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3 crucial KPIs that US Call Centers track for High Productivity

Posted by Rahul Garg

At the present time, it is believed that the business can prosper if the customer service department is being handled appropriately. This is so because if customers are happy with the way that a company handles support requests, they are likely to remain to be the part of the brand. This simply means smooth business growth.

With time, expectations regarding support services have increased more than ever. This is so because customers nowadays seek immediate response and on-demand resolutions. Meeting customers’ growing expectations isn’t easy, therefore, business owners avail customer care services from US call centers.

Call center in USA tracks several KPIs so that they can deliver according to clients’ expectations. KPIs (key performance indicators) are just like a life jacket that keeps call centers floating. In simple words, KPIs demonstrate the progress of the department, team, or individual. By means of KPIs, call centers get to know how effectively they are doing their job.

Today, we will talk about the most important KPIs that recognized call center service providers track in order to keep the productivity levels high. So, let’s begin:                  

1. Average call transfer rate

Generally, businesses avail customer care services from reputed call centers so that customer calls could be responded in a much better manner. The latter is pretty au fait with this fact and that’s why support agents are always instructed to do their best while answering customer calls.

But sometimes customer service reps have to transfer calls to another department. The reason behind this could be anything like unavailability of desired information, a wrong option has been chosen, etc.

But to maintain the CSAT score, it is significant to ensure that calls don’t get transferred unnecessarily. This factor really holds its importance as 89% of customers get infuriated when they have to explain issues to different representatives. In a nutshell, unnecessary escalations lead to the deliverance of inferior support experience, which, in turn, could result in negative WOM.

To check customer calls aren’t being transferred unnecessarily, every reputed call center in USA tracks KPI named as ‘Average call transfer rate.’ If this KPI shows high percentage, it simply means customer calls aren’t being handled properly or vice versa.

To reduce the number of transferred calls to a large extent, established US call centers use several methods like regular maintenance check gets given to the IVR system, knowledge base gets updated after a short time span, etc.

2. Average speed of answer

Another crucial KPI that US call centers track closely is ‘Average speed of answer.’ By means of this metric, every reputed call center in USA checks the average time that customer service reps take to answer incoming calls.

Keeping a close eye on this metric is important because if customer service reps don’t respond to calls within a specific time frame, the problem of call hang-ups is more likely to arise. In fact, 82% of customers decide to stop doing business with a company when the made calls don’t get responded promptly.

To ensure that customers always get a swift response, US call centers take several measures that include:

  • Top-notch training gets provided to support agents.
  • Long calls get recorded in order to find out those issues that often consume much time to be resolved. After this, call center managers take necessary actions so that such issues can be solved quickly next time.     
  • Survey results get checked so that hidden errors could be found and obliterated.

So, if you are a firm owner and willing to keep your customers happy, quickly avail business process services from any reputed vendor.

3. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

In this customer-centric era, it is significant to render unmatched support service if there’s a wish to improve business growth. This is so because if customers are happy with the quality of products and services, they are more likely to be associated with the company. What’s more, there is a great possibility that they encourage their friends to join the brand. This can surely unlock the revenue generating opportunities for the business.

That’s the main reason why call centers are contacted to handle customer service queries. To match clients’ expectations, call centers track KPI known as ‘Customer satisfaction score.’ The significance of CSAT score can’t be underestimated because if customers aren’t contented with the quality of support service, there is nothing that you can do to stop them to switch to another brand.

In addition, the above-mentioned KPIs are also mainly tracked to keep the CSAT score stable. After knowing this, there should be no more questions regarding why call centers in USA give more preference to CSAT score than any other KPIs.

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