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BPOs Building Winning Relations With Customers


In this fast changing business environment, call center industry has emerged as the most important aspect for driving  economic growth. Companies that successfully outsource and offshore their non-core operations to the low-cost locations are able to focus their valuable time in making strategic decisions. This not only streamlines their existing process, but also gives them an edge over their counterparts.

In addition, clients are continuously pushing vendors to build new capabilities, such as business process management, business re-engineering, IT management competencies to meet inconsistencies at the service provider and client levels. A study conducted in the Europe indicates that more and more enterprises are focusing on BPO units to deliver better services and strengthen their relationships with the existing and potential customers.

This blog throws a light on different approaches followed by the call centers to build successful relations with end users while helping their clients in improving their offerings.

 An old adage by Tom Peters says that ‘What gets measured gets done’ appropriately explains the approach followed by the third party service providers to win business clients. The companies are only interested in partnering with vendors that offer visible results. This is a major reason that has placed India as one of the popular outsourcing destinations compared to the competitors located in other regions like Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Thailand, etc. Besides location advantage, the nation has a large pool of skilled resources along with breakthrough technology, which makes it popular among the businesses across the globe.

Other elements that complete the story are resolving user query on time, tracking their behavioral patterns, helping clients to formulate strategies to improve offerings, and strengthening relationships with the customers - to complete the circle of structuring ongoing sales relationships.

A client can gauge a service provider’s capabilities by rating its key performance indicators that reflects the critical goals for the success of an organization. These include:

Cost of Service: This measures overall value or the true cost at which a service provider is offering its service to the clients. This is quantified by the total cost of staffing as well as outlays on infrastructure and technological advancements, divided by the total number of transactions made. A return on investment assesses the overall worth of outsourcing services by the business to the service vendor.

Technical Support Ticket Closure Rate: This is another important factor that gauges the efficiency and performance of an inbound call center. The escalations handled by the technical support team are required to be closed within a specific time to measure timeliness. This allows a firm to estimate cost of availing the service.

Customer Satisfaction Scores: It measures the user satisfaction rate, which facilitates businesses to improve its reactions with the users and enhance its visibility in the market.

To conclude, it is critically important for the companies to win new customers while offering a superior experience to the existing ones by delivering high quality services. In this regard, they outsource their non-core operations to the third party service providers that not only help them in tapping the powerful business opportunities, but also cement customer loyalty.

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