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Cognize the Best B2B Appointment Setting Strategies

Posted by Shashvat

Like everything spectacular needs a stalwart foundation for back up, in the same context, every business requires an A-Okay sales team that could bring encouraging conversions to the table. In today’s world, when wavering technology trends and fluctuating customer preferences are making the competition in the market ferocious, your sales team plays a stellar role in bringing your company ahead of the rivals.

A lot of investment is done by big organizations to hire enthusiastic, energetic, and skilled sales professionals, which makes perfect sense. However, sales, in itself, is a broader term that not just starts and ends with the conversion. There are a series of steps that happen before and after the sales deal.

So, how do you think the sales team make the conversion? What is the first step? Want to know the appointment setting best practices?

It would be meeting with a potential customer. What if a business doesn’t have any preparation for its appointment setting division? Do you think will the proficient and spirited sales team will be of any use? Absolutely not.  

The Essentiality of an Appointment Setting Process

With the global business spectrum now remodeling itself into a much-sophisticated structure, there is a horde among brands to accomplish corporate excellence. Betwixt all this, outsourcing is empowering businesses to pave crisp ways to raise their performance without spending a whopping sum.

For instance, many business owners have been facing the issue of dearth of appointments for their sales staff. Organizations that were big, found a way to hire extra professionals. But SMBs resorted to the path of outsourcing. These companies contacted the specialized service providers that are known to streamline the entire appointment setting process phenomenally. Result? Rising profit margins and better efficiency.

Such is the prominence of these organizations that even the big enterprises are choosing to contact the call center outsourcing vendors.

So how do these telemarketing appointment setting companies offer such prolific results? What are their secrets?

This is a shout-out to businesses of all sizes to learn the finest appointment setting techniques that could upsurge their ROI. Let’s raise the curtain and contemplate the best way to set appointments for a business’s sales team.

Sans Peril Tips for Scheduling Appointments

You may feel that the appointment setting process is not as arduous as it is being projected. Yes, you are right! In fact, if you follow a few appointment setting strategies without fail, your sales team would never fell short of prospect meetings and you would never feel the need to read this sort of write-ups again.

However, if you are going to oversee this particular business function, your company’s sales figure might take a hit. Want to know the appointment setting best practices?

Let’s quickly take a look at these spectacular tips that would transform the way appointments are set for your sales workforce:


For an appointment setting team (doesn’t matter if in-house or outsourced), the foremost step is to fix a meeting with the prospect. Now, if you are in a B2B business, your point-of-focus will be to meet and convince the professionals who are in a position to take decisions and approve the purchase. These are mostly C-suite professionals or senior management personnel. So, direct your workforce to tap the C-suite executives in your target company. Although the appointment setting process typically starts with agents contacting the ‘gatekeepers’ (term used for front-door executives), the ultimate objective is to get the appointment fixed with a senior decision maker of the company. So, be sharp, and hunt for the big cats.

Think wide

This is 2019. The entire hierarchical structure of the business sector has been in the process of remodeling.  So, it is highly possible that the company you are targeting has more than one decision makers. Widen your search perimeter and look for other personnel who can make decisions in the organization. Telemarketing appointment setting companies train their agents to look for alternative doors to ensure that the goal is achieved.

It ain’t easy

Getting an appointment in a B2B environment is quite a time-consuming task. It is observed that agents get a single opportunity to pitch a meeting by trying 10-15 times crosswise 2-5 potential customers. This displays how tough it is to score an opportunity in the B2B market. So, train your agents to have a first-string patience and perseverance level. An appointment setting agent has to be clear in mind that ‘this is going to take time’.

Stay on what you want

As the process takes time, your agents should be wise enough to remain focused on their primary objective; to set an appointment. If the appointment setting agent starts promoting the product/service, the entire purpose will be defeated. Even if the client wants to know about the offering before the meeting, the correct strategy would be to politely tell the prospect to set an appointment as our expert will be there to explain everything from tip-to-toe.

Try with a phone call first!

As a professional trying to reach out to another professional, asking to have a face-to-face meeting on the first instance is not a wise idea. In 99% of cases, the answer will be no. This is comprehensible.

No one is likely to agree on meeting just like that. Meeting demands atleast an appropriate level of commitment. So, a nimbler approach would be to schedule a call on an appropriate time that suits your prospect. This is a good way to start building a considerable amount of trust that leads to appointment setting.

Make your own way

One of the best appointment setting techniques is ‘improvisation’. You have to be prepared as the B2B appointment setting process is full of bottlenecks. The road to winning an appointment would be filled with rejections in massive numbers. An appointment setting agent should be ready to contrive in accordance with the roadblocks. The script should include 4-5 responses to the instant rejections. This way the success rate of the appointment setting agent would shoot up.

Forward is the only way upward

Appointment setting task is as tough as it is important to a business. So, the professionals performing this operation should be aware that 1 out of every 4 scheduled appointment results in prospects not showing up. This is quite painful for the agents. But the harder it is to achieve something, the sweeter is the taste of success. So, agents should never feel low, instead, try to get the re-appointment.

Omnichannel approach

Talking about appointment setting best practices, this one surely lands in the top 3. The conventional appointment setting is done through phones. However, in today’s technologically empowered environment, there are other mediums to reach out to prospects. Other channels that could be utilized to interact with potential customers are email, live chat, SMS, etc.

Be very particular about the conversational mannerism with respect to the medium. For example, while sending the email, it is recommended that the content should come directly to the main objective. Also, leave contact details clearly. An ideal agent would ask the prospect’s preference in terms of day and time to be set for the meeting.


Low conversion, highly time-consuming, and full of challenges; that’s appointment setting. Now, you can try to run and maintain the division under your control by investing your time and energy into this tiring task or you can simply hire an eminent vendor and get back on your core competencies. Outsourcing offers the business owners like you to use your undivided attention only on the core tasks while the function like appointment setting is efficiently taken care by industry experts.

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