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Call Center Technologies that Boost Customer Experience

Posted by Prachi Priya

Customer experience will always remain supreme to all call center companies and its significance is not hidden. Every business along with BPO outsourcing firms know the importance of customer satisfaction and the fact that customers ultimately bring business success.

“Going above and beyond involves making customers “feel special” and helping them out even when it may not make sense. “

Neil Patel

When customers are happy with your business service, they will buy your products and services and will even advertise and explain other prospective customers about your offerings.

This is the reason customer satisfaction is marked the most essential for companies as satisfied customers further help in improving business functions and spread the business service to indefinite boundaries.

A satisfied customer also does business branding for your company that you might not be able to do even with excellent marketing tricks. 

“A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business.”

Gregory Ciotti

Thus, customer satisfaction for businesses will always remain incomparable!

What is customer experience and why is it substantial?

Customer experience or satisfaction is the belief of customers on business products and services.

Customer satisfaction/experience depends on the efficiency of the business product, its service, and delivery.

If your business develops a quality product and provides outstanding service, your customer satisfaction enriches automatically.

It is important for companies to earn customer satisfaction, as at the end, the customers ultimately bring business success.

Every organization outshines when more and more customers visit the business service and end up buying the same. This is the reason customers are so important to businesses nowadays.

Additionally, many companies today look forward to outsourcing their business operations to earn customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing the business functions, you get a team of skilled agents at work, the business saves in-house expertise to focus on core functions, and the cost is reduced making outsourcing a critical measure to enhance customer satisfaction.

Further, knowing how important it is to bring customer satisfaction for business, learning the ways to enhance it more is vital.

Therefore, we collect the technologies that call center companies can adapt to improve customer experience:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is an automated voice response system used for customer service. The IVR software uses a pre-recorded response that redirects the caller towards the information required.

IVR also helps companies create personalized greetings, menu options that help customers get to the correct call center agent on time.

Additionally, when customers have feasibility in reaching to the correct agent without wasting time, their satisfaction boosts automatically.

Blended call flows

It includes the facility of both inbound and outbound call centers. It is subsequent that not all call center agents are good in both inbound and outbound calling and this is where blended call flows work.

When a business takes reliable BPO outsourcing, blended call centers help in performing both the functions where the call center agent is allowed to switch from one task to the other as per preference. This was not possible earlier when agents were feasible performing only one task between inbound or outbound calling!

Blended call flows help in retaining the loss of productivity and when the agents are good in both, they shift from one service to the other saving business time and money.

The technology also helps businesses work on an all-in-one solution where it has access to delivering both types of calls for the business.

The use of “Texts”!

Technologies such as Agent SMS help the call center companies reach the customers through texts. It allows crucial facts to reach the customers’ handset directly. This automated function helps the business reach customers’ on time in case of new updates. 

Boosting customer experience with a cloud-based call center

Business customers like the buyers of a call center software, or customers that want your business access from a remote area, show interest in SaaS (software-as-a-service) or web-based systems. Customers understand that cloud-based software can increase business profits by automating functions.

Cloud-based system help to make the call center companies scalable and BPO outsourcing firms also mark the importance of cloud-based software to bring customer satisfaction. 

When a business has access to a cloud-based model at work, it employs the agents remotely, allows the business to access and hire the best talent from anywhere around the globe by just having an internet connection.

Call center firms can automate their services and can extend their business service virtually to a large audience with cloud-based software at work.

If your call center integrates a cloud-based function, it helps the firm gain a predictive dialing software, which sticks to the rules and makes sure that the agents are not able to make a call that is in the do not call section. There are many more benefits to enjoy with a virtual model by the side.

Call center business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) gives a clear thought on performance. It helps the agents get the correct direction towards astounding performance and helps to augment the business process positively. For this, it needs to keep a few aspects in mind. Check them out below:

•    Businesses need to keep a check on average speed to answer calls.

•    Keep an eye on upgrading or diminishing customer satisfaction rate.

•    The number of active calls.

•    Check the waiting calls to answer them on time.

•    A check on hold times too. Customers waiting in queues for long may tend to leave the business service for other better providers. BI helps here to avoid such situation of customers fleeing away by tracking business performance for better results.

Using business intelligence, organizations get a holistic understanding of each situation handling which a company can gain customer satisfaction. This is the reason BI is of utmost importance and is significant to bring customer satisfaction. It helps the business in getting the exact number of agents for a particular service as it maintains a tracking system that measures all metrics to bring the solution to business issues.

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