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Call Center Service Provision: Empirical for Organizational Success

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The call center service provision of India has encouraged several organizations and multinational corporations to either set up their call center establishments or outsource their call center operations to India. In the last several years, the country has acquired the reputation of becoming one of the most popular destinations for organizations looking to outsource their call center operations – surpassing other Asian contenders like China, Malaysia and the Philippines in terms of quality of service provision.

While the call center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry arrived in India several years ago, it gained a stronghold in 2005. Although quality service provision is an empirical attribute that has enabled India to earn an impressive reputability in the call center industry, other factors have also contributed to making support provision in India better; these include employing a workforce that is qualified and skilful, utilizing cutting edge technology to help handle multiple customer calls with ease, and having state-of-the-art facilities.

Provision of services of a call center in India is effective also because of several statistical reflections. The call center domain in India has grown by 38 percent since it first took the world by storm and placed India in the center of the outsourcing industry. Moreover, a whopping forty percent of the overall one million people that are employed in the international call center industry work in Indian call centers, providing more services than any other nation. India also generates sixty three percent of the overall BPO offshore revenue. Much of the credibility that India has gathered can also be attributed to the efforts made by the government towards the growth of the call center industry.

In addition to allowing a smooth import of capital goods and products, it has also provided a well developed infrastructure in terms of broadband, communication and transportation systems. Additionally, the government has invested several billions of dollars towards the growth of the call center industry, something that has enabled a better provision of support to customers.

An effective call center service provision also enables achievement of customer experience, satisfaction and retention – assets that every organization endeavors to reach the highest levels of. Call center services in India are designed to cater to the exact needs and requirements of the customers. Through the services that Indian call centers provide, organizations are able to up their operability and reputation in the commercial and industrial domains and generate increased revenue and profit. If the customer retention levels are not maintained consistently, it could motivate customers to seek services elsewhere. Money and financial earnings and benefits allow organizations to expand their operability and explore new avenues in the call center industry, something that forms the basis of their success and growth. It is also vitally important that organizations maintain their reputation, as customers profoundly rely on the name and reputability an organization has achieved in the market before deciding to invest their time and money.

Other than an effective service provision, the workforce employed in call centers is also an empirical determinant that influences the growth of an organization. Call centers in India employ agents and executives that are highly qualified and skilful, and adept in handling multiple customer calls with ease and effectiveness.

They are also knowledgeable and well informed about the products they are responsible for selling; failing to do so can make customers believe they are being serviced by a workforce that has not been trained adequately or properly – thereby decreasing customer experience and satisfaction. The efficiency of the workforce is supplemented by the utilization of cutting edge and the latest technological tools that help in a better handling of customer calls.

Agents and executives should possess a certain degree of eloquence and politeness. Customers should be made to feel at home when they convey their queries and concerns. Adaptability and familiarity with global trends also go a long way in helping organizations achieve customer experience. Furthermore, the workforce in Indian call centers is proficient, dedicated and skilled in the field of Information Technology (IT).

As a demographic, India is an ideal destination for outsourcing. India is able to offer its customers a round-the-clock provision of services because of the time difference it shares with the United States – this gives customers the freedom to call as per their convenience and seek support as and when they require. Additional facilities like twenty four hour answering services and deployment of backup systems also ensure that an uninterrupted stream of business activities is not affected by, for example, power outages and snowstorms that threaten closure of businesses, resulting in a slump in the business revenue and profit generation.

Quality and effective service provision, a workforce that is not only qualified but proficient in tending to customer calls with eloquence, utilization of cutting edge and the latest technological tools that help provide better support and catering to the needs and requirements of the customers, and having state-of-the-art facilities to enable achievement of the highest levels of customer experience, satisfaction and retention have allowed India to become the most sought after destination in terms of call center outsourcing. Several organizations and multinational corporations that have outsourced their call center operations to India have witnessed growth, success and prosperity. 

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