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How are MHealth Apps Leveraging Medical Call Center in India?

Posted by Anushka

Call centers are meant to connect the customer with the brand in regards to their product and services, where the type of customer can change as per domain type.

The primary domains outsourcing their BPO services are- Banking and Finance, Education, Healthcare, etc.

In which, the demand for the medical call center in India rules out the list by governing the daily healthcare-related issues and concerns.

With the advent of technology, business organizations are exceeding their feet towards advanced moves of reaching out to new customers and offering them a helping hand to find the way of having a resolution.

One such is the emergence of app development and technology, which bring on the fabricated method of excelling support and services.

With the series of latest development and technologies, mobile healthcare consultation apps are gathering recognition, which further supports the working methodology of call centers serving the healthcare institution and organization.

In this article, we will discuss how mhealth apps and medical call center in India are working hand in hand and supporting the functioning of each other.

Let’s Dive In!

Role of Medical Call Center in India for Healthcare Assistance:

In order to facilitate the requirements of the customer, the healthcare organization usually outsource their essentials to a third-party vendor, holding expertise in handling the calls for the issue regarding-

  • Insurance
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Billing
  • Claim assistance
  • Registration of clinical trials
  • Referral services and information
  • Health checkup information and follow-ups, etc.

Apart from general call center services linked up with a domain, the call centers are quickly gelling up with other methods that can offer convenient facilities to customers.

Delivery of Healthcare Call Center Services with Mhealth Apps:

Before we move to any discussion point, we need to understand what exactly is mhealth consultation apps.

These apps are delicately designed by developers keeping all points and stigmas related to the healthcare sector.

Such apps discard the need to visit the place of doctors and medical personnel and offer the assistance to get the best service over the symptoms and solutions for the same and suggest the visitors for getting medical checkups done if required or having any complexities.

Mhealth consultation apps allow the patients/visitors to get in touch with professionals having complete know-how of medical terms and understanding.

If we look in-depth at this view, these mhealth apps share a close bond with call center services used by healthcare firms and organizations, where they all aim to share the same agenda, i.e., offer reliable customer support services.

With mhealth apps, the medical call center in India can expect to fetch the following results-

1.   Easy Appointment with Confirmed Doctors:

Appointment with doctors

Getting an appointment from doctors at your preferable time slot is a really tough nut to crack.

To bring the whole matter on a flat platform, the firms dwelling in healthcare are outsourcing their resources to bodies known for the management of appointment scheduling and more.

The dedicated medical call center works progressively to take inbound calls from customers and place them with the required doctor to make the complete process hasslefree.

Talking about specific mhealth apps, Practo is India’s first online platform that allows one to make an appointment with doctors of customer’s choice or culls the perfect doctor with flexible preference and location of one.

Here, once the customer raises the inquiry or raises the need to see the doctor, the agents at centers begin to work in close collaboration with contact and present the customer with the best of the solutions.

2.   Hasslefree Delivery of Medicine Orders:

Delivery Medicine Orders

Previously, if the customer requires a particular set of medicines, he needs to walk to the store to have medication as no option is left to him.

But with the hike in the growth of digitalization, these mhealth platforms offer a reliable platform to place the order of medicine, just like any other ordering facility.

These mhealth apps allow the customers to connect with agents, expertise in order taking services.

In close numeration with tools and technology, these agents take all progressive actions to complete the order and close the customer’s requirement effortlessly.

3.   24*7 Helpline Services with Medical Call Center in India:

Help Line Services

Call centers are primarily known for their round the clock services to their targeted set of customers. The healthcare organization outsources its essential segments to these bodies for addressing the concerns of customers revolving around the sector and its associated astrictions.

The trained agents at the medical call center in India work progressively to offer a helping hand at any point in time in varieties of concern from emergency support to telemedicine, mental health therapies, etc.

The call centers dealing with such sensitive issues tend to hire agents with the required level of understanding and expertise in the healthcare domain to efficiently understand the concern of customers and provide polished solutions to them.

4.   Fitness and Wellness Consultation with Experts:

Fitness Wellness Consultation

The concerns related to fitness and wellness are the topics that attract the youth most, in the scenario of the current situation and time.

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Witnessing the state’s advantage, the organizations are investing big in mhealth platforms and promoting them well to grab the attention of customers interested in fitness and wellness.

Generally, the agents at the medical call center in India are trained to deal with such issues, which makes them capable of suggesting the ways to work for the matter. Also, if the call center lacks such expertise, they use their strong medical connections and resources to offer a resolution to the customer.

Therefore, we can conclude that the demand and success ratio of mhealth apps and platforms is genuinely appreciable, all due to its ways of understanding and offering solutions to the customer.

But to make the equation sound correct, it is essential to understand the importance of medical call center in India when it comes to offering an eminent range of healthcare solutions. Hence, to make a win-win situation, both the mhealth apps and call centers need each other to complete the cycle of required core competencies.

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