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A Balanced Call Centre Measurement Scorecard Needs Essential KPIs


A well-balanced call center measurement framework needs to be simple and highly relevant .Only then can this call center outsourcing company provide businesses and customers with a balanced and comprehensive contact center experience.

As a rule, a balanced scorecard must include the following measures:




* People Management

Above enlisted are called Key Performance Indicators and are used by inbound call center services providers. Let us discuss these essential KPIs in detail:

1 - Customer Satisfaction

This metric is used to determine percentage of calls abandoned, answered and average answering speed. These are a few basic measures underpin customer satisfaction. While suboptimal shift patterns such as agent scheduling are internally revealed, long wait times leads to frustrated customers who take their business elsewhere. First-Contact Resolution rate is vital for customers who are passed through different departments. A low FCR can indicate poor internal processes or inadequate staff training. So, customer satisfaction scores provide direct feedback from the client.

2 - Operational Efficiency

Agent Occupancy describes is a metric for measuring the time spent by an agent for answering calls. Over her, low occupancy indicates overstaffing as well as soaring operational costs. Another measure is average handling time which helps to measure the amount of time spent by agents to handle individual calls. More time taken reveals unskilled agents and defective processes. Call transfer rate measures if calls are being routed to the right agent. Cost per call taps fixed and variable costs spent on the contact center operations. It also gauges efficiency by comparing services with similar operations.

3 - Business Value

Total sales are the direct measurement of revenue contribution and it is linked to the reward structure. Sales conversion + total sales ensure quality lead conversions. Customer retention rate is the determination of “front line” opportunity tapped by the call center. It is a great way to measure future profits of any organization.

4 - People Management

High attrition indicates high recruitment and training costs which automatically reduces average skills. By measuring agent quality, a holistic view is obtained on agent performance. It thereby, soothes the hard measures of agent performance and offers an unbiased view.

Your company might as well be looking forward to hire reliable helpdesk outsourcing services for a guaranteed freedom to focus on core competencies. But before outsourcing the task, please ensure that the provider incorporates the above essential KPIs so that your customers can leverage the best contact center experience. Go4customer is a leading call center in India.

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