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Why your Business needs a Cloud-Based Contact Center?

Posted by Prachi Priya

Contact centers and call centers, called synonyms for each other, generally run on old technologies even today. These old technologies cannot keep up with the expectations of customers and the requirements of various businesses in this fast-changing world. This is why the need for a cloud based call center is essential today.

Customer support is vital for every business and no company accepts any negligence to it. Contact centers or call centers, both work to provide enhanced customer support service while both differ slightly. Here we have the most frequently asked question on it:

Are contact centers and call centers the same?

When we talk about call center and contact center functions, this is the most sought after query. Well, both work for the same motive of customer support, but contact centers bring more services for customer service rather than a call center.

A modern cloud-based call center when compared to regular call centers, help to deliver better-enriched results to customers. This is why the necessity for APIs (application programming interface) included contact centers/call centers that have now increased.

Apart from that, the ways customers and businesses communicated with each other have now changed. To make sure that there is no issue in business-customer communication; companies build a cloud-based infrastructure or outsource services to contact centers that have new technologies at work. Earlier used methodologies for communication have now modernized with APIs.

If your business depends on regular systems like before, certain limitations will always bring pain. It is better to build up-to-date technology for your business or outsource customer support to a contact center that works on updated technologies.

Getting API service for the business, you can add new channels anytime as needed for business enhancement. Here we team up the ways APIs act as a business building power and help in delivering enriched customer support service.

Check out the major benefits of having a cloud-based contact center for the business:

Boosted customer experience

Customer service is supreme and is the need of the hour today! When customers find it easy to reach to the business service within time in case of any issue, it increases customer satisfaction.

This is the reason a cloud-based service is essential.

At times when customers want to place an order or have a query about the business product or service, they may try to connect through phone, in-app chat, or through any social media platform. All these platforms were earlier limited to just calls.

Customers at the time of problem want an easy to connect platform, with no waiting time to get results. However, if the customer is stuck, and receives delayed results, it may affect the business image negatively.

No company wants to leave a bad experience for its employees and that is why using APIs can bring satisfactory results. APIs help to gather customer data, and provide a tailored experience to customers whenever they require business service. This way boosting customer satisfaction becomes easy.

More communication channels

Communication plays a crucial role for businesses as an effective medium to communicate can help a business succeed more progressively.

When your business connects with a cloud based call center, there is no need to bring changes to overall business operations to include the use of texts or social messaging apps for communication. Rather, APIs used in cloud services help to add new networks to your prevailing contact center. This enhances business performance and benefits partners.

When a cloud-based model is present for customer support, it also helps in connecting the customer directly to the business service provider. Like in case of a web-based chat, the customer has the assistance to connect to the business agent directly without any issue, which was not possible earlier.

Global Reach

Cloud services help the business get global connectivity, which is difficult to attain otherwise with old models of call center services

As a cloud based call center connects with APIs, businesses get far-reaching connectivity, moreover, customer details are also available making processes simpler for the business. This frees organizations from the headache of contract negotiations over customer details from other service providers.

Having an up-to-date contact center at work, business reach customers strengthens and a more reliable and connective approach is available.

Helping the business reach extended boundaries is not possible by using old services. A cloud service connects each customer over a clouds based platform, making it easy for businesses to get along all customers whenever needed. 

Reliability enhances

With the use of APIs and an automated platform for business service, you increase the reliability of customers on the business.

Earlier call centers were all about dealing with customers over calls, by now with the use of APIs, customers can connect to the business service through various platforms and receive results to queries on time too, which enhances the trustworthiness of the business.

With a cloud- based call center, customer calls can reach over indefinite boundaries. Calls are routed to reduce abandonment and deliver enriched results to users. These factors increase reliability as customers receive on-time results making them loyal towards the business service.


Hearing all the perquisites that cloud based service offers, you must be skeptical over its cost! Well, if you are thinking the APIs must be very expensive to a contact center, you are wrong.

By having a cloud-based software, your business gets a multichannel contact center and that too in a defined budget. Most businesses confirmed that by switching their on-premise infrastructure to cloud based service, they received cost benefits.

Reporting and analytics

Contact centers are best at gathering insight about business customers. Earlier businesses connected with the customers but did not collect their data for improving functions later. However, today with a cloud based call center, it is easy to gather customer information and deliver results without any hassle.

Cloud based software provides appropriate call tracking and analytics tool that helps in measuring and tracking customer requirements and thus bringing enhanced customer satisfaction.

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