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Tips To Deliver Personalized Customer Support Services

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
call center service providers in india

“Automation” is the new buzzword in the customer support services industry. Plenty of businesses are showing special inclination towards this new set of technology driven processes sans human intervention. Entrepreneurs worldwide are working towards automating their business functions, including marketing, customer service, and so on. Undeniably, automation helps organizations in accomplishing diverse mission-critical functions in an immaculate and cost-effective manner. However, one cannot ignore the fact that sometimes customers expect personalized attention, and automated customer support solutions do not do much in this regard. On one hand, automated customer support solutions can help organizations and customers immensely in saving their time, and on the other, personalized customer support service has its own significance.

Therefore, decision makers approach call centers in India with the hope of ensuring personalized support and assistance provisions. Organizations expect that contact centers in India can help them proactively in offering opportune, timely, and personalized customer support solutions.  However, most contact centers in the country have failed miserably in offering top-tier, personalized customer service experience.  Although these contact centers plan and execute their customer service functions in the most strategic manner, yet they are unable to match the expectations of customers on all the touchpoints.  Right from organizing strategic trainings, arranging ultra-modern infrastructure, purchasing efficient technologies to offering multichannel solutions, contact centers in India undertake every initiative that can help clients match or exceed customer expectations.  However, these contact centers unfortunately miss out on few basic points that can help them add personal touch to their customer service solutions.

Given below are some efficient tips that contact centers in India should follow to ensure personalized customer service experience.

Extend your gratitude:  Your customers give your brand business, and therefore, you must not miss any opportunity to extend your gratitude to your customers. It is no surprise that customers are blessed with numerous options to choose from, and they are totally free to associate with any brand they want to. Therefore, if your customers have chosen your brand to associate with, it becomes important to extend your gratitude. This gesture can induce value-centric element in your business offerings. Certainly, this will help call centers in India offer personalized customer service solutions.

Respect consumer preference during promotional campaigns:  No matter how lucrative your offers are, you should understand that if it does not match the preference of a particular customer, you have to respect his/her decision.  It has been observed that numerous contact center executives keep on elaborating upon products/services that customers do not like at all.  Not only this exposes your brand to reputational damages, but also hampers the quality of bond that your brand should share with every prospect.  Therefore, contact center executives must learn to respect consumer preference, and this will help them institute personalized bond with customers.  Importantly, being respectful towards consumer preference would help you win long-term customer loyalty.

Use names whenever you communicate with customers:  As soon as a customer service exchange initiates, it is more than important for contact center professionals to introduce themselves.  More importantly, they should also ask for customer’s name that can invite personalized communication.  Nowadays, customers appreciate when they are not referred by common salutations, like “sir” or “madam.”  Moreover, these common salutations are concerned outmoded, and they would not help you initiate an enriching or personalized conversation.  Therefore, when skilled agents of call centers in India will communicate with customers by using their names, it would surely help them add personal touch to their professional conversations.

Pay special attention to channel preference:  If you want to increase the likelihood of initiating meaningful conversations with customers, you have to pay attention to their channel preference.  It is necessary to render relevant guidance through the specific channel that any of your customers prefers.  Not only will it help you strategize your overall customer service initiatives as per expectations of your customers, but will also help you manage plenty of incoming requests, queries, qualms, and issues in the most adept and personalized manner.  More importantly, once you start paying attention to channel preference of your customers, it will increase the response rate of all the surveys focused upon evaluating the efficiency of your customer-centric support solutions.

In a nutshell, by following these guidelines, call centers in India can ensure personalized solutions to customers across multiple communication channels.

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