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Five Efficient Tips to Measure Customer Satisfaction Score

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

For every contact center, it is quite important to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) as often as possible. This will help them evaluate how specific customer support services have helped them meet a customer’s expectation. More importantly, it will help contact center solution providers in improving the quality of services offered to customers through several communication channels. However, most contact centers do not use effective methods to measure customer satisfaction score.

Given below are five efficient tips that can help contact centers in measuring customer satisfaction score adeptly.

Analyze social media:  There is no denying to this fact that most businesses are active on almost all social media platforms, and they use these platforms efficiently to manage several promotional or brand awareness campaigns.  However, very few businesses pay attention to what their customers talk about on these communication channels. Contact center solution providers must help businesses in this regard, and they should use social listening tools to track and analyze every discussion and feedback that customers share on these platforms.  By analyzing all the feedbacks on social media, contact centers can easily measure customer satisfaction. This will not only help them improve the quality of call center services, but will also enable them to develop clear and accurate insight regarding customers’ preferences, choice, and expectations.

Conduct customer feedbacks surveys through multiple communication channels:  Although businesses worldwide pay attention to conducting customer feedback surveys; however, most of those surveys are not comprehensive. For instance, when you undertake an initiative to contact customers through social media to enquire about how pleased they are with your offerings, you are obviously neglecting those customers who are not active on social media platforms. You must understand that different types of customers in varied socio-economic zones use different communication channels to connect with businesses, and therefore, you must conduct customer feedbacks surveys through multiple communication channels. This will help you develop exact understanding regarding the efficiency of call center services that you offer.  More importantly, this will also help you establish insightful contact with every type of customers and prospects.

Talk about customer support services with your contact center professionals:  This is something that most contact centers do not take very seriously, and they have the tendency of paying attention to only cost-specification of clients, latest customer service trends, and other crucial aspects.  These contact center must understand that their in-house customer service agents can help them immensely in evaluating the efficiency of their customer support solutions and how those solutions can please customers.  Contact center professionals have clear understanding of how specific customer support solution can be made effective and efficient.  They can help you develop clear insight regarding how various customer support solutions can be designed and executed as per customer expectations.  Therefore, it is quite necessary to talk about the efficiency and loopholes of various customer support services with contact center professionals.

Pay attention to first call resolution rate:  Numerous call centers undertake various effective initiatives to ensure First Call Resolution (FCR) to customers, and these call centers even spend very much on agents’ training and mentoring sessions in order to improve their customer service skills.  However, it is so unfortunate that they do not pay attention to first call resolution rates.  They must understand that undertaking efficient initiatives focused on calculating and improving first call resolution rates can help them immensely in not only ensuring top-notch call center services for customers, but also in evaluating customer satisfaction score.

Check hold time and call abandonment rates:  Everybody knows that customers get irritated when their calls are placed on hold, especially for longer duration of time.  In fact, this has been a major factor behind high call abandonment rates in call centers.  Therefore, contact centers need to check average hold time and call abandonment rates in order to evaluate whether their support solutions have pleased their customers and prospects.  Besides this, it is also crucial to undertake effective initiatives that can help them minimize the average hold time and call abandonment rates.  Contact centers must ensure routine, comprehensive trainings for their agents so that they do not necessarily have to put customers’ calls on hold for common or general queries.  By paying attention to average hold time and call abandonment rates, you can easily measure customer satisfaction score in an adept manner.

Contact center solution providers should follow these tips to measure customer satisfaction score.  Not only will this help them evaluate the efficiency of their solutions, but will also help them guarantee effective call center services for customers.

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