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What is Information Management System?

Information Management System (IMS) does not have a standard and widely accepted definition. However, it is commonly applied to any system of software that is designed to assist the storage, organization and retrieval of information. The information includes, but not restricted to, text, numerical information, sound files, images and videos. Industries like hotel industry, healthcare industries and call centers in India use DBMS to manage their customers’ information.

IMS was also the name of IBM’s database and transaction management system that was first introduced in the year 1968.  This system not only supported NASA’s Apollo space, it was also the predecessor of IBM’s foremost categorized database management system (DBMS). Since its introduction, IMS has undergone many changes and has adapted new programming tools and environments.

There are two major components of IMS:

·       IMS Database Management System (IMS DB) 

·       IMS Transaction Management System (IMS TM)

In IMS DB, data is placed and arranged into hierarchy. Such data bases use segments as the basic structure of its hierarchical model. The segment at the top of the hierarchy is called root segment. Sections of a specific segment are called child segments. The data stored in every level is dependent on the data organized in its higher level. The data is stored in such manner that its integrity is ensured and the storage and retrieval process is improved.

IMS TM controls input and output and processing of transactions. It offers services like formatting, logging and recovery of messages. IMS TM maintains communications security and manages scheduling and execution of programs. It uses a messaging technique mechanism for queuing requests.

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