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Call Center Outsourcing Ensures Maximum Customer Satisfaction

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call center outsourcing

Call center outsourcing has gained tremendous popularity over the years as an efficient way of receiving customer requests over the mediums of telephone and the internet. Outsourcing can either relate to product manufacturing or service provision. By outsourcing, an organization can transfer some of its internal operations to an external vendor, giving itself more time to concentrate on other important tasks. With the popularity that call center outsourcing has achieved, it has become one of the most desirable commercial practices in the modern times.

A call center company essentially handles large amounts of requests from customers over phone or the internet to provide them with solutions. While an organization may want to accomplish all its tasks in-house, studies have shown that outsourcing some of the tasks to a call center company can be fruitful. A twenty four hour service offers an uninterrupted conduction of business operations, which allows a round-the-clock service provision helping an organization in creating maximum profits in addition to providing quality customer support.

A call center company provides services at a much reduced cost. Risk-sharing is another significant advantage of call center outsourcing. By transferring some of the operations, it also shares the accountability with the external vendor; thereby risk-mitigating factors are handled better.

Call center outsourcing has gained a stronghold in several industries, some of which include logistics, information technology, content development and customer support. The services provided by a call center company can be broadly classified into inbound and outbound call center services. While inbound call centers provide services pertaining to technical troubleshooting, enquiry handling and customer support; outbound call centers provide services pertaining to telemarketing, market research and survey, debt collection and fund raising.

In certain situations, it is difficult to find solutions to a particular query using internal resources. This is where tactical outsourcing comes into effect. On the other hand, strategic outsourcing is wherein a customer’s complaints are handled by experts, which reassures the customer that they are in the care of the best resources in the company.

Through strategic outsourcing, an organization can transfer part of its tasks to a vendor specializing in the field, thereby unburdening itself and being able to focus its time and resources on core business operations to generate more business revenue and profits.

Transformational outsourcing comes into play where a business is redesigned to evaluate its operability and analyze its functioning. While the process of business conduction is renovated, transformational outsourcing ensures that the findings of strategic outsourcing are ideal.

A majority of customer complaints have to do with information technology. Customers seek IT solutions relating to the products they have purchased. Through information technology outsourcing, a call center company can offer effective IT solutions to customers. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is yet another empirical fixture of the call center outsourcing domain wherein an organization can transfer its business processes – which is essentially a set of business tasks achieved to meet a desirable organizational outcome – to an external vendor.

With a wide array of services a customer can receive through call center outsourcing, it also presents certain drawbacks. The product purchased or solutions sought by the customer may reach late due to untoward yet unavoidable circumstances. Secondly, it is also possible that the workforce may not be adequately informed about the products or services to ensure enhanced customer support.

Organizations that outsource their HR and Payroll services in particular are susceptible to a breach of information. The risk quotient is considerably high in such situations, and there is a chance that an organization’s confidential information may be leaked to an outside source.

There is also a possibility that a call center company may be providing services to other organizations at the same time to improve business revenues and enhance profits. But accompanying herein is a probability of loss of focus on any one organization which can lead to adverse consequences.

Call center outsourcing has a larger territory in India as compared to some of the other Asian nations like China, Philippines and Malaysia. With several services catering to customers’ requirements as and when they need and efficiency in the provision of the same sets India apart from its counterparts. With the name that it has earned in the call center outsourcing domain, India has become a global hotspot for outsourcing. Many multinational corporations and industries have established and/or outsourced their call center operations to India.

What has also elevated India’s reputation in the commercial sector is its qualified and extremely skilful workforce to handle calls with ease and eloquence and provide effective customer support services. Cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities round up the reasons why India is one of the most sought after destinations for seeking call center services.

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