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Grow Your Business With Inbound And Outbound Call Center Services


In this competitive business realm, technology is considered as the life and blood of any organization. In this light, contact centers across the globe are exploiting the benefits of the latest technological innovations to improve their services and providing more flexibility to their clients by effectively streamlining their back-office operations.

A recent survey conducted by a non-profit organization, NASSCOM, revealed that Indian call center industry is growing at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 50% per annum due to enhanced service delivery capabilities of the third parties located in the country, strategic geographic location as compared to other third world outsourcing nations, 24*7 customer support, and better tax structure. 

Consequently, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are finding that outsourcing their inbound and outbound divisions to a reliable service provider is a feasible solution to sustain their business and gain a competitive edge over their counterparts. Let’s dig deeper to understand this in detail.

Outsourcing enables businesses to focus on their core activities and functions. This allows enterprises to allocate their limited resources in formulating strategies to improve their existing offerings in line with customer’s needs and preferences. Other benefits include:

Skilled Manpower: An important factor that facilitates organizations to avail outsourcing services is to tap on the potential of the well-skilled workforce having expertise and knowledge in catering to customer issues. Moreover, BPO units regularly provide training to their employees to sharpen their soft skills. This helps clients to cement a better relationship with their potential and existing customers, which in turn, improve their sales and revenue growth.

Economies-of-Scale: Another important benefit of strategical partner with an inbound call center service provider is optimally allocating their resources in the core business activities and efficiently utilizing them to the best possible levels. In the case of the Indian outsourcing market, since the economic recession of 2007 companies across the globe are sub-contracting with the domestic vendors due to the economical and viable services provided by the providers without comprising the service qualities. As a result, companies are able to save their capital outlays on overhead expenses, technology, and manpower training.

Global Protocols: As enterprises worldwide are increasingly connected owing to free trade policies and removal of trade barriers, contact centers (both inbound and outbound) are required to follow standard guidelines and code of conduct to meet the best quality benchmarks. This allows companies to deliver superior customer experience to their valued end-users while establishing themselves as brands in the marketplace, which acts as a catalyst for attracting potential customers.

To conclude, the call center has become an imperative solution in today’s competitive business environment. Companies are increasingly capitalizing on the potential of a reliable service vendor in order to grow their business by minimizing capital expenses and improving customer interactions with the brand.

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