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How is AI redefining Call Centers in India?

Posted by Neha Dubey
How AI is redefining Call Centers in India

Though a lot has changed for Call Centers in India, the struggle for offering the best customer experience for businesses has existed for a long time. It is because the obsolete systems of yesterday cannot meet the increasing demands of customer service today. Therefore, you must ensure that the call center services you offer to your customer are technology-equipped and responsive to provide them the best customer service experience. 


With artificial intelligence (AI), the call center is becoming more efficient and able to resolve customer concerns and questions more smoothly, which is one of the best ways to retain customers and make new ones. 


In this article, we will discuss how Artificial Intelligence is redefining Call Center Outsourcing Services and helping them offer better customer satisfaction. 


How is AI reshaping the face of Call Centers in India? 

In this fast-paced world, nobody wants to stay behind in the competition. Gone are the days when customers used to wait for long periods to connect to customer support. Nowadays, with the incorporation of technologies, such as AI and chatbots, there is no looking back for Call Centers in India

 Call centers are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence for customer service, and using technology to reduce call center costs is nothing new. However, recent developments have turned AI's potential for call centers into a competitive advantage.


So, take a look at the 'HOW.'

Table of Contents

How is AI reshaping the face of Call Centers in India? 

12 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves Customer Experience


1. Fast response

2. Improved customer engagement 

3. Reduced research time 

4. Better Analysis

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction 

6. Flawless Coordination

7. Predictive Analytics 

8. Enhanced Personalization.

9. Intelligent Call Routing 

10. Data Analytics 

11. Training and Assessment

12. Round-The-Clock Customer Support        

12 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves Customer Experience

 Here is how AI improves the customer experience intelligently:  

1. Fast Response


The problem with traditional call centers is that both agents and callers dislike waiting, and the answers are often quite easy to find. Artificial intelligence can provide answers to regular and simple questions via live chat. Live chat is a great option for answering simple questions as it is available around the clock. The benefits of AI are that customers can ask questions at any time.


By enabling AI to answer simple and routinely-asked questions, the call center can reduce the volume of email support required, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.  

2. Improved Customer Engagement 


Traditionally, the success of call centers was measured by their ability to resolve customer concerns quickly and end conversations. However, in modern call centers in India, most conversations take place online, which has given them a new way to communicate with customers. 


AI has become an integral part of call centers in unique and innovative ways. One of these ways is by utilizing data from CRM solutions to empower agents with critical customer information. 


AI can help agents approach customers according to their needs with greater insight than ever before.

3. Reduced research time 


Often customer support agents spend most of their time researching answers to customer questions. It can negatively impact the contact center's ability to access and handle large volumes of customers as they will be busy providing customer support and handling other activities. It is the reason why it takes a long time for customers to speak to the agents. But integrating Artificial intelligence in your customer services can change that. 


AI helps store and recognize answers to frequently asked questions. Agents can use this information to retrieve answers from a list of frequently asked questions and insert them into tickets automatically. 

4. Better Analysis


When designing chatbots, one must ensure that they can understand the context if they are to be successful. Poorly built bots are useless for organizations and extremely frustrating for customers. Context is also crucial for placing the call with the right agent at the right time. 

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction 


Gone are the days when the quality of the product was the only factor customers considered. Today's customers look for a better customer experience. If a company fails to provide a better customer experience to its customers, its customers just forget about the company in no time. BUT, with AI integrated systems, call centers are able to provide the best customer experience to the clients.


AI opens up enormous opportunities for more advanced data analysis, which experts believe helps businesses better identify the needs of their customers. Call centers in India that use artificial intelligence can better anticipate customers' needs based on context, preferences, and prior queries and then deliver proactive alerts, relevant offers, or content based on that data. This, in turn, resulted in a better customer experience and increased customer loyalty.

6. Flawless Coordination

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are able to answer customer queries at any point in time without getting demotivated. Call centers with AI integrated systems can claim to provide round-the-clock services to their clients (which is the need of the hour). This, in turn, reduces the amount of time customer service representatives spend on tasks, allowing them to work on more complex tasks that require human intervention. It also expedites the resolution process by identifying and delivering solutions quickly.

Moreover, Bots are capable of providing precise solutions to specific problems. Assume the customer's conversations with the chatbot become too complicated. In that case, the interactions are routed to a human agent, who provides customers with timely solutions, resulting in a happy and satisfied customer.

7. Predictive Analytics 

One of the most important features of AI is predictive analytics. Predictive analytics refers to the process of making predictions using statistics, data mining, and modeling. Predictive analytics play a critical role when it comes to building a stronger brand, providing better customer service, and having increased revenue. 

AI can quickly analyze large amounts of data and use predictive analytics to generate real-time, actionable insights that guide the next interactions between a customer and a brand. It helps customer care representatives know when and how to interact with each customer and recommend customer-related products and services accordingly, making the customer experience more relevant and likely result in a sale.

8. Enhanced Personalization

More often than not, businesses think that automation takes away the aspect of "personal" touch completely. It is nothing but a myth. The truth is that AI actually helps businesses deliver more personalized content to each of their customers.

AI enables businesses to adjust content automatically and offers based on a visitor's previous browsing history and purchasing behavior. This, in turn, yields positive results to the company.

It's very simple to comprehend - With AI, you can tailor your campaigns and offers fitting to individual customers. This increases the likelihood that the content you provide is relevant to their interests — and, as a result, they indulge in buying (the act for which you put in a lot of effort).


9. Intelligent Call Routing 


AI-enabled call centers can use intelligent call routing to provide faster response times to customer inquiries. Intelligent call routing systems, for the most part, use self-learning algorithms to analyze the customer's personality type and previous call history. After analyzing real-time data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) determines the best path to customer resolution and delegates the query to chatbots or a live agent. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) considers a variety of factors such as the customer's personality, frequency, tonality, and the magnitude of the query before routing the caller to the customer support agent.

10. Data Analytics 

Customer service centers collect massive amounts of data every day. Artificial intelligence can simplify any amount of data and make it easier for humans to understand. It is nearly impossible to analyze such large amounts of data manually. 

On the other hand, AI not only analyzes, categorizes, and manages the data but also provides reliable insights in real-time using Machine Learning (ML). All of this results in significant cost, time, and resource savings. 

11. Training and Assessment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to systematically record customer support conversations and have them transcribed in an easy-to-read format. Call center supervisors can use the same recordings to evaluate and train their call center agents. They can quickly examine customer interactions, understand key details, identify flaws, and train their agents accordingly.

12. Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Customers today expect to be served 24x7, 365. They expect their favorite brands to be available and responsive all year. Businesses that do not understand this fundamental concept risk losing potential customers.

AI-enabled call centers are capable of providing 24x7 support to their customers. It enables businesses to deliver consistent customer support and resolve issues as they arise. This simply means that your customers can have their questions answered round the clock without having to wait for a response. A good customer support system ensures 100% customer satisfaction, ultimately improving brand image and driving greater customer loyalty.

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The Bottom Line

So these are the 12 ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining call centers in India. If you're still not sure of implementing AI-powered programs, you're sure to drive off all your potential customers to your competitors. Because they already have AI integrated systems that help them have more clients.

AI has the potential to influence how businesses interact with and assist customers. So, if you want to improve your customer service, it's definitely worth giving a thought to call center outsourcing. 

Whether you wish to speed up your response times or identify customer issues, you can get ahead of the curve with AI! To outsource the best call center services in India, you can also contact our experts at

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