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Call Center in India Is Accounted for Better Export Revenues

Posted by Sanjay Poddar

In the era of globalization, outsourcing undeniably subsides the competitive pressures emerging from the advent of a 'boundary-less' global economy. This process, indeed, renders substantial cost savings and scalability, which leads to boost operational performance. In fact, what was once considered as a short-term solution for cost-savings is completely stood as a permanent pillar of the global corporation's strategy. When talking about India, the call center process holds a vast market share with international trade organizations become main consumers because of its ability to offer the best combination of cost, quality and scalability. If reports are to be believed, the call center industry in India has seen a phenomenal growth in terms of export revenues and employment as well.

A Glance at the Call Center in India Generated Better Export Revenues from the Global Markets

In terms of markets, the US tops the list with 66% of the market share in the Indian BPO industry. In addition, other global players from Western Europe including the UK have also contributed to the size and growth of BPO in India with functional service offerings ranging from finance, consumer goods and services, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare to airline segments. However, the operational trends of this industry almost always focus on customers’ and traders' perspectives in order to manage multiple aspects that include governance, risk and compliance.

Why Is India A hot-Spot for Outsourcing

No doubt, India has become a sought after alternative despite a growing prominence of Brazil, Hungary, Philippines and China in the fray for offshore destinations. This is because both potential and existing outsourcers perceive India as a hub galore in skilled manpower compared to other low-cost countries.

The main factors that favor India as a suitable offshore location include:

Cost Competitiveness: Reduced labor and infrastructure costs as well as the reduction in currency exchange rates have wooed outsourcers to incline towards India.

Labor Competitiveness: The labor force in India is well equipped technically along with a flair for both verbal and written English. Besides, the labor force is reported to be hired in great numbers who are highly compatible with western cultures and markets.

Miscellaneous Factors: Amiable political environment, flexible foreign trade policy, conducive geographic location, unambiguous tax rules and regulatory considerations such as Data Security and IPR issues altogether favor India as a hot-spot for call centers.

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