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3 Ways Cloud-Enabled Communication Streamlines Business Functioning

Posted by Admin

A fundamental shift in business operation functioning has spiraled up customers and businesses expectations. These rising expectations has led to launch of many innovative products and services in enterprises. And several tech innovations are offering businesses firm base for proper functioning and delivery of these products and services. Undoubtedly, this change is for the betterment. Large proportion of businesses believe that adoption of cloud-based applications and platforms will help them multiply profit margins rapidly over a short period of time, by increasing revenue while avoiding the capital expenditure. Forbes supports this fact by revealing some of the insights from a recent Oxford Economics study.

Cloud coming up in various forms and shapes is enabling business to meet its needs reliably and establish a strong connection between its employees and customers. Cloud solutions in collaboration with UC tools have been developed with an objective to eliminate barriers to communications and facilitate a smooth communication channel among workforce, business clients and partners. 

As, companies strive to “do more with less,” cloud integration with collaboration tools has become a primary target of many organizations. And the concept of collaborating various communication tools emerging as unified communication dubbed as “UC,” simply integrates real-time communications (such as video, voice, etc) with non-real time communications (such as voice-mail, email, etc).

Here are the Ways Unified Communications Resolves Business Issues in Different Contexts

1. Managing Remote Employees

Cloud-enabled UC simplifies remote workforce management and allows employees to connect with each other using any mobile device comprising smart phones, tablets. Some of its offerings such instant messaging, telepresence and enhanced collaboration leads to better productivity. And helps to establish a strong connection between employees and customers.

Many of the analysts reports support this fact that organizations must enable its employees to work remotely in order to increase worker productivity. Survey responses and performance data collected by Harvard Business Review validates this fact strongly. Well, this change will certainly improve the business functionality by enabling availability of several communication modes such as email, video calling, chat, mobile telephony, desk phone VoIP, fax over one platform that would help to drive smarter business decisions.

One of the well-known comprehensive example of cloud-based communication solution, Skype for business, enables strong connection between you and your co-workers smoothly. This easy-to-use Microsoft product offers flexibility by allowing to transfer files, data using any device from anywhere. One of its amazing feature - Instant messaging allows to send and receive messages quickly rather than waiting for an email. It’s integration with other office applications allows to create ad hoc and Lync meetings with crystal clear HD video communication across the globe or building which facilitates a more approved experience. It even allows to share desktops and opens up an all-new world of communication enabling to take control of annotation tools and presenter notes. Using annotation tools you can highlight various points in presentation. This completely eliminates the need for conference rooms.

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2. Improving Customer Service Experience

Unified communications help to simplify business communication processes in many ways and enhances company’s collective productivity to a significant extent. Advanced Unified communications application brings voice communications, collaboration and conferencing capabilities to structure out mission-critical business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM systems), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 

Resourceful use of APIs offers flexibility to customize the way UC solution integrates with other third-party applications used for various business processes. One of the simplest use of APIs is for gaining more visibility in customer information. APIs can be used by sales and customer support to integrate phone systems with CRM that increases visibility into customer information which helps in accelerating the sales cycle.

Lead generation is one of the toughest task for marketing department. Not only, it requires managing the existing lead sources but also, identifying new sources. Considering, internet as one of the main channel used for product promotion, marketing people encourage use of click-to-chat options on website to increase prospects engagement rate with sales. These are some of the commonly used CTAs and using CTAs precisely can help to measure impact of specific lead created. Web analytics such Google analytics can help to track conversions out of those CTAs. But, identifying clearly that what influenced the prospect is a difficult task. Generally, 25-30% of the leads are created from inbound calls - but, it can be a daunting task to identify specifically which marketing effort such as website page, offer, marketing campaign or promotional email caused the prospect to call your sales team. For different areas of website, using multiple extensions of one toll free number can overcome such trouble. Another cost-efficient option can be to use CTA that says “Let us call you” that takes simply the prospects’ phone number. Your web developer can track the phone number, look up for IP information, and make all this information available in the CRM by the time call connects, which simplifies the task of creating lead records.

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3. WebRTC For Integrated Communications

A game-changer in the world of unified communications - WebRTC offers much simpler and cost-efficient real-time communications options that directly runs on browsers. In simple terms, it can be described as media-engine that has in-built three javascript APIs which make it possible to perform peer-to-peer communications and share data without installing any plug-ins. As, per the study revealed by WebRTC stats, by 2019 there will be more than 6bn WebRTC - supporting devices & 2 billion individual users. This study strongly supports the fact that this mode of communication is going to bring immense capabilities for business world and enhance the present communication and collaboration environments.

But, managing and controlling WebRTC video and voice services are slightly different than running VoIP services. As, it is a browser-based communication mode so, any kind of browser updates will put a direct impact on WebRTC services function. So, it is always recommended to test the servers against beta versions of browsers and as any kind of problem drops, resources should be prepared to upgrade WebRTC deployment.

With WebRTC, businesses get immense opportunities to communicate using browser without dialing the phone number, or requiring any mediator such as Skype. Increased interoperability possible with WebRTC enables employees to communicate with clients, colleagues and customers spread across different locations. Different javascript APIs that can be used are getUserMedia () to capture audio and video, RTCPeerConnection for streaming audio and video between users, RTCDataChannel to stream data between users.

Wrapping It Up

The way we communicate among ourselves and with other clients makes a big difference to our business functioning. You don’t have to spend millions in order to simplify business functioning, administering right collaborative technologies required for building strong connection with clients, customers and partners helps to improve the way we work and quickly adapt the business people with changing business demands and avoid business disruptions.

Author Bio

Shraddha Tewari, skilled and accomplished ‘Editor’ writes for various tech platforms. Content marketing, Google analytics sum up her skills. Her strong interest in cloud technology and software developments enables her association (TheRealPBX) to streamline business processes. She can be followed @tewarishraddha1

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