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How A Live Answering Call Center Service Makes Your Business Grow?

Posted by Sukriti Saini
Live Answering Service

If you are one of such businesses who have been in the industry for a few years or even are a newbie, you know that there is a lot of hustle and bustle involved, especially when your business is in its initial phase.

Amidst all this hustle and bustle some businesses find the phones of their reception ringing quite often and some rarely. Well, here’s a good news! If the number is ringing every now and then, congratulations. This is a clear indicator of the increased awareness of your brand and the level of interest in public pertaining to your product or service.

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But this has a downside to it too-which is – because the inbound calls are increasing in number with each passing day the receptionist isn’t able to answer the calls immediately and sometimes even forgets calling back some callers. This, in turn, make the callers feel that your business is too busy and considers them unimportant.

That is why businesses, whether big or small, end up choosing a call center service provider so that the front office tasks can be managed well. Live answering service also comes under that and here we mention seven benefits of outsourcing the same for those of you who still try to manage it in-house. Take a look and decide what’s best for your business yourself.

1)    Speaking with an agent in real-time raises trust-

It is easy to set up an automated voice message or interactive voice response which plays whenever a customer calls your company. However, aiding them with a pool of agents who are readily available for them increases the trust of the customers on your company considerably.

2)    You get ahead of your industry rivals-

Mostly calls either go unanswered or are answered in haste when they are being answered in-house. So, when you delegate the task of answering calls, the call center service provider make sure that every call gets answered properly and promptly. This helps you in staying ahead of your competitors as the customer experience keeps on improving.

3)    Your brand becomes more genuine and authentic in the eyes of the public-

A toll-free customer support number where customers are shown how important they are by getting their calls responded timely and with courtesy by a live agent improves your brand image. This is especially true in case of new potential buyers who are suspicious of the credibility of your company.

4)    Customers are more likely to call-

Generally, customers have a tendency to switch to another product if they face some issue with the product of a particular company. It is so as they think reaching out the company by ailing them or some other means will take time and may not even get noticed or taken action upon. A live answering option helps them in getting their problem solved or query answered in real-time, mostly, in first time as the call center service providers stick to first call resolution.

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5)    Less miscommunication and more clarity-

If there is no live answering service available, the customers will resort to dropping emails or voicemails. In both the cases, there is no real-time interaction which increases the chance of incomplete information, miscommunication. All these setbacks rarely come in the way when the customers are talking with an agent in real time.

6)    Customers get a prompt response-

Every company gets the benefit of scalability when they choose a call center service provider. There are so many agents that even when the inbound calls are high in volume, they manage to receive every call without any delay.

7)    Multi-lingual customer base gets help-

There are many people who cannot understand or talk in English well. There are also people who are comfortable speaking in their mother tongue only. Companies mostly have customers from all over the country or world. This requires reps who can speak different languages. In outsourced call centers, agents are hired according to the requirement of the clients. The call centers give your customers the option to speak to someone who can understand and speak their language. Call center providers in India are the best choice in this regard.

Apart from the aforementioned points, outsourcing live answering services also decreases the number of dissatisfied customers as each caller is handled proficiently. This service also makes the customers feel way more valued. In turn, all these benefits to the customers, return you the favor by increasing your sales and thus revenue.

If you want to learn more about the call center services, let us know, we will assist you immediately.

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