of the role of the penetration tester.

The course trains the trainee for countering the attacks of more than 270 types.

Candidate excited for undergoing course must have at least 2 years of experience in IT security and services.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM):

The certification is offered by the body named ISACA.

It validates the learning candidate with lessons on information security along with live experiences.

The certification asks for pre-requisite of experience in management under the program of information security and support.

GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC):

The certification is conducted under the body named Global Information Assurance Certification.

The learning candidate should possess a qualification in IT related security tasks.

Candidates are exposed to live demonstration of information security along with basic theoretical knowledge and concepts.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA):

The certification to interested candidates is offered by the non-profitable body named ISACA.

It aims to train the candidates to involve in the job of information security and services, assurance, governance and risk management services into the liable ethical hackers.

The certification lights the qualities in the candidate of skilled in IT and security services along with a complete range of conceptualized knowledge for future ‘ethical hacker’ jobs.

The certification calls for the pre-requisites of 5 years of experience in professional services related to IT security & services, control, auditing and screening.

In Conclusion:

Moving to attempt of ethical hacking for enterprises with the help of ethical hacker, working in the domain helps the business and organization to safeguard the essentials of business on the prime level.

Therefore, getting in contact with the ethical hacker is a favourable deal concerning over the matter of safety for firewalls, servers, networks, files along with crucial password encryption strategy.

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