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Call Centers In India Driving Business Operations


Indian ITES/BPO industry has been globally accepted as a leading outsourcing destination for more than three decades now. Since its inception in the early 1980’s, the industry so far has witnessed two inflection points viz. Y2K & DotCom bubble. This further propelled the growth of domestic business process outsourcing industry.

Even though call centers in India today holds a lion share of more than 50%, it embraces merely 5% of outsourcing market worldwide. In this light, India is pacing up with Japan and US to perform risk management and follow capital deployment models to become the global custodian brand, commanding a minimum of 3 times of the current share of the BPO market in the next decade. This blog attempts to decode how companies are leveraging outsourcing services to streamline their backend operations.

Call centers are known for achieving service excellence by strengthening customer relationship. Besides, companies of all shapes and sizes are tapping on the potential of the local service providers to save their overhead expenditures like establishing an inhouse call center unit for handling incoming and outgoing customer calls, training their manpower to promptly address & respond to customer queries, having cutting edge know-how with state of art infrastructure to take benefit from the latest tools and technology.

It is important to mention here that BPO units are always associated with delivering high process excellence while guaranteeing utmost customer satisfaction, low process costs, and better sales efficiency. The service providers located in the country have the prowess to effectively deliver superior service while helping clients to retain existing customers by cross-selling and up-selling their existing products/services.

Moreover, the general perception that Indian conglomerates are less tech-savvy than their American or European counterparts is fading away. Now IT spending on Indian companies grows rapidly, paving the way for the domestic outsourcing and IT implementation market to garner opportunities to up sell.

There is a revelation that companies attaining success in all aspects are emphasizing on core business activities, introducing efficient back office management for better decision making and liberating the executive bandwidth from managing non-revenue generating functions. These companies have achieved this growth trajectory soon after adopting the concept of outsourcing, which is a unique marketing strategy to thrive in business endeavor.

Hence, it is no denying the fact that outsourcing units located in India are increasingly helping organizations to surge their business at a blazing fast speed by streamlining their non-core functions and enabling them to allocate their resources to more important tasks.

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