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WhatsApp for Business - Ways to Leverage it Optimally

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Ways to Leverage it Optimally

Communication platforms have allowed us to convey messages in various formats, making our communications more convenient than ever. Today, we will discuss one communication platform that has become ubiquitous among users all around the world - WhatsApp. Particularly, WhatsApp business that allows businesses to interact with their customers or clients seamlessly. Features are added every once in a while. 

WhatsApp Business was initially, just WhatsApp, people use it as a personal messaging app. WhatsApp Business is an extension of its previous version that allows users to make business-related conversations and transactions. Today, as we speak, there are many intuitive features being added to WhatsApp business to render all the possible requirements one might need to make business transactions seamlessly. 

As WhatsApp Business is becoming highly convenient, we are noticing a surge in the number of WhatsApp Outsourcing services in the market. Let us have a quick overview of the number of features available in WhatsApp for Business. 

1. Business Profiles: Using this feature, you can construct business profiles so you can navigate through different vendors and clients using their names, addresses, contact details, links to websites, and dedicated product or service descriptions. The features help customers to easily identify the business and make connections. 


2. Tools for Easy-Messaging: When it comes to business, you are required to send messages to various numbers of users at once, and most of the time their queries are the same. To handle that requirement seamlessly, WhatsApp business allows its users to send quick replies by keeping records of pre-written responses and templates for FAQs. Plus, automated greetings and away messages make it easier to send prompt responses. 


3. Labels and Organization: Labelling your business partners and client companies with appropriate tags helps people to make easy identifications. Plus, it improves customer inquiry management more efficiently. Labels help businesses to track orders and construct personalized messages, sales pitches, and responses based on specific needs.


4. WhatsApp Business API: This feature is designed for large-scale businesses. It allows them to integrate their existing systems with WhatsApp Business API. There are a couple of advanced automation and integration functionalities that allow you to process a large number of messages for entertaining more intricate customer requirements.


5. Broadcast Lists: WhatsApp for Business allows users to create a list for broadcasting. Large-scale broadcasting allows users to reach out to their customer base easily. There is an important note one needs to be aware of, these messages are meant for a one-way trip and not for conducting two-way conversations with individuals.


6. Business API: Many small-scale and large-scale businesses are benefitting from this intuitive and multi-functional app. Since this application is designed after keeping the business requirement in consideration, it renders a handful of features that are critical for business communications. The interface is simple and easy to use. Many businesses admit that WhatsApp business has made their communications far more convenient and faster. 



With simple and straightforward features, WhatsApp Business App is among the most widely chosen communication platform, not just for small-scale businesses but also for large-scale businesses. It helps you to engage with your customers and render support and assistance seamlessly. Experts of many outsource market research services suggest that WhatsApp’s popularity and familiarity have increased multifold in recent years. 

WhatsApp Marketing

If you are looking to remind your customers about special promotions, provide easily accessible customer service options, or enhance your visibility, WhatsApp is an excellent tool for accomplishing these goals. Moreover, with the introduction of WhatsApp Business, establishing positive customer relationships has become even simpler.

With WhatsApp Business, you can now offer personalized customer support using automated messages and chatbot-like functionalities. For instance, when launching a new product, WhatsApp can automatically dispatch the messages you have crafted to the specific customers you choose.


The process of selecting customers is akin to audience segmentation, which can be easily achieved within the app using a broadcast list. Furthermore, if you have a global audience or customer base, connecting with your international customers becomes both effortless and cost-effective, as WhatsApp does not impose charges for international communication.


This facilitates the strengthening of customer relationships across borders and enables prompt issue resolution. Our experts from Outsource Market Research services explain how you can utilize the tools available in WhatsApp Business to execute a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign; something that the esteemed WhatsApp Outsourcing services do. 


Creating WhatsApp Business Profile

Creating a WhatsApp Business account is a straightforward process, especially if you already have the app installed. In case you don't, simply visit your local mobile app store and search for "WhatsApp Business." Once you've installed the app, it will seamlessly connect your existing account to a Business profile.

Afterward, you'll be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions and provide a phone number. If you prefer not to use your personal number, you have the option to change it later in Settings. Once these steps are completed, you're all set! You can now customize and refine your Business account to give it a polished and professional appearance.

Furthermore, you can start exploring the various business-specific features at your disposal, such as contact labels and short links. These functions offer added functionality tailored to business needs, enabling you to organize your contacts effectively and utilize convenient short links for enhanced communication.


Familiarizing with WhatsApp Business App Settings

Let's discuss some of the features available in WhatsApp Business that will assist you in your business operations. Firstly, in the "Business Profile" section, which can be accessed by clicking on "Business Settings," you can provide your company's contact information, including email, address, and website link. 

This section is similar to Facebook or Google Business profiles and serves as a concise overview of your company.


Once your account is verified by WhatsApp, which involves ensuring the accuracy of the information provided during profile setup, your WhatsApp Business profile will be displayed. 


Additionally, you can utilize labels to categorize different sales functions, access messaging metrics (such as statistics regarding message sending, delivery, and read receipts), and create a catalog of products offered by your business. In the following section, we will delve deeper into how these features can benefit your marketing strategy.


Using WhatsApp for Business


There are several ways in which you can leverage WhatsApp for your business endeavors. Primarily, the app serves as a platform for communication and content sharing, forming the foundation for utilizing WhatsApp to your advantage. Additionally, if you wish to integrate WhatsApp Business into your own application or platform, you can explore the option of utilizing the WhatsApp Messaging API, which is specifically designed for developers. 


Having WhatsApp in your toolkit can prove to be a powerful asset, allowing you to enhance visibility, automate communication processes, and maintain an organized workflow. Moreover, since the app is free to use and manage, you don't need to allocate funds for acquiring new software. Now, let's delve into various other ways you can harness WhatsApp's potential to benefit your company.


Improving Business Visibility


Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp provides businesses with the option to create a dedicated Business page within the app. Your profile on WhatsApp Business will serve as a valuable source of information for customers, including details such as your location, description, website, and contact information. Additionally, you have the ability to enhance your profile by incorporating a catalog, as illustrated below:


With the catalog tool, you can conveniently upload your products in bulk, enabling users to browse through your offerings directly within the app. This feature provides customers with a convenient means of gaining insight into the products available from your business. Establishing a business page on WhatsApp expands the pool of potential customers who can engage with your business through the app.


For instance, consider a scenario where your customers are interested in learning about your business offerings but may not feel inclined to conduct a Google search. With a well-structured catalog in place, they can easily access and explore your products before their attention is diverted elsewhere. Catalogs can be effectively utilized to showcase a new product line or highlight your most popular offerings, enticing and captivating your audience.


Reduce Response Time


When utilizing WhatsApp Business, you have the advantage of directly engaging with your customers. Additionally, you can leverage the power of chatbots to automate messages, ensuring prompt responses to your audiences' inquiries.


Take note of the feature that allows you to save predefined quick replies for your customers. This interactive "FAQ" functionality significantly reduces the need to type or copy-and-paste responses to frequently asked questions. Consider the possibility of offering valuable content along with these quick replies.


For example, you can configure your welcome message to inquire about your customers' interest in your new promotions. For instance, you might set up a message like, "Welcome! 


Would you like to learn more about our latest sale?" and include a quick reply that directs them to your catalog, a specific page, or another promotional offer. This streamlined approach enhances customer engagement and simplifies their access to relevant information.


Reorient Your Duties and Responsibilities


WhatsApp provides various choices for organizations. Initially, you have the option to arrange your contacts using their labeling system. Alternatively, if you utilize a CRM system such as HubSpot that integrates with WhatsApp, you can directly import your contacts from the CRM to the application and handle conversations from within.


By integrating WhatsApp with your CRM, you eliminate the need for manual contact added to your WhatsApp account. These two platforms collaborate to seamlessly import contact information onto your business dashboard. Furthermore, if you wish to preserve the conversations you engage in with customers, this integration offers you that capability.




In the grand scheme of things, it's crucial to remember that WhatsApp is not intended to be a primary marketing tool comparable to a CRM or email marketing software. Rather, it should be seen as a companion that enhances your marketing messages. 

If you have chaotic chat flow structures and believe there is room for improvement in cultivating customer loyalty, it's worth exploring WhatsApp. 

You will discover a user-friendly platform that can be easily integrated and offers performance metrics to assist you in continually enhancing your effectiveness.


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