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Hire outbound call center agents for a better and more professional site at pocket-friendly call center pricing! With Go4Customer, get dedicated experts and utilize them for their full-fledged expertise in order to improve your relationships with your customers and clients. Hire us for Call center outsourcing services!

Let us help you with thecall center services pricing

While a lot of questions may arise about the call center servicescosts, let the experts help you with the correct call center pricing quotes.

Being the single most important factor in the wholesome process of hiring and growing with an outsourced call center- other things which are involved in call center pricing are- skill levels, types of work, location, and application duration.

Call Centers Available With Us!

The services you require will determine which type of call center is appropriate for you. This will also assist you in calculating the price of outsourcing as well as other details.

Depending on the sort of service, each call center will require different types of tools as well as varying levels of experience.

Inbound and outbound call centers

Inbound and outbound call centers

Inbound and outbound call centers are the two basic types of call centers. These can be run from an in-house call center, an outsourced call center, or even a virtual call center, where agents work from home or from multiple locations and answer calls via the cloud.


Outsourced call centers in India are frequently less expensive than in-house call centers. These call centers manage inbound and outbound calls from current and future customers.

Customer-initiated calls are received by inbound call centers. Inbound call centers are commonly used by businesses to provide technical assistance, handle product or service inquiries, manage client accounts, address complaints, and even execute orders. Inbound agents have more training and are better equipped to provide support and answer questions to the best of their abilities.

call centers in India
Outbound Call Centers

Outbound Call Centers

Outbound Call Centers are typically used to make sales calls to potential customers in order to sell them goods or services. Outbound call centers are used for a variety of purposes, including updating and verifying database information, telemarketing, and lead creation, conducting surveys, following up with clients, and providing crucial additional information.

Call centers are frequently used to handle both inbound and outbound calls. The ratio of incoming to outgoing calls determines the type of call center.

Call Center Pricing: The Services We Offer

Go4Customer, outbound call center service provider that is performance-driven and highly rated all around the world. We become a genuinely revolutionary force behind corporate advancement when we are surrounded by:

  • Industry talent
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Trained resources.

Customer Surveys- Customers' needs evolve over time, and businesses must conduct surveys on a regular basis to keep track of these shifts and better understand their wants. This can be accomplished by making outbound calls to your existing client database. Go4customer's customer survey service gives you valuable insights into your customers' thoughts and activities.

To grow sales and keep customers informed To grow sales and keep customers informed about new goods, programs, and services, Go4customer employs proven outbound calling strategies to promote products and provide sales pitches.

Lead Generating- With ourlead generation services,we assist in the development of trust between your company and potential customers. We handle every step of the process, from the initial contact to converting leads into genuine clients or customers.

Scheduling appointments is an important aspect of your company's growth. A third party can contact prospects and persuade them to visit your organization while your sales team is working on conversions and presentations. Throughout the sales process, our outbound call agent discovers and schedules meetings with potential customers.

You can utilize Go4customer Outbound Call Center Services to keep your most valued customers, lowering the chances of them leaving. This can be accomplished through involving clients in surveys, providing timely feedback, and improving the client experience wherever possible.

Call Center Outsourcing Estimated Cost in the Year 2022-23

As a full-fledged organization, we ensure expert services that will help you drive ahead of all your competitors at once! Without affordable pricing, you get a chance to hold on to a team of professionals who would understand your step-wise requirement and ensure an accurate set of call center quotes.

Call Center Outsourcing Estimated Cost in the Year 2021-22

Number of employees General Set-up Price in US (Per Hour) Price When Outsourced to Go4Customer (Per Hour)
10 $220-$280 $60-$80
20 $440-$460 $120-$160
30 $660-$840 $180-$240
40 $880-$1120 $240-$320
50 $1100-$1400 $300-$400
60 $1320-$1680 $360-$480
70 $1540-$1960 $420-$560
80 $1760-$2240 $480-$640
90 $1980-$2520 $540-$720
100 $2200-$2800 $600-$800
Save Upto % 72.72%

Call Center Outsourcing FAQs

Why Go4customer Call Center Outsourcing India Is Exactly What You Need!

  • 24X7 Monitoring and Service

    24X7 Monitoring and Service

  • Increase in profits

    Increase in profits

  • Boost in the level of trust

    Boost in the level of trust

  • Best in class rating

    Best in class rating

  • Enhanced brand image

    Enhanced brand image

  • Attract the best customers

    Attract the best customers

Next-gen Call Center Outsourcing at your disposal

We make call center outsourcing a viable choice for businesses to achieve growth. We deliver best call center services by maintaining high training standards, integrating AI and data driven technology and offering 360° customer support. With us, you invest in customer relations built on trust and exceptional experience.