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Derive Value Proposition with Customer-Centric Call Center Services

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
Customer-Centric Call Center Services

Who does not know the significance of customer service functions in business?  No power in this universe can guarantee success to an organization which fails to offer convenient provisions for the support of its customers.  Considering the roles played by the quality of customer service functions in shaping a firm’s fate in business, organizations across the globe have started blending conventional business methods with new strategies to keep their focus intact on enhancing the quality of customer service functions. 

Several organizations and multinational companies even started availing the services rendered by call centers in India, and they have successfully been able to garner enhanced reputation among the customers worldwide.  This blog discusses the call center services rendered by BPO firms in India, and how the nation has emerged as a confluence point for organizations, across the globe, seeking to outsource their varied business related functions.

The call center industry arrived in India almost two decades ago, and since then, it has witnessed exponential growth and expansion. There are plenty of factors that have contributed to scripting the colossal success story of the industry in India.  One of the most influential factors is the wide range of services offered by the call centers or BPO firms in India.

These call centers render various types of inbound as well as outbound call center services, besides helping organizations to conduct various researches and surveys. These services are entirely focused upon enhancing and enriching customer experience so that companies can enjoy better reputation, in conjunction with better scopes of business.

These call centers also ensure companies that their varied business related functions are accomplished in the most economical as well as fruitful ways.  Call centers employ skilled and experienced workforce to perform various functions.  More importantly, they also train their employees comprehensively so that they can help organizations in procuring desirable results and achieving overwhelming success.

Let’s discuss some of the most influential factors that have encouraged organizations across the globe to outsource their varied business related functions to India.

Wide range of services: Call centers in India offer a wide range of inbound/outbound services to organizations in different domains.

Inbound services include round-the-clock provisions for:

1. Handling of queries
2. Technical troubleshooting
3. Processing of orders
4. Order tracking/booking
5. Customer care supportOnline live chat/video conference support
6. Helpdesk support
7. Email management

Some of the most prominent outbound services are:

1. Data verification services
2. Appointment scheduling
3. Telemarketing services
4. Conducting researches and surveys
5. Collecting customers’ feedbacks
6. Lead nurturing

1. Intellectual capital: India owns a huge pool of talented and experienced employees, who possess knowledge regarding each segment of business.  This intellectual workforce assists organizations to perform or accomplish various functions in the most result-oriented ways.  Moreover, this workforce also helps organizations across the globe to analyze the scopes of business across varied geographical locations.

2. India’s unique geographical location: The unique geographical location of the nation has attracted various business entrepreneurs and organizations since ages.  The nation and its neighboring countries are considered to be attractive market by businesses across domains.  By outsourcing business functions to India, an organization can conveniently mark its presence across the sub-continent.

3. Encouraging and supportive policies: The union government of India has formulated and implemented various policies and laws which support the call center industry in India, and encourage organizations to conduct their call center operations in the nation.  These policies include rebate on taxes as well as availability of resources and energy at subsidized rates.

4.State-of-the-art infrastructure: The infrastructure facility of India is far better than that of many developing countries.  The availability of huge amount of office space, across the country, specially designed to cater to the exact needs of call centers attracts many multinational companies to set-up their call centers in the country.

5. Robust cyber security measures: One of the biggest concerns for organizations is the security of their business data.  In recent years, the cases of security breaches and data thefts have become much more prevalent across the globe.  Therefore, call centers in India employ robust cyber security techniques, such as use of voice biometrics and data encryption, to keep cyber security related issues at bay.

6. Cost factor: This is the most important factor that can influence the decisions of organizations regarding outsourcing.  The entire cost of setting up a call center in India as well as employing experienced and skilled staffs in the nation is very reasonable.  This helps organizations across the globe in minimizing their expenses so that they can maximize their profits.

Considering the advantages that the nation has in store for organizations across the globe, organizations must outsource their business related functions to reliable and renowned call centers in India.  These call centers assist organizations across the globe to attain unprecedented pinnacle of success in business.

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