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Revolutionizing Business Operations with Business Process-as-a-Service Providers

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Revolutionizing Business Operations with Business Process-as-a-Service Providers

Business process as a service model offers companies the necessary resources for leading a specific business section operation. It also comes under the wings of business process outsourcing. When we speak of business process outsourcing (BPO), the first thing that captures our attention is call center services or customer support. Initially, BPO services were only limited to call center services, but now they provide a variety of services.

The Objective of Business Process as a Service Agencies

A typical business model can be subdivided into 3 types - complete takeover, managed captive, and build-operate-transfer. Depending on the requirements of client companies, the service can be rendered on a pay-per-use service model.

Business process as a service model encapsulates multiple levels of service delivery. The objective of any business process as a service agency is to optimize the costs, efficiency, scale, and compliance of a business process.

The business process as a service model is drawing the attention of various tech giants in the world as they are known to provide unmatched skillsets in their areas of expertise. They provide a guaranteed conviction of the results and help in achieving the goals faster.

Whenever a company tries to embark on a new business journey that it doesn’t fully understand, they seek BPaaS for assistance to ensure its success. SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, all are interconnected with BPaas, providing a comprehensive service package.

  • Business process as a service model is highly appraised in the market because it has helped many companies deal with dilemmatic issues related to shrinking budgets and project inadequacies.
  • The best part of BPaaS is that you can use it in a pay-per-use manner. You only need to pay for the resources you need and how much you need. Generally, BPaaS provides resources like people, processes, and technology.
  • Depending on your business objective, you can pick the necessary resources and use them as you see fit. At the same time, if you wish the agency to completely take over an entire business division, it can be done easily.
  • Conventionally, companies were usually in the position of managing the entire operation in-house. It consumed significant amounts of time and energy in recruiting and training new employees, finding the right technical experts, and administrating the operations.
  • Even after finding the right resources, companies were not able to achieve their objectives due to a lack of experience. That is when the emergence of BPaaS came into the picture. Any company that had ample experience and expertise in a certain field tried outsourcing their services and offered guaranteed results.
  • The client companies are able to reduce the cost of ownership of the new business operation, and at the same time, get on-demand service solutions that would suffice enough for achieving results.
  • At this date, a company can outsource literally all types of business operations. It all became possible with the advancement in technology. Our current ecosystem is becoming more digitally optimized these days.

Whenever you are trying to invest in a new business venture, you will across dozens of major competitors in the same field. To stay one step ahead of the curve, you will need significant amounts of knowledge and experience in that area. In order to keep your business competitive, you can simply take help from a BPaaS that offers top-notch expertise in that particular area of business.

Initially, people were a little oblivious about business process-as-a-service platforms as they thought it only service customer service. However, the limits of BPaaS as grown from mere call center BPO service to handling industrial operations, sales, HR, procurement, finance, accounting, and administrative operations. In fact, you can integrate your BPaaS-enabled business operations with IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS quite easily.

Benefits of Business Process as a Service Platform

The existence of BPaaS companies came into the market due to a dire necessity of many client companies wanting to have a competitive edge in a business area in which they are less aware. There are conspicuous and inconspicuous risks involved in all types of business. You can’t avert all the risks by yourself and at the same time, you can’t have the conviction of success with half-baked knowledge and inadequate experience.

The only way you can achieve success in a new business project or venture is by having strong expertise. You need reliable people that have strong expertise. The BPaaS can be availed at any point in time. They provide readily available on-demand service solutions in different areas of business. Depending on how deeply you want their assistance, you will need to pay. Let us understand the benefits in a more detailed manner.

The Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring a BPaaS can cost you significant amounts of money but it is totally worth it. The prolific results attained after hiring BPaaS will transcend the amount you have already spent. Besides, most of the BPaaS agencies provide services at a reasonable cost. The IT resources usually carry the most expenses, you will need to buy software/hardware packages, maintain them, and upgrade them from time to time.

BPaaS agencies are not just good but they are the best at managing IT resources as they have been handling their IT requirements since the beginning. Therefore, they know exactly how many resources would they need to run particular business operations. Once you hire a BPaaS company, you will only need to worry about the upfront price and ongoing expenses that would arrive during the upscaling process.

Improved Work Efficiency

Legacy business operations such as HR, finance, accounting, procurement, administration, customer support, and basic IT are intrinsic business operations. These operations are run on set protocols and their efficiency depends on the people’s skillset. The BPaaS has already manifested absolute success in legacy business operations. As time flew, we became more efficient with advanced technologies and so did BPaaS.

The BPaaS now offers a better and more comprehensive package for all types of business operations from tip to toe. Since it provides more agile and flexible resource packages, companies are able to uplift their business in terms of mobility, analytics, and automation. By accessing the resources offered by BPaaS, your business becomes market-ready, otherwise, you would have spent months just to get good traction with your new project.

Undivided Attention Towards Core Business Activities

Once you embark on a new business journey, it could be a small project or a long-term business objective. You are not entirely sure how much success you are going to get in that special venture. The most crucial question will be, how much time and energy you will need to dedicate to that project? Conversely, you can’t compromise with your core business activities too. You may slowly lose performance in your inherent business objective.

BPaaS allows you to hit two birds with one stone. You only need to establish your project objective and ideation with the BPaaS agency and leave everything on their shoulders. You can achieve the same level of efficiency and success in your new business project as that of your existing business. Since the business operations and resource management would be done by BPaaS, you can dedicate your focus to marketing and expansion of business.

Get Optimized Cloud-Enable Technology

BPaaS companies are equipped with robust cloud-enabled technology that gives them infinite access to IT resources like network bandwidth, storage space, server hardware, software packages, infrastructure, human resource, and various other computational equipment. So, they always have a bigger end of the stick. The moment they lay their hands on some project, they are confident enough to handle it as they have abundant resources.

Therefore, when integrating your business model with top-notch cloud-enabled resources, gives your business a great boost in efficiency and flexibility. All your business operations can be streamlined just like that. BPaaS companies are know-how experts that empower businesses with their superficial technical advantage. With BPaas you can strengthen your business with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology at minimum cost.

Access to Skilled Workforce

When you are dealing with BPaaS, you can get access to industries most relevant and skilled experts. Conversely, if you have been running a project in-house, you will be either be doing stuff with in-house experts. In-house experts in most cases are unable to match the expectations of the new business project.

Outsourcing a capable expert would be quite expensive for you. However, when you get access to the BPaaS agency, you will get access to a whole pool of diversified experts readily available at your disposal.

Currently, the BPaaiS industry specializes in different sectors like HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and IT. They will provide your business project with the necessary boost, enough for achieving success at a much faster rate.


The moment you step out of your natural business environment, your business will come across infinite risks, and in order to mitigate those risks, it is best if you align your business with a third-party business process as a service provider.

By joining forces with BPaaS, you will get extensive support from a diversified pool of top-notch experts having in-depth industry knowledge. This way the chances of success can be ascertained.

Of course, hiring a BPaaS would cost you capital but it would be completely worthwhile in the long run. In our current business ecosystem, you can outsource literally all types of business operations at affordable rates.

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