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Complimenting Cognizance of Call Center Services

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri

Call center services in India have moved onto quality resource generation for the organizations, where resources consist majorly of sales initiatives or after -sales servicing. However, over the last decade, it has forayed into the other verticals such as market research and customer satisfaction.

Since the services rendered are diversified, so are the expectations of the customers who are at the receiving end of the call (outbound calls).Customer services are performed through various means such as calls, chat, e-mail, video chats etc. , although out of these, calls remain the most featured option.

So, there are a number of services that are taken care of by a call center. The recent trend has been that of customer satisfaction and market surveys.

Customer Satisfaction - This segment has now emerged as a market. Earlier, brands used to provide feedback forms with their products, expecting customers to fill and drop the sheets at various or a single outlet(s). Most of the brands have customer feedback registers even today. Both of these initiatives lacked a scientific approach to customer satisfaction. Thus, call centers came into the scene. Call centers provide a personal interface to the consumers albeit through the voice. Now, these customer opinions which are received and analyzed by the organizations provide the loopholes in the product line or the service line. This has ensured that the brands have made a hitherto lacking emotional connect with the end users. Organizations who wanted to have a market imprint lay great stress on this service which is done by the call centers.

Market research - This phenomena is off late feverish in the present world. Market research has carved its own niche in the industry. Any brand, established or otherwise, now makes sure that they pitch into the market only after proper research made. With prior knowledge of the products of a line present in the offering, brands get a clear picture of what new needs to be introduced to catch a formidable share of the market. Better said than done. This whole process needs active participation of the end users or the probable target group. The organization investigating the survey results, then analyzes the data gathered and sends the same to the client organization to have a preview of the market. Market research or to be precise data collection can be done in multiple ways but call centers have put forth the magic wand with the services. Instead of investing into a significant work force at field, a lesser number of research executives take down better information while on phone. At the customer's end too, this takes much less time than other physical options.

In both these cases, call centers in India have played a very vital role. Business houses from over the world outsource million dollar projects to this Asian giant who have been well gifted with an educated and cheaper work force. This in addition to a robust IT sector of the nation has proved to be of more merits than any other source.

These services have now developed individual processes that have cemented its commitment to qualitative facilities of the international clients. The road ahead for this sector is promising enough and the sector is taking complimenting cognizance of the same.

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