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Cloud Computing Services: Is this the new BPO Style?

Posted by Prachi Priya

Cloud computing is a model that helps businesses get a virtual platform for computational services. Cloud is a cost-effective model, which helps businesses save their operational expense over constructing new infrastructure and hiring a team of experts. Indulging the model will help call center India to bring excelling results in future!

Defining more simply, the cloud is the use of various business services over the internet where servers, software, databases, networking, storage, etc. take care of the business service.

It was termed as “Cloud” because; the service is the delivery of on-demand computing resources.

Moving on, today, after the revolution in business concepts, Cloud, and BPO are not just ideas but have turned to become a business reality.

Business process outsourcing that was earlier all about call center outsourcing, has turned to a better and expanded approach. Today outsourcing is not just limited to customer service but businesses also outsource their payroll, administrative tasks, legal services, IT, marketing, etc.

This is where the need for Cloud computing arise!

Since outsourcing earlier was all manual processes, but now, after the introduction of Cloud, automating tasks over a virtual cloud platform is possible.  Since cloud services save the business time and expenses and even keeps it safe from data threat, it is necessary to include the model in the business process.

Today all call centers have started integrating cloud into use and especially call center India mark its importance for the BPO industry. Companies now feel that their processes can reach customers easily with a cloud service, making the model a guardian angel for the outsourcing firms. 

Check out the ways Cloud computing affects business process outsourcing:

Enhanced flexibility and comfort to access

Since cloud services help to deliver computing services over the internet, it helps businesses get enhanced flexibility.

Companies just have to outsource their operations to a third party that uses cloud technology, and in return, it receives convenient and far more efficient services than ever.

Cloud makes the business requirements of the software, database, networking, storage, etc. available over a server, handled through an internet connection. This is the reason it is a comfortable platform connecting the audience over a virtual internet platform.

In addition, the cloud allows storing huge data over the internet, helping to keep the business confidential information safe. Earlier data centers were not able to provide such cost-effective and secure platforms to the users.

Saves cost

When a business has a cloud model at work, the outsourcing company do not have to worry over preparing infrastructure for business support. This feature helps businesses save capital expenses, by delivering accurate and on-time solutions.

IT experts manage the cloud servers from different parts of the world giving them the benefit to handle services from anywhere. A cloud model saves expenses over storing business data like in data centers and even helps by allowing managing all services available over an internet connection.

Accurate and quick

Cloud is a model that helps to deliver an accurate and quick response to customers. BPOs can leverage it by bringing a speedy response to the customers and monitoring the real-time updates of the business service over the internet.

BPOs also benefit from the cloud by keeping their data over a cloud-based platform that is far more safe and effective than a data center.

Business agility

When business process outsourcing uses traditional functions, it can act as a drawback by not allowing the new services to come in use.

However, with cloud, new efficient services are easily utilized where functions are managed seamlessly through automation. Helping to provide quick delivery to the market, the cloud makes the business functions agile.

Faster business expansion

BPOs can leverage Cloud models by helping their services expand to indefinite boundaries. Cloud computing promotes faster business expansion as it works through a virtual platform accessible to all.

Companies that have services based on cloud architecture, gain new models and save time to work too as all services are easily reachable, helping in faster business expansion. As the model is available over the internet, any business can connect anytime for any use.

This is the reason it helps BPOs avail new opportunities as per the market trend and become the new BPO style.

Lowers maintenance issues 

Business process outsourcing companies when performing their development operations in-house; have to keep a check on equipment and other resource repairs too.

This hassle is not an issue with cloud computing, as all the business operations are handled over a cloud-based platform accessed through the internet.

Cloud works on ‘pay-as-you-go’ where the expenses are very less as compared to traditional services that BPOs used earlier.

Additionally, a cloud-based model makes the updated services available at the doorstep reducing maintenance costs.

Increase in resource sharing

Call center India can boost its performance when it takes resource sharing seriously. Cloud services help a lot here as it provides increased ROI to the business process outsourcing company.

Cloud services provide free sharing of underutilized resources and BPO companies after building a cloud-based infrastructure, benefit these resources, which were unused earlier.

This makes resource sharing beneficial to companies, as they do not have to install new programs and configure lengthy settings for efficient services.

Enhanced collaboration

Nowadays cloud computing is been termed as the new BPO because it helps the employees share files and documents on the cloud.

When the businesses get a virtual platform where they can share business-related documents, the collaboration between the partners' increases. Moreover, business productivity enhances, as old methods of communication that were not useful are tarnished.

Additionally, superfluous replications of the same documents also diminish, as cloud service help the business save itself from any data threat concerns. The cloud server ensures that the potential partners have access to updated versions of the shared document and that their data is safe anytime.

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