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Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Operations to India

Posted by Admin
Outsourcing Call Center

Call center outsourcing has come about as an undeniably important practice for organizations seeking to enhance their customer support provision. While organizations keep devising strategies that help them cater to a wider audience and service the exact needs and requirements of the customers, it is also important that the service provider does not compromise on quality. Offering a substandard service provision can negatively impact organizations on several levels.

The most pivotal of these is the hampering of the reputation of an organization in the world of commerce. It is the name and reputability of an organization that customers rely on when they consider investing their time and money – this makes maintaining an impressive name in the market all the more important. Moreover, poor service provision can also cause a generation of decreased business revenue and profit, which further affects the workability of organizations.

Organizations looking to expand their operability through the money and financial benefits they earn. Therefore, experiencing a slump in the revenue and profit generation could lead to organizational failure. In the competitive world of today, there is very little margin of error.

Outsourcing helps organizations not only earn more but also on the front of risk-sharing. While the practice of outsourcing – which essentially is the transferring of business operations to specialized third-party external vendors in order to cater better to customer needs – is beneficial, it also allows them to share the accountability associated with these business tasks with the external vendors.

This gives organizations the space and focus to concentrate on core and important business activities. These could include but are not limited to, production and manufacturing of goods, and identification of changes to be implemented in the business model in an effort to provide better support. Outsourcing also helps organizations achieve the highest levels of customer experience, satisfaction and retention – these are three assets of pivotal importance in the world of commerce. Of these, customer retention is of utmost significance. Failing to achieve customer retention or losing customers because of any reason (poor service provision or employment of inadequately trained workforce), could affect organizations adversely.

India has emerged as a significant destination for call center outsourcing. Services of a call center India provides have garnered an impressive reputation in the world of commerce because of their quality and effectiveness. Not only does the quality of service provision impress customers, but a wealth of services is also provided by call centers in India. These can be broadly categorized as inbound services and outbound services.

Call centers can be classified as inbound call centers and outbound call centers depending on the services they offer. Certain call centers also deploy a combination of these services in order to better cater to the needs and requirements of the customers, while also attracting a larger customer base – thereby giving themselves more scope of an enhanced revenue and profit generation. India employs almost forty percent of the overall one million people that work in the international call center industry.

India’s impressiveness is also reflected by the fact that it generates sixty-three percent of the overall offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) revenue. Since 2005, India has emerged as the most preferred destination – outrivaling some of the other Asian countries like China, Malaysia and the Philippines – in terms of the provision of quality support and services. Organizations and multinational corporations that adopt services of a call center India provides have experienced tremendous growth and success in the commercial world.

Inbound services are provided when customers call and are seeking support in response to a query they have regarding a product they are using or a service they are availing. Some of the types of inbound services include technical troubleshooting, help desk and inbound sales. Of these, the help desk is favored the most. Help desk call center services are adopted by several organizations. As a constituent of the inbound service provision, help desk services are provided to customers who are looking to resolve their queries about particular products and/or services.

In inbound service provision, when a customer calls, they are provided basic and generic information before their call is directed to an appropriate call center agent and/or executive who offer them the required support they are seeking. The provision of inbound call center services is supplemented by additional facilities like twenty-four-hour answering services and data verification services.

India has emerged as one of the most prosperous destinations for organizations looking to outsource their call center operations because of several factors. Much of the credibility India has achieved can also be attributed to the efforts made by the government towards the enhancement of the call center industry.

The government has allowed a smooth import of capital goods and provided a well-developed infrastructure in terms of broadband, transportation and communication systems. It has also generously invested billions towards the growth of the call center industry, enabling any organization that has set up its call center establishments in India to achieve their long term goals and reach the zenith of glory.

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