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Is India Still a Good Option for Call Center Services?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Several organizations dealing with customers at the front end require additional support to draft the results in the favor of their business. Here, in most cases, the support revolves around offering human support to communicate with customers and handle their queries.

Hence, to ease the efforts, organizations are seen outsourcing their call center services to countries like India, US, Philippines. These countries have known expertise in fetching positive results and enhancing customer satisfaction.

With turns of events, India had successfully claimed the tag of outsourcing hub and proved its worth. But several reports are raising speculations over its capabilities that, ‘Is India still a good option for call center services?’

The roadmap of call centers in India: History and Achievements

Call center in India has a rich history of providing outsourcing services to their clients.

The ability to reach the targeted customer, and eliminating the barrier of language and boundary restriction has made the nation stand out of competition.

In the early years of development, the firm owners mostly from the US and European countries began to take offshore call center services from India, preferably due to cost-saving and Indian’s stamina to deliver results in a very short span. The regular practice successfully led to boost the capacity of BPO space in the country.

India’s capabilities to attract the youth and college graduates for the call center executive’s job projected the call center industry on a global level, which significantly pushes the outsourcing market in the country to another level.

Currently, call centers in India are having 5 lakhs+ executives, ready to serve the one’s purpose. Also, India is awarded with NASSCOM’s certificate that states the power to rank as an outsourcing hub amidst top countries providing call center services.

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Why is the call center in India speculated to shrink in comparison to other countries?

With the latest infusion of technology, market buyers from around the globe are constantly debating over choosing India as their call center outsourcing destination.

The period of call center development in India continued for many years. But the reflex of modernization and way of conducting a business makes the business owners reconsider their decision to have call center services from India.

The rising speculation and shrinkage in the call center are getting powered due to the following reasons-

●    Shifting Technology:

In the current scenario, the business requirements are switching from manual mediums to automation.

As a result, it accounts for the fall in requirement of human efforts, as the organizations are somehow more interested in getting the process done at a faster pace rather than getting back to slow or no solutions at all from the professional to have a solution.

●    Accent:

The Indian accent spoken by the call center executives somehow holds back the interest of business owners.

With 25+ years of service in the call center domain, India has always been the priority for outsourcing. But the several known circumstances conclude that certain words/phrases used by Indian call center executives differ from the executives of the Philippines and China. Also, the accent used by call centers in the Philippines and other countries is more acceptable by the US and European audience in comparison to the call centers in India.

The factor of accent difference is continuously declining the interest of companies for outsourcing their call center services in India.

●    Government Intervention:

India being a vast country is the land of diversity, where the rules and regulations for conducting business change with the boundary of district and state.

Here in India, organizations need to submit a number of compliance documents to get themselves started with outsourcing services to US countries, which is a really tedious and long process. Whereas, getting started with the services in South-East Asia countries is much more convenient as it requires a single piece of documentation.

Hence, the companies are looking back to other countries for an easy process and earn profits without investing too much effort.

3 reasons for still investing in an Indian call center

Irrespective of the decline in voice and non-voice call center process demand in India due to its significant factors, the call center outsourcing companies are still earning big.

The question is, How?

Although the factor for visible shrinkage is tough, still several available reasons are contributing to business development with its whole different set of benefits.

The results fetched through the invested efforts are colossal.  The influence of call centers in India can be understood by constant growth in its revenue which is expected to grow 14.67%  CAGR by the year 2026.

Several available reasons still contribute to and encourage the targeted audience for taking call center services from India. A few of them are listed below-

●    Majority of Graduate Workforce

India is having a population of 1.2 Billion+. Each year lakhs of young minds graduate from the universities and actively look for the job.

The call center jobs are always welcoming options for these graduates.

Due to the enthusiasm and urge to learn more, graduate executives hold the power to enhance the expected outcomes of the client’s business by communicating and offering optimal resolution to their customers over the preferred communication.

The majority and availability of talented minds make India still a suitable option for call centers.

●    On take on Currency Difference

When clients from the US tend to look for call center services, the major aspect they ask for is appreciable returns on the invested amount.

The currency difference between India and other Southeast Asia plays a major role in making India a suitable option.

Let’s understand the whole circumstance with an instance, suppose a US-based company is interested in investing $100 (USD) on workforce/ executives.

Here the currency difference plays a dominant role, as the outsourcing company from the Philippines is capable of offering 20 seats for $100, whereas, outsourcing company from India like Go4Customer is competent to offer 30 seats in the same amount (i.e, $100).

Hence, the capacity to offer more in less price in relation to currency difference is making India a hot choice amid the customer-centric business owners.

●    Digital India Initiative by the Government

In recent years of development, the Government of India has taken several initiatives in regards to promoting the concept of digitalization under the ‘Digital India Campaign’.

The outsourcing organizations are actively collaborating with the initiative to get exceptional clients from all around the world. 

The Government is taking every possible step to bring the interest of investors and keep claiming the tag of outsourcing hub.

The Bottom Line

Although India is facing several factors which are significantly leading to shrinkage of the outsourcing market, the appealing offerings and dedications of Indian executives is setting them apart. The call centers in India are effectively providing 24*7 customer support service, which goes hand in hand with time difference to support the client’s customers, even at the odd hours of the clock.

At present, India is having a remarkable presence for offering eminent services on a countable budget. The offerings and facilities provided by call centers in India stand out from the line even after facing numerous challenges, all due to its years of experience in the domain.

If you are also looking to have services from the Indian call center, Go4Customer provides the best services among all.

Comment down your set of queries to get instant solutions on call center services!

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