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What is Wrap Time?

Wrap time, also known as "wrapping-up time" or "wrap-up time," is the time spent by a contact center adviser after an interaction has finished doing after-call work (ACW).

When the adviser is still working on the customer's query, wrap time is still considered part of the engagement even after the discussion is finished and the client is no longer participating. As a result, the Average Handling Time includes it.

In their ACW time, advisors will record contact reasons and outcomes, schedule follow-ups and similar activities, and alert other team members.

How Wrap Time is Essential for the Call Center?

Wrap time is the most important factor in the call center. This is because it helps to identify the particular time of interaction that is customer-facing.

Separate wrap time indicates the customer's time investment, whereas AHT represents your entire time commitment.

Wrap time is a measure that many contact centers strive to lower overall AHT without negatively impacting the customer's experience since the consumer is not engaged.

We can better maximize our service level by lowering AHT, but we must be cautious in how we do so, especially with wrap time.

How to Calculate Wrap Up Time?

You can calculate the wrap time by using the following formula. So, have a look at them!

Wrap Up Time = Total Wrap Time / Number of Calls

Ways to Minimize Wrap Time

Well, here we mention the top 5 safe ways that help you to reduce wrap time with a positive impact on the advisor experience. Have a look at them!

Improve Your Computer's Performance:

Sometimes, a slow computer system causes a long wrap-up time. Whereas current CRM systems update call records automatically based on keywords, which may help to reduce the time spent wrapping up.

In addition to reducing wrap times, improving our call center infrastructure may benefit us in other ways. 

Complete ACW During the Interaction:

To preserve call quality, advisors can be trained to do some of their wrap-up work while still on the phone, such as if customers are looking for something.

Although we won't be able to finish all of our ACW until the end of the conversation, we may enter the customer's reason for calling into the CRM system right away.

Educate Advisors About the Use Abbreviations:

What can we do outside of work to increase the speed with which we deliver messages? We use abbreviations.

Who hasn't typed "lol" in place of "laugh"? "OMG" instead of "Oh my God"? Instead of "by the way," how about "BTW"? It helps us to go right to the point.

So, let's implement this concept and use appropriate acronyms in our ACW to save wrap time at the contact center.

Stop Misusing the Wrap Time:

To save time on the phone, some counselors use several methods. We've all seen advisers take tactical toilet breaks, round up breaks, or linger on a call when the consumer doesn't hang up.

Wrap time can be used in two of the most common deceptive adviser strategies.

Look at Technology to Automate ACW:

Enabling robotic process automation (RPA) into CRM will help to reduce wrap time. This is because it fills required data automatically in customer data or call records.

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