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Blended Call Center Solutions: How your Business can benefit from them?

Posted by Shashvat
Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Just like a wheel in the cart, the BPO sector has skimmed itself in the business industry quite remarkably. For one business requirement or other, every company is looking for BPO services. It does not matter if you are an owner of a large enterprise or just starting a venture, call center solutions are always going to bump in between your business journey and success. You need to take that road if you are dealing with customers on a daily basis.

There are many BPO companies that are readily involved in providing innovative yet affordable solutions to businesses across the globe. The business operations outsourced are banking, accounting, payroll, finance, HR, data entry, call answering, lead generation, and many more. One of these types is based on the call direction, i.e. if the customer calls, that’s an inbound call center service, while if you are trying to reach out to your customer base via a telephone call, that’s an outbound call center solution.

While some of the call centers consider inbound services more relevant, others think outbound solutions will raise their business standards. Depending on what business needs you have, you can choose the call center services. In the meantime, there are few call centers that provide both inbound and outbound services to their clients. We call them blended call centers as there is an amalgamation of two services in accordance with the international standards. These companies offer both the services depending on the client’s requirements.

Let’s count the benefits your business will leverage while choosing a blended call center:

1)    Agents are more skilled

If the vendor is only restricted to either of one; inbound or outbound service, its agents will be versed with only one sort of customer. On the other hand, a blended call center has a team that is highly skilled in handling both inbound and outbound calls of the customers. So, when you outsource your business operations from BPO companies offering both the services, you can be assured that your customers will be dealt with quite skillfully. The agents of blended call centers can provide valuable insights about your customers that can help you in planning your business model accordingly.

2)    High efficiency and teamwork

When the call volumes are high, or when there is call overflow, blended professionals work in tandem with each other so as to offer a complete solution for your business. Similarly, when you want to run a marketing campaign for a specific time-frame, blended professionals will run an outbound campaign for your business. This uniform transformation in the responsibilities of the blended agents offers them to work more efficiently and ensure zero idle time during low-peak situations.

3)    Low employee turnover rate

Since the job roles of the agents are changed on a constant basis so the attitude of the experts remains positive. This enables them to work with more comfort and enthusiasm. The uncertain but positive work routine offers the agents an exciting environment to work. So it leads to much happier employees and hence the low turnover rate for agents. As we know, companies that have low employee turnover rate are considered trustworthy to partner with.

4)    More flexibility

With the advent of technologically advanced tools such as IVR, automatic call handling, and other, blended BPO companies offer the level of ease and comfort to your customers while offering an unmatched range of services. Agents smoothen the whole customer serving process by working together. Had the call center have been offering only one service (inbound or outbound) shortage of agents was inevitable. But, with blended call centers, you do not have to worry about a dime. Available 24*7 for your customers, the blended professionals use their expertise to render the ultimate level of service experience.

5)    Premium level of customer satisfaction

Owing to the proficient experts of the blended call centers that ensure to offer innovative solutions to serve your customers, the average hold time is reduced significantly. Because of low hold time, customers’ issues are now retorted much swiftly, which in turn offers an enhanced service experience. This means that your customers are now served with more efficiency and effectiveness. The customers feel impressed and a strong brand value of your business is imprinted in their mind.


You may be looking for call center solutions to increase the profitability of your business. The benefits we discussed, each of them will aid your business in having higher productivity, hence, more profit. Jot down the tips and look for a prominent blended call center service provider today for a 360-degree solution center for your customers.

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